Tong Ren Podcast

0094 - Kathy Wilson, Healing Neurological Disorders and Conditions w/ Tong Ren - 2020-11-18

Tong Ren Podcast
0094 - Kathy Wilson, Healing Neurological Disorders and Conditions w/ Tong Ren - 2020-11-18

Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, organ disorders, cancers (including lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer), etc.

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Speaker 0 00:00:02 So let's just start off. Take a deep breath. Just relax, relax. Okay. We're starting off with Dolly here. The lower back pain spine regeneration left foot numbness in the leg. Elizabeth collective group here, still on the lower back weight loss. So we're looking at the right arm coming down the hands, blood and relax. Let the energy flow to sugar as well. I'm just gonna pull up the sugar regulation, gallbladder for metabolism, fat pancreas pressure for balancing Dolly. And hopefully that helps. Okay, Suzanne, you're next? Um, low thyroid and auto-immune for dry eyes and most can you suggest again?
Speaker 0 00:05:45 That's the biggest thing you can do is just let your body do what it needs to do. If you're having trouble, just follow your breath, breathing. If you can fill up the lungs as much as possible, I'm not kidding. I'm not kidding hearts or not getting love. Ignore that message. It's like, buyers are more, she'd say, sorry you buy something. You shouldn't have done that. Give her the happy you say something that you don't hear the conversation and you say something to somebody and you're like, as soon as it comes out of your mouth, you're thinking, Oh, I wish I could have taken that back. I should have said that.
Speaker 0 00:07:11 The auto-immune now let's go with the eyes. Okay. Balancing. And once again, remember, just because you know, we're working on somebody else doesn't mean you not getting it to your, in the collective here. Can you Saundra China? So how are you doing sclerosis? Just relax, relax, Rhonda high blood pressure. And I'll do the calcium balancing as well. So just know that whatever's happening. You just need to relax to just let it go. Let it happen. ADI knows what to do. It's called the programming for healing. He knows what it needs. I just need to trust it. All his Rhonda blood pressure here.
Speaker 0 00:09:42 I'll just start off with the heart. Innervating the heart a little bit. The calcium. Now, if you have any place that you think you've got calcium parked, where it shouldn't be parked around your organs, your heart bone spurs, just put your attention to that area and see it melt in your mind. The points to three osteoporosis diabetes. So I'm just checking to make sure your openness. I go through that. The point once we've got these points open, the energy sort of pushes it, pushes them open more. Sometimes they're already open. Let me get back to you, Suzanne. That's okay.
Speaker 0 00:12:27 Okay. So this is you Suzanne. Um, so I'm looking at the CSF tide and this supports the fluid exchanges in the body. So here we go. We're just going backward to Suzanne for a forward leap. And you do that in life. You're back up front to get a running start. Some of these points. We did Suzanne disorder in the body interchange, excuse me. And back up again onto Regina sun. Now with CMS, put Linden on this as well. Can we go actually, let's do the emotional points to start off with calming points, finishing on the kidney Meridian balancing note, tell him like I'm reading the phone book, donor land voice.
Speaker 0 00:15:38 Okay. Rhonda, Tanya. Now for allergies, anxiety. So some of this stuff you're going to have to do the tongue random and it works. Some of these things are going to have to sort of think about yourself and figure out what your needs are. What's making you anxious. If it's the election and transfer a power, how much have you really got to do with that? So, so you sort of want to think about what you can, how you can be effective. I mean, you can wish everybody well and dowels for stuff, you can set intention, but if you're not on the front lines, then probably a good idea to step back, try not to worry about things. You can't do anything about or things that aren't really in your ballpark or your belly weight.
Speaker 0 00:17:14 We need to have real chat with ourselves and I'm not just pointing at Utah. I'm not saying a little talk with ourselves, self what's going on here. What's really going on here. Particularly with this COVID. One more, a lot of us are still stuck. This disease, our lives aren't quite as busy as they used to be. We have a lot of time to think about things that maybe we wouldn't be bothering about. If we were a busier or maybe we are busy or more just exhausted. So let our body what it needs. Okay. There's a relaxation points and angel points. Okay. We're good to do that anxiety first because she falls a lot better. Once you get the anxiety down, allergies can open that throat will tap the lungs as well. Just get some activity there. Stay not bad. A little bit of support along the point. Okay, there you go. Tanya, can you swear on the diabetes for Bob saw one looks like it's diabetes too, to not let me know too. I have a purple heart. Thank you. Warrior of energy, peaceful warrior. Still going on diabetes. You have the triple warmer pray. Don't need to call it the points. You guys, we already normal brain here to be careful. More careful. Okay. So we've got, um, Coco nail go, go. Okay. Headaches, tumor, chemo, side effects, low energy on deer.
Speaker 1 00:20:51 I don't know where my phone decides when I get on this call to talk to me. Okay. Most side effects, low energy, um, and headaches. Okay. So Coco just relax while you're not on that's. Okay. All right. So I've got headaches going, Copy and paste here. Hard to believe. It's the 17th today.
Speaker 0 00:22:29 <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:23:16 Opening up the neck, getting some energy in there and tapping the tumor site
Speaker 0 00:23:42 Side effects. Most side effects. Okay. Coco and Alison. Hi guys. Um, not wanting to walk out and Coco, Coco. We have Emma here. She's madly sleeping. I'm hearing little Wolf's she's dreaming. I wonder what she's dreaming about coming down the spine here, the legs back legs, other legs as well. Let's just do the emotional points for cocoa relaxation in there. Okay. Right shoulder going down the arm, briefly energy, right in left hand. Left. Right? Left water. Attention. Improving. Let's go diet. Good. Thanks Alison. You're very kind. So we're going to pick up the digestion later. Um, let me just run the limp for you.
Speaker 0 00:27:37 You'll get the digestion later on down the pile. I'm not going to tap it. I'm going to push. They're just pushing the lymph system just to get it all rock and roll. Okay. There you go. Okay. Balancing out to love heals 23 under 12 to 20 to do okay. Eric stamina. Motivation. Okay. So here we go. Let's just start off with the calming points and get some motivation. So guys, if you have a hard time looking at yourself, it's a good idea to kind of step back and pretend you're looking at yourself from a distance or pretend you're somebody else.
Speaker 0 00:28:52 When I first started in business, I was kind of looking at what I was doing. I was thinking I would hire me. So like, I wouldn't hire somebody. That was a good, this and this right. I would make a good employee. Kevin, you just step back and look at yourself from a distance, see what you're up to. And then put a plan in place. If I was telling somebody else, what would I say? So he's easy to give advice to everybody else. So just pretend you're everybody else or someone else. And then you can give advice in that direction. How are you going to take it? I don't know. I don't know if you'll take your own advice. Here we go. So now what we're doing here, loosening the neck and then we're just going to run the energy from the air rate to the point of origin of the spine spinal cord, to going to the brain brain STEM.
Speaker 0 00:30:33 Bring energy back. There you go. Okay. Gabriel Mathias. Okay. And Marie, you are going to give them emotional, the emotional balance balance too high, their osteoarthritis tight right? Hip flexor, low back pain. Well, that's good. They're getting better. Just relax. Let it happen. Lost you arthritis right here. Flexor. Please spend the right side. So far low back pain nerve here. Okay. There you go. So we're on to Marilyn and Andrea. Um, okay. So here's the digestion we are gonna do all through the whole digestive system. Okay. Um, starting off with Maryland digestion coming down the spine, the start off with all the blockage points on the way down. The other ones for other things to focus is digestion.
Speaker 0 00:34:50 The digestive system is some things where we carry a lot of stress. Like our stomachs, a little kid doesn't want to go to school because their, their stomach hurts while the reality is it's emotional. That gets it into the stomach, coming down, all the organs, involved to the digestive system on the way down, or you put your food, talking about somebody yesterday in there, you'll spend an hour making dinner and then it's down in their gullet in five, less than five minutes. So if you're a fast eater, you might want to sort of think about that. That's not really good.
Speaker 0 00:36:02 Put it in so fast. Some of us have boarding house reaches as they call it because we grew up in a family. You know, scarcity, if you didn't, you didn't grab it first. Somebody else took it. Big family theory. So you just sort of think about how you're eating, whether it's supporting your body appropriately. And there's no judgment. Honestly, you just have to sort of figure out what works for you as Canadian quarter tomatoes. Other people can do it works for you. Okay. And out the back door. Um, let's do Dawn now for the whole heart and stressed.
Speaker 0 00:37:36 Just relax, relax. And Andrea. Um, okay. We're gonna do the hormones here. It's kind of fun to do the hormones. Let's do the seizures first of all. And then we'll do the hormones. Andrew here with the hormones, calming points, seizures onto the hormones. Now tap all the glands that are responsible for communication, hormone production, or hormone transmission. I think we still don't quite know how our bodies work information to just step back and let your body take over all the programming energies really moving here really is the craziest modality. Isn't it? Remember the doll has no power or the hammer has no power. It's merely focused on the Karen, Karen, cervical, dystonia, scoliosis, and constipation. Here we go. Start off with Karen. It feels like you're stuck in your mind. You've got, you're stuck. I don't know how to say it. Um, it feels like you're stuck. So, uh, you know what to do. So kind of like, you feel like you're stuck, but you're not because you know what to do also. That's the message here, your guide you're giving me.
Speaker 0 00:41:56 And if you don't and I would always check what people tell you, because I'm giving them information, I'm picking up energetically, but you know, just run it by yourself. See how that feels. Sometimes we worry about things. Once we have problems, then we worry more, make it more worry. And then at the end of the day, we already knew what to do. Do you trust yourself a lot of help around you? So there you go. Did the constipation as well. Okay. So here we go for your mom. Now we're on the rash on the rash.
Speaker 0 00:43:00 We got a British program. It's pretty gross actually, but it's the human body. So they go around and they, yeah, it's a traveling truck or whatever that goes around. And they set up appointments with people that have skin disorders and stuff. And so people lie up and they get to, and they get looked at. So of course they're filming them as well. So it's kind of like skin flaps in what places and boils. And, and sometimes people have had these for years, years, and they've lived with them and maybe they haven't gone inside. Maybe they got a skin flap down in their little private parts. And of course they don't want to have sex with anybody, make us afraid of you'll see the skin flap. Beautiful. It's cutting. We need to just realize we're all human. You know, not hide. No that came from here we go. Um, or at the herniated disc we got along the came from the rash, whatever ashes, the made a program out of it. Goodness.
Speaker 0 00:44:16 Well, it was programmed. You could watch one and then you got to wait a while free. Watch the next one. Can you sort out the herniated disc? Just definitely moving your mom's quite open to it. No resistance here. Okay. And then on to, um, the sleep, the melatonin in the brain. Okay. There you go. For the, both of you and balancing out. Okay. Dolly. We got you. I think you're the first one. You and Pat. Um, okay. Theresa here, who's doing mine. Came in late in life impacted. It's probably a good idea to have them actually hit five years ago.
Speaker 0 00:46:07 For some reason I had five wisdom teeth. And the funny part is my grandfather. One of his letters, I think he wrote, you wrote back home from being in England, in world war II. There had five wisdom teeth. So I guess it's hereditary skips a generation working on fear. So we're looking at coal as well. The lungs I find the trick with the dentist is just slow breathing. You just get in there and you just try to breathe a little deeper and a little that's helpful. I also figured the dentist take a course on how to, where to put their hands to he'll come up and they'll put their hands on you somewhere. And just to reassure you. And it's, it's like in that place where the energy just relaxes. So if your, my dentist has taken a course on where to put his comfort, he heads funny.
Speaker 0 00:48:12 Yeah. That's good. Well, good luck on that. Cause we're, we're rooting for you there. Teresa you'll have the mountain in your tongue going right to the spot where the word is. Cause this cause it'll be different. You have to let us know how it goes. Okay, great. So, um, we're onto Patricia, your mom. Um, so we're looking at fibroid nodules in the thyroid. Okay. We've got garden Laney in here adding yourself to the collective. Great. Glad you're here. Still tapping the thyroid and the parathyroid. Let's get at it from the front to not just look at those nodules in our mind. Let's just see them shrinking their stubborn little buggers. Let's see. I'm shrinking, shrinking, shrinking. Just remember energy follows thought. So if you think something or thoughts become things. And once you get your head around that, it's like, Whoa, that's a big one. So energy follows, thought thoughts become things you balancing down for Patricia. Okay. So we're on to Tahoe, abdominal hernia and DEMA. I've done that for a long while. Yeah, I guess I did. Sorry. I'm just talking to myself.
Speaker 1 00:50:39 It's funny. Yeah. We kind of yak to ourselves. Oh, should've done this. And you know, we're so hard on ourselves more than anybody else's but why don't we just talk to ourselves about important things. So, okay, here we go. Along. Hum. Sorry, email. Sure. We got it all here. Okay. So starting off with the hernia here. Check for blockages again,
Speaker 0 00:51:42 Back here.
Speaker 1 00:52:50 Okay. Is this where I came on? So we're gonna hop over to Facebook and see what's going on over there.
Speaker 0 00:53:00 Facebook <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:53:10 Okay. My arm. Let's see. Where am I
Speaker 0 00:53:18 Happening now? Seal. Maybe that's what I'm supposed to click on. Oh, here we go. Alright. Bolden bake. Okay. Hi Kelly. How are you doing Kelly and the collective here. Martha. Hey Martha osteoporosis. Liz. Okay. Slipping on me. Okay, Martha. And we are up to 2002 600 followers. That's nice. Okay. Here we go. Let's do the dizziness, the tinnitus and the anxiety and the PTSD up in the head and the shoulder area and your points for the <inaudible> pathway. That's what I was told the other day. CSTL CSTL pathway. The way I got all three of those, I'm not sure anybody else is getting even the other day, you're working on this. This is the way, let me ask you this the way to happen. No, that's not. This is the way to connect, ping to all the days. All the different was connecting to the universe.
Speaker 0 00:55:36 Energetic world there for tonight is saying society PTSD. Let's do the tonight three release the pressure on the year here. Cut me in from the back. There's a point about there. It seems like there's a tight spot. Can you want me to just, okay. So we're looking at, just find a year tight spot. Okay. Here we go. Okay. Balancing you out there, Martha. You're next a bit looser. Hopefully we're not coming down. Okay. So we're on to melody. Um, tap for brain fog and insomnia. Okay, here we go. Let's do insomnia first. Thank you, Martha. You're very kind.
Speaker 0 00:57:12 So we're looking at insomnia to start off with Z, right? Emma is fast asleep down there. She's not wolfing anymore. So she may be in a deeper sleep. Dogs. Really hit, seem to be poised to get up. Let's get the brain fog. Sore face is all gone. It's done today. Brain fog, balancing right and left hemisphere caught and can be feeling in your brain. Actually. It feels like fog with you. Let's lift. The fog actually looks like gray fog in there. Okay. Here we go. We've got rest. Some of it. Okay. There we go. Okay. Balancing Melanie got this area is that I say it Rodriguez solid last name P a tab for osteoporosis in the hips. Okay. Let's just
Speaker 1 00:59:22 Get the bones sorted out here or happening the bone marrow. Let's just support the auto-immune as well. These are just quickie treatments. You know, if you want something more, more, more, uh, more, more and more and more. You have to phone up on a bus practitioners and book a session if you want more. But you know, you get a lot in this hour. Like you just amazing things happen. You sort of sit back and relax the energy flow. This is good and replay as well. If you have one session with one of the practitioners, you really got a lot out of go back and listen to it again and just relax, listen to it again. And then you can stop when you don't feel you're getting any, you feel like everything's had shifted for you. And then you can go out another one. So coming down, let's get the hips here, osteoporosis in the hips. Sorry. I'm getting also itches on my face.
Speaker 1 01:00:49 Face is interesting. The masks now with people are wearing. I think I mentioned about are one of the vet girls has a dog's face with the tongue hanging. It has all sorts of funny masks that they're also the way people are wearing them. They don't work. If you have it bulleted and have your nose showing it don't work. If you've got it below your face on people, you're looking at somebody who was saying, they picked up a pizza the other day and the guy behind the counter had his mask on, but he was breathing out of his nose because his nose was showing. So anybody to be careful with air, wherever you are, do the hand watching don't touch your face. Try to do the mask protocol, try and be safe. Cause that's what we want for everybody. Okay. There you go. Hips. You're a little bit gyrated here. So let me just see if I can shift.
Speaker 0 01:01:55 Yeah.
Speaker 1 01:02:22 Pushing the middle back and bringing the, the outside forward.
Speaker 0 01:02:27 Yeah.
Speaker 1 01:02:34 Can like overkill. You can push it one way in. So it goes back into place. I don't know if that's helpful, but does it hurt to try? Right? Can you, so there we go. Okay. So you're balanced out there on it's airy and Miranda Maureen now. So right shoulder and arm.
Speaker 0 01:03:00 Okay.
Speaker 1 01:03:01 Okay. We'll just start at the occipital region. Come down out the right shoulder, spring energy out from the spine, looking at the muscles
Speaker 0 01:03:12 And it looks
Speaker 1 01:03:13 Like a muscle sore. It's just putting some energy into the muscles. I was like, you, you did something. Have you slept on a little injured, Not hospitalized injured.
Speaker 0 01:03:43 Hello?
Speaker 1 01:03:43 Donna fell asleep in the chair like
Speaker 0 01:03:47 That.
Speaker 1 01:03:50 Okay. And bring the energy down the yard.
Speaker 0 01:04:02 Wait a minute. I'm just going to do your right arm. I'm just going to go down to your fingers
Speaker 1 01:04:07 And we're going to pull the energy down from town, your fingers.
Speaker 0 01:04:14 Okay, here we go.
Speaker 1 01:04:25 So I'm actually bringing the energy up from your feet and I'm doing the quantum touch flow here, but I'm bringing the energy up to your crown and then down to that, spraying it on your
Speaker 0 01:04:53 I'm going to
Speaker 1 01:04:53 Do it a few more times until I see an even
Speaker 0 01:04:55 Flow.
Speaker 1 01:05:03 Gosh, let's try the right left arm just to make sure we got pulled
Speaker 0 01:05:16 Sticky. Okay. There you go. So we're looking at, okay, please tap for right leg pain in the muscles. I think your wrenched, my knee. Right leg pain and the muscles. Can I recall? Okay. Got it. So just relax. Energy flow, wrenching, the knee pain, all Tracey five wisdom two. That also sounds like a curse actually. You know what? It wasn't that bad. It was, it was fine. Which is a dentist to the person who did it was amazing. I
Speaker 1 01:08:16 Bet I said to my sister, I said, this is going to be nothing. I said, I'm going to be able to eat right afterwards as we had steak for dinner that night. Anyway. So it was a little difficult, but I have to admit, I couldn't, I couldn't best, I couldn't have my sister best. So I hate steak that night. It was pushing it a bit, but it was an open deal for me actually. Anyway, I did, I really should not have eaten a steak, but I just couldn't. You know, when you just don't tell their sibling rivalry. Right? Okay. Heather, Hey, there it's been a while it happened looking at your posts.
Speaker 0 01:08:56 Okay. I hope
Speaker 1 01:08:57 You are in your, and you got, you're doing okay. And your family. Okay. So I'm doing the feet here. So let's just roll down.
Speaker 0 01:09:10 Get the energy down at the feet, going down the legs now. Interesting at your feet, Heather, I wonder what that means. We're going to send some
Speaker 1 01:10:05 Energy up the kidney Meridian.
Speaker 0 01:10:17 There was significant studies,
Speaker 1 01:10:24 Louise hay. She really kind of open the door for people.
Speaker 0 01:10:31 What's her body telling us we've got some good movement there. And I'm going
Speaker 1 01:10:39 To just do a little, take
Speaker 0 01:10:43 A little bit of energy. There you go.
Speaker 1 01:11:00 I think that's where at the bottom of Facebook here. And so I'm just going to move back over to the tolerance site.
Speaker 0 01:11:12 Bring up the screen here. Okay. So we're starting with Mary Jane here who is not on the call. Um, let's do auto-immune. This is interesting. Here. Here we go. Looking at the blood cells and the plasma. Okay. So for your chain, let's just set the intention for smooth transition. So we've got a five-hour infusion tomorrow. She's going to set some intention in terms of, um, everything lines up for her nursing staff and I, all participants are present for her and supportive. Also everybody on the team has had a good night's sleep. So they come and offer their best exactly what she needs for this session.
Speaker 0 01:13:03 Anybody that's out of alignment with the purpose of this session, we ask that they be replaced. Jeez could, should have a good treatment tomorrow. Okay. And let's just do the aneurysm, just tapping the aneurysm itself and balancing out K onto a William, um, for depression. All we can really do with those people around us, it's just be present for them. Just listen to what they have to say with no judgment and kind of reach in and let them know that you know, that they're, that they're doing the best they can. All we can do is be supportive. It's can't really run someone else's life particular because they won't let you cancel. There's Willingham going to have a little chat with him for a second to tap the heart chakra. Just let them know it's all going to be okay. Everything's going to be just fine.
Speaker 0 01:15:17 That's a problem. When someone gets kind of out of sorts or sick, the family goes into panic mode. So that's not supportive. That panic mode doesn't really help the person who's not well. Okay. So here we go. Um, we're onto belief, 15 for breast health, tapping the breasts again. We've come at it from the spine now doing your breasts and then we're going to go down. Is it female guys communicate with each other? I mean, did the hormones, that's good. Make sure all this is connected to you. Do you first tight neck digestion after we've done all our you spot. So I'm going to check over, make sure all the points are open. This one seems a little closed, right side, close, left side.
Speaker 0 01:17:20 Well, we know what we need to be tapping. Right? Let's give it a shimmy and a shake until the Arcos neck consequent the neck. Now coming up the window. A lot of these words, they probably don't translate to English as well. If they're saving in Chinese, how well go with what we got. Right? Tapping that muscle on the back of your neck. A little bit tight on the right on the left side. Sorry. All right. Side's not as tight. Give it a little bit to go as well. Digestion. We've done. So I'm going to just roll down the spine. Make sure all those digestion points are open for you. You one's a little sluggish.
Speaker 0 01:18:40 Let's just give your gut some support. Sorry with your test dimes. Add or want to touch your stomach. For some reason I should help him with your stomach. Let's bring some energy into it. pH factor looks good. And I'm just reading the fields though. Maybe I'm right. Maybe I'm wrong. I always like to think I'm right, but okay. Balancing it there. Okay. Onto your mom. Let's do the frustration. It's hard. When our parents get older, a QC, you know, they still see you as being a kid and they don't listen. That's what I found. I remember my mom, we would discuss something and anyway, she didn't, she just kind of ignored me. Anyway, about four weeks later, she comes with this amazing idea that we had already talked about. The cleaning lady had said this to her, that a cleaning lady had given her a paint, you know, bless the cleaning lady, but they don't listen to their kids. The cleaning lady apparently has much more valuable advice and advice that you'd be acted on that way. So it's hard for the parents. There's no rule book for parents. It's like having kids. There's no rule book for kids either funny. Okay. So there's your mom. Muscular strength, healthy heart. Kidneys spent a Clarence pack of things here. So we already did the mental bit healthy heart.
Speaker 0 01:21:19 Okay, here we go. Muscular strength to turn that phone off, we did the ms. Let's just check the points here before setting intention that the nervous system repairs, anything, any sheath around the nerves that are destroyed up. Communication extends the nerves, communicate with each other healing, damaged nerves, also emotional. What do we miss? Everybody there? We've got noise. Can I go backwards on you? Yeah, sure. Modals tune up. Immune clarity, charge the batteries. Broad stroke prevention, sort of short-term memory immune age syndrome. Okay. Immune charge the batteries. Okay. So let's start off with the whole crowd and we're going to bump the immune system.
Speaker 0 01:23:49 I must be getting faster here. Key one is blocked for two of you kind of pick up these numbers that I'm dowsing them actually. So I can still block them. How many dialysis too? Actually. We're good now. Okay, here we go. Um, it's charging the batteries. So how do I go to the daunting until we functions? Fill everybody up. So five of you, everybody else. Okay. So we're just going to stay on the daunting until you reach the top. Do what you did before you did it for one person, they're going to put an energetic gas tank, right beside Jack red, red plastic gas tanks, or a metal one. If you aren't going to fill a full energy. So you can just, if you, if you need a little bit more, you can just reach to get your gas tank there. Okay. There we go. Got everybody filled up.
Speaker 0 01:26:00 Let's see if we got go on. Here we go. Let's do that as your modal is here as well. Clarity. So just repeating again for clarity and we're looking at just, what is your, what do you want? Like just feel in your heart. What is your heart? What do you really want? You know, if you use your head, you often won't find the right things or the right way. Clarity comes from just connecting your head and your heart. Your heart knows the way it's kind of your GPS system to charging the batteries. Okay. Really? They're on too broad for stroke prevention. Short-term memory immune sister already syndrome. There we go. Can you, so garden lady, hi there in the collective Suzanne case, we've got Patricia, um, let's for fear and exhaustion can, we've done all these points. So things are opening faster for you as well.
Speaker 1 01:29:50 Well, I'm doing both at the same time, The same mill that slipped in you. And I thought, Oh, I can be both
Speaker 0 01:30:08 The heart muscle strengthening the muscles as well. Glaring, anything that's pressing on the heart, opening this wall balancing, you can do the angel point street,
Speaker 1 01:30:51 Good morning grief for a lot of things, you know, it could be a broken relationship or it could be selling a house having to move. It could be, you know, going bankrupt. It could be losing a parent, a best friend. That's what we need to be gentle with ourselves. We need to be kind,
Speaker 0 01:31:13 Be
Speaker 1 01:31:13 Very kind to ourselves. Keep balancing out Joel. And I think you're Oh wait, we didn't do that.
Speaker 0 01:31:25 Uh,
Speaker 1 01:31:29 Okay. Mel saying, wait here. Funny Tabby, all words on that. I can do the Brown fat points. I've looked them up on a horse where they are exactly. Pretty much the same. Anyway, we're doing them on the doll.
Speaker 0 01:31:52 Okay. There we go. Okay. John, or your last but not least. Um, let's do you eliminate the stomach virus? Well, let's do the COVID. That's good. Excuse. Do the COVID points. Just tall them up. I don't know why I bother holding them up. I'm going to look like, Oh, I know that. Why am I holding them up? Okay. So we're looking at COVID here and this is good for any kind of fever or any, any virus, any lung issues. So here we go. Okay. Starting off with the immune system, optimizing the long near way points.
Speaker 0 01:32:55 Anti inflammation, stimulating the exosomes eyes, ears, nose, and throat, eyes, ears, nose, and throat, ears, nose, and throat salivation juices to central control and the doula for heart long vessels, blood vessels, bone marrow, blood immune cells, immune cells. As funny, you have to do this while you look at the doll, when you see stuff what's going on, okay, let's get those lungs from the front and the diaphragm, the diaphragm breathe. Deep breaths. Okay. Lungs, lungs as well. And bottom to top oxygen, the brain of the phrenic nerve. Sorry. I bled up the sky window. Optimizing the phrenic nerve, optimizing the Vegas. Let's follow the phrenic down to the diaphragm and follow the Vegas through the body.
Speaker 1 01:35:02 Okay. Call me anxiety and fear. And these points are good. If you have any sort of thing going on. All right, good. If you're, if you're pre having anything, if you have it, or if you're recovering stress, releasing stress, spiritual strength, telling me energy, the body with energy. I did that already. So you're all up, up to the top and strength to rebuild. Things are going to be a new norm. We will, we will be fine. Okay. There you go. John and everybody else. What else? Oh my God. I'm here for you. Okay. First we miss balance. Let's just do the balance here again.
Speaker 1 01:36:26 Hopefully that helps John he's to Ana bring energy into. And actually that's the first set of eyes we've done all really? Did you? We do them about six or seven times. Any today's different, different days. You tell me into the eyes. Okay. There we go. Balancing, can you sleep? We've got everybody. So let's just make sure we clear here everybody's energy field. So just taking anything that looks like it shouldn't be there or is dragging your energy down through removing it. Um, let's just clean all the shockers. So all the body shockers. So we're looking at, I go from the bottom up one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. That's do eight as well. Nine tail. I want them, what the heck let's do them all nine, 10, 11, and 12 claiming those. Okay. I'm not going to take every one and put a nice healing blanket over you.
Speaker 1 01:37:51 And this will keep the energy moving. It'll be warm and supportive. You put it over your head. If you want to gonna wrap everybody, you want, you can lose it, it up. It can go over your head if you want. And then now we're going to check everybody's bubble of protection. These are bubbles that are just like big energy soap, bubbles, right around the body. And so something negative comes at, you know, it just sorta touches your bubble and you can make the decision whether you invited in or not. You're the one loss here, the one that's in the driver's seat of your own life and don't think otherwise.
Speaker 1 01:38:36 Okay. Yeah. I'll look pretty nice and shiny. So. All right. Well, thanks for being with me. Um, if you need some more support in terms of Tong ran or energy, do go on the replays or you can, uh, go on with other practitioners, you know, we're uh, nobody will be offended if you go, if you prefer one practitioner over another, everybody's got different styles. So, um, yeah. So just get what you need. This is all about you and in your journey to wholeness and wellness. All right. I'll have a great day and we'll catch you all later.

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