Tong Ren Podcast

0095 - Janice Goldman, Healing Emotions w/ Tong Ren - 2020-11-18

Tong Ren Podcast
0095 - Janice Goldman, Healing Emotions w/ Tong Ren - 2020-11-18

Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, organ disorders, cancers (including lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer), etc.

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Speaker 0 00:00:03 Things travel here. It's just like home. So everyone we're about to start. So, um, excellent. Okay. Thank you. All right. So hi, everyone. Let's begin without further ado, we'll start with that. She gone. So you may stand feet together. Here's an a or so glad step out to the side, shoulder width apart knees, slightly bent. I'm smiling in front of the body. A few inches off the fingertips align with the balls of the feet. Hmm.
Speaker 1 00:01:03 Smells
Speaker 0 00:01:04 Delicious today.
Speaker 1 00:01:08 So shoulders drop extend
Speaker 0 00:01:12 From the bath way
Speaker 1 00:01:18 Center,
Speaker 0 00:01:21 Allow the breath to deepen and focus on the breath.
Speaker 1 00:01:37 Focus
Speaker 0 00:01:38 On being here.
Speaker 1 00:01:42 Empty thoughts,
Speaker 0 00:01:54 Feel into sematic connection. As the energy travels through the body with Tonga on the upper palate, we promote circulation from feet to crown, Which is the natural cycle. Even as our crown is open, were always exchanging energy with the planet, with the larger collective, without being aware of this. This is our opportunity to feel, to experience
Speaker 1 00:02:51 That connection that we cannot see
Speaker 0 00:03:00 Comes up raising the arms shoulder height, knee, knee elbow, slightly bent training. I'm so over allowing the arms to gently fall, um, up as we did this, do remember the inspiration for Tom Joe. Lucier had brought in something about how spaces empty, but not really empty. And we really, if we stop and we slowed down and not, it can experience that every day as our hands tingle feel warm. It's very busy, quietly busy, right Palm to the left shoulder out as if we're dancing, we follow or follow Eleanor medial radial nerve down crossing at P eight and piece six, the same. So it helps to bring energy down from the head from the neck, Opening the brachial plexus, right to left ulnar medial radial nerves
Speaker 1 00:04:57 Left to right down. Again, one more time, the more practiced,
Speaker 0 00:05:13 The better able to feel that she and let's return to Luci grounding balancing between toes and the heels. The palms may be feeling warmer, Maybe feeling more connected. We step out maybe a half step bringing hands two series 17. The energy is so strong today, but the clips are bouncing Opening to open CV 17 heart center. And remember humans have three brains. The mind, the heart, the gut, As we open the heart center, the heart emanates the largest bio electrical fields. And so those online were connecting to you with you. You're connecting back with us, allowing the hands to fall, turn to shoulder stance, right hand under the dantien left above. So top hands scans down the Vegas and the bottom hand creates the cheats.
Speaker 1 00:07:09 Wow. So
Speaker 0 00:07:14 If you wish to make a very large cheapo to the third eye,
Speaker 1 00:07:24 You are welcome.
Speaker 0 00:07:28 As we bring together the energies upper middle lower than 10 In traditional Chinese medicine dantians are planes of integration, but especially the lower dantian where our hands fall now to integrate the greater consciousness that surrounds us with that.
Speaker 1 00:08:14 No, we
Speaker 0 00:08:17 Support the digestive tract. We support energy friend endurance.
Speaker 1 00:08:39 We respect
Speaker 0 00:08:41 The enteric nerve it's relationship to heart and mind allow the energy to move downward and upward as it as root ourselves in this moment, right here, right now, deepening the breath, allowing the relaxation, allowing the hands. As we extend to the side to close three times fingertips plaintiffs to the Vegas, bringing the energy down, opening the Vegas, everything about, uh, cheap. She gone the Dahlia and reinforces the principles of tongue rim support circulation. We seal that she has she bath seal it in. Yummy.
Speaker 1 00:10:18 Thank you, Carol.
Speaker 0 00:10:28 We miss you here.
Speaker 1 00:10:31 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:10:32 So in general, online, we have requests for, uh, PTSD anxiety that goodness will prevail peace and happiness, um, allergy,
Speaker 1 00:10:50 I think that's it. So
Speaker 0 00:10:54 Taking care of everyone together first, you may notice everyone who's requested peace and happiness and goodness that we are absolutely surrounded by M&Ms today. Wouldn't we argue that that's a true sign.
Speaker 0 00:11:20 So she'd be 13, 14, right? To left open B L one. So we're going to work with trauma anxiety first and as we do that, so PTSD is a part of that, the anxiety and allergies very related. So while we do this, we're also working to strengthen everyone's immune system work with. So you are protected from COVID and if Sue is on, we will send her some healing energy for her immune as well. But I happen to really love the latest trauma points. She be a triple warmer 20 as we work the hippocampus, we open the tibial carotid arteries up
Speaker 1 00:12:29 Tying in tank BL one
Speaker 0 00:12:36 GV 22, 23 to be L nine opening upper trapezius, two thoracic 12
Speaker 1 00:12:48 T went through seven.
Speaker 0 00:12:51 And especially we support the famous gland kidney 27, 26 six work the heart to kidney 22 for metabolism. So, but also bringing balance to the Brown fat and the cardia. But let's focus on chin dong, shaking sky lung one lung two, again, vertebral and carotid up to cranial seven 11. They're working the endorphins. We open ADH anti-diuretic hormone back to medulla, the heart center, two T five
Speaker 1 00:13:52 T six. Okay.
Speaker 0 00:13:54 Allowing the breath to deepen, to expand deep, deep, deep to the diaphragm.
Speaker 1 00:14:06 CV, 17 kidney
Speaker 0 00:14:09 27 to 22
Speaker 1 00:14:15 Series six, four to support
Speaker 0 00:14:20 The lower digestive tract bile duct pancreas liver, right? Why not calm down the liver kidneys
Speaker 1 00:14:32 Because that's
Speaker 0 00:14:35 Psychologically our anxiety. Our sense of peace and calm is related to the lower digestive tract to the organs. Often it can, it can show up there. We bring energy down, stomach Meridian to stomach 36 stomach 11, 12 coming down, spleen Meridian around the rib cage, spleen nine spleen, six spleen, four kidney, one liver three, really grounding go back to T one T seven. Blood pressure, blood sugar, blood platelets, opening deltoid, scaling the musculature, supporting free flow again, tendon tending. It's one of them opening LA 17, 18 Vegas phrenic, and to get follow that's calmed down the liver Meridian kidney one, liver three Stress support, kidney liver connecting back up B L six, seven, eight, and down the full spinal.
Speaker 0 00:16:21 So I'm double checking today. Every Ave seems perfect. We think the daily, um, so let's take some requests before we get to the big, the big request for peace and happiness. And that goodness prevails. Actually, let's start there opening CV 17. So we will start with macro, right? But we, and habit the world, we are all part of the world. And so the stance that we take, what I find are that more and more people are speaking out and speaking truth. And I take such hope from that, that people are waking up. People are calling out what is true, what is happening? And so let's open CV, 17 H seven, eight, let's open the heart Meridian connecting back to lung one, lung, two subclavian artery, Back to C5, the long thoracic coming down, bile duct. And here we see, we find body almost as metaphor, right? These big ideas about truth and peace that goodness prevails,
Speaker 1 00:18:14 Right.
Speaker 0 00:18:17 Goes back to us being in congruence, body, mind, spirit, And our body feels best when we are living with that harmony. And so we opened the third eye. We opened BL one to be Oh nine and 10. And write down that spinal artery. It is not an accident that the spine is our upright posture. And it's not an accident that the Washoe jazzy Plains, Tom Tongren points, the system began here. So. And what would you like? You were sleeping? So I decided,
Speaker 1 00:19:08 Yeah, I figured that. Yeah. Okay. Wonderful. Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:19:24 Okay. So, and we'll just support your, again, that physiology connecting to heart and spirit. We open T five to six and then we open the full immune and GV 22, 23 of the hypothalamus so that you stay warm and fuzzy, no cold, no blue skin. We opened BM one to nine. It's a wonderful reports. So glad to hear it, bringing it down the spine, the bladder Meridian. And then I 17, 18, the phrenic, the accessory phrenic. We want to support breath and oxygen coming down, spleen Meridian to kidney one, liver three,
Speaker 1 00:20:25 Beautiful Susan <inaudible>.
Speaker 0 00:20:55 And since you have two sons who laughed first responders, right? So if you didn't hear Susan had a really beautiful request to not only fart, calm and composure, right. For ourselves, for herself, for us, but also for all of the first responders who are, as we face this uptick in COVID cases. So we opened C5. We opened facial artery trigeminal to tying in tank opening <inaudible> as we open the third eye in tanking, allow yourself to be flooded with a sense of peace, relaxation, an absence of tension, and allow yourself to imagine that expanding, to grow, to embrace everyone in our orbit, outside of our orbit, we send that we project that we intended that to all of the first responders, so that as we open CV 17 and CV six, four, two, they find that space within themselves, their inner most resources to support them through this challenge, knowing that they are supported by our collective, this collective, we send that out. They become part of our healing circle. And especially we send this to Sue's sons, whom we appreciate very much to Susan who raised such beautiful gentlemen. So back to CV, 17 chin dong again, lung one, lung, two silk clave and pericardium to the Corpus callosum, B L one two B L five, B L six, seven, eight,
Speaker 0 00:23:59 Coming down full spinal
Speaker 1 00:24:04 And bladder Meridian,
Speaker 0 00:24:07 Allowing the fear to go away and be replaced by a sense of deeper connection to that, which is positive that people are carrying and speaking and sharing.
Speaker 1 00:24:29 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:24:29 So many people do their hard jobs as we support our neighbors and our family Grounding kidney one,
Speaker 1 00:24:42 Liver three. And what would she like still want the healing happy, beautiful home.
Speaker 0 00:24:55 Okay. Okay. So for the healing happy, beautiful home. We're going to work with your body as metaphor, so, so that you can truly inhabit your body without pain. After this accident, we're going to open BLN the endorphins, right? For pain relief, serotonin T 11, 12, oxytocin to cortisol, balancing hormones, opening deltoid, scaling, scaling the musculature to upper trapezius and down to thoracic 12, coming down, bladder Meridian, ally 17, 18 opening the Vegas.
Speaker 1 00:25:59 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:25:59 Breathing into the diaphragm, allowing the diaphragm to expand, right? It's like your breath finds a home. Right?
Speaker 1 00:26:11 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:26:14 We open the lungs. We bring that energy down through the Vegas and the FinTech and accessory phrenic to the lower dantian rooting. Right? So we'd bring space, energy. We root <inaudible> and we opened the full stomach Meridian for grounding stomach 36. And when he opened <inaudible> the executive brain, the prefrontal cortex, the parotid gland up you'll hydrate and prioritize Connie's right. So that the right priorities for you com we bring together Corpus callosum, the logic and the gut rational mind, emotional knowing, bringing that energy down spinal through the bladder and grounding kidney one, liver three. How about you today?
Speaker 2 00:27:47 Uh, just high blood sugar, you know, type one diabetes.
Speaker 0 00:27:50 Okay. And how's your spirit? How's your mood. Okay, so we'll work on depression again. We'll work on diabetes, blood pressure, blood platelets. So we open a parotid gland with Tibro carotid arteries to the amygdala, the insular cortex hippocampus she'd be a triple warmer, 20 L I 20 tie yang in Tang, an opening B L one two B L six seven eight association, motor cortex. Bring that energy down, full spinal opening antidiuretic hormone T one through seven T one, two three, four seven, kidney 26 and 27. Want to support the fat sinus Glenn and we're working all of the pints support the immune for COVID against colds, the flu, right? We want everybody's strong. And then we open, we strengthen the physiology to partner with a sense of optimism and spirit. We opened be one parietal lobe, the Broca, the amygdala, the insular opening, the full bladder coming down full spinal and grounding and support you and eating a good diet. Hmm. So for the numbers and bringing it down and grounding
Speaker 1 00:30:13 And Gertrude gray. And when is your test?
Speaker 0 00:30:28 Okay. And is the pain gone?
Speaker 1 00:30:32 Yeah. Beautiful. Beautiful.
Speaker 0 00:30:36 Wonderful. All right. So, um, I'm sorry. Hope for a good report and positive energy. Okay.
Speaker 0 00:30:52 Wow. That's so nice. Okay. So we have some tears happening on line and we always welcome terrace. That's a wonderful thing. So again, what I love in this class is everyone is concerned for themselves and also concerned for others. So it's the best kind of self-interest that gets expressed here. And I love the requests for positive energy, for goodness, to prevail for peace and happiness and understanding because when I feel those requests, even when they come online, they come from such an authentic place. So we want to support integrity and truth. As we open T five T six and BL nine,
Speaker 1 00:32:04 The medulla
Speaker 0 00:32:07 Israeli, the backbone for us, I mean, the spine is the backbone, but Medula heart center, lungs arteries, right? The circulation, the flow of our life force. So we will support the flow of life force so that it supports and strengthens every petty, including dog ginger. And that, that force spells over naturally authentically as part of being human. We open CV 17 CV, six, four, two T five T six L one through five S one through five
Speaker 1 00:33:12 Chand, um, C5, um, maybe Dilla and solar GB eight
Speaker 0 00:33:26 Triple warmer, 20 L I 2021.
Speaker 1 00:33:35 As we open the bridges,
Speaker 0 00:33:42 The bridge to mind, body and the bridge to soul,
Speaker 1 00:33:48 We have five.
Speaker 0 00:33:52 Well, I'm going along to the Vegas and coming down, liver Meridian, smoothing out any frustration, letting it go kidney one, liver three, just leaving us grounded, rooted in this moment, in this collective, in our lives. And again, bringing it down from <inaudible>. So any,
Speaker 1 00:34:34 Yeah, E what's the word. Um, when you
Speaker 0 00:34:46 Are circling in your mind, monkey mind, we calmed down that monkey mind and shift the focus, allow the bio electricity to create different neural pathways so that you're shifting more to body base.
Speaker 1 00:35:14 Yeah. One
Speaker 0 00:35:16 Kidney, one liver, three
Speaker 1 00:35:23 Week round. Um,
Speaker 0 00:35:30 So I say, I appreciate the requests that came on. You guys are usually very quiet out there. So I believe we covered everything and helped everyone here in the center. And so, as we close, you may remain seated or stand and would she sweet connect kidney one, liver, three, allowing the energy to move. We had some of Tom's new invention on today. I hope you felt extra energy. As the clips are on the doll with laser, it's been very powerful where in tangling the biochemical with our bodies. So we have bioelectrical biochemical and of course, spiritual
Speaker 1 00:36:43 <inaudible>.
Speaker 0 00:36:53 And as we close, We are very grateful to Tom Tam who just walked through very grateful to feed daily on the company.
Speaker 1 00:37:17 She,
Speaker 0 00:37:20 And thank you everyone. We'll see you next week. Thank you for all of your requests. Um, and if you can please donate. Yes. Uh, we can do, I can do TMJ, send it to you right now or offline. Yes. We're still on. So we'll do, we're doing some TMJ for Sandra who I thought was asleep in the back, but she woke up.
Speaker 1 00:37:59 I haven't slept in three months, actually. I'm good
Speaker 0 00:38:12 And grounding. Okay. Thank you, everyone. Everyone helps to co-create. We appreciate
Speaker 1 00:38:24 <inaudible>.

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