Tong Ren Podcast

0082 - Anusuya Quinn, Eyes, Emotions and Everything Else - 2020-11-06

Tong Ren Podcast
0082 - Anusuya Quinn, Eyes, Emotions and Everything Else - 2020-11-06

Welcome all newcomers to Tom Tam’s Healing System. Join us for our Tong Ren Healing Class called “Eyes, Emotions and Everything!” During this hour-long class, we will use Tong Ren Healing to treat all kinds of problems related to eyes, emotions and general physical ailments, (cancer, autoimmune, metabolic, etc.) This is a general healing class, so all are invited to participate and learn what we have experienced in our own healing–what Tom calls “the mainstream medicine of the future–now!” Our goal is to empower you. By experiencing Tong Ren Healing you will literally be learning how to heal yourselves–and others too! Come, join in building the international collective unconscious of the Tom Tam Healing System of Tong Ren.

Anusuya Quinn
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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Um, good morning. It's Friday. I don't think we have a president yet. I don't know. I haven't looked in the last couple of hours interesting week for sure. Worry. Yes, Marsha. Um, okay, so let me get Beverly Bruce Marsha, we'll start with the motions, which is going to help for worry time. This week not slept well three nights, and actually somebody mentioned toxic environment in the house. If that were me, I would be clearing my space and a lot of people that don't usually clear their space. I've been hearing from for days that are saying, Oh, and I saged my house. And I could see energy is very dense right now for various reasons. Um, so anyways, I like Bruce, let me sure. We tap on him at the end. Okay. Um, okay. Yeah. So anyways, I clear my space regularly.
Speaker 0 00:01:30 Not only clear my space, I seal it, your double deal, everything. Um, and did this morning because I actually saw one of my guides, I guess you would call them one of my spirit helpers once outside this morning. So anyways, I figured at that point, it probably meant, I make sure I cleared it right then slightly ways. We will start with emotions and we'll go on through the list of treatments that I do, and then we'll treat the cancer things individually. So we do have a device on, we still have the glasses on the camera pointed this way. Um, we have the device, the lasers on C5, six, seven, the front piece is actually around where Judy tends to like it, um, on the upper chest, um, opens up breaths, length, et cetera. And the other probe is under the feet. Then we have one of those headsets that has supplements in it at the feet of the doll. Um, and we have the clip with supplements in it, leaning up against the front feet of the doll. So we have a lot going on over there, independent of capping, and we'll start with emotions the way we always do so good place to start opens us up to really receive the chief. Willie gets everybody nice and relaxed.
Speaker 0 00:03:21 So we're opening see to both sides, motor cortex and the motor, the, uh, the open, right? It's the left side of the body. If you open, left it's right side. So no matter what we do with motor that always applies. So see to open up, bring it up to the top of the head, charge up the system, open up again, to pull in the tree, through the head wash to the feet. Um, let's go to the GB 13, 14, right? And left right hand side is relaxation. Peace of mind slows our brainwaves. It's actually a form of brainwave and train the, uh, check talk we hear in the background is various frequencies. Again, another form of brainwave entrainment. So you open the frontal lobe.
Speaker 0 00:04:22 You open the left side memory focus, good cognitive anti-aging for our brains. Open this up cognitive for things like add ADHD, Alzheimer's dementia. We can open up left side of the brain for the speech centers for Anna, but anybody working on speech sometimes with stroke need to work on that. So again, we're opening, um, broke a learner key areas, bring it back to GB 22, 23 hypothalamus pituitary opening up for, um, telling her race. We're bouncing neuro-transmitters brain chemistry. We have a lot of signaling. So we're working on all of that signaling here. It's a great point for PTSD.
Speaker 1 00:05:11 So
Speaker 0 00:05:23 You down all the way down to yin Tang. So we're back Again. We're working with the trauma. We want to clear that We do fight or flight survival instincts, take it in Integrating mind, body spirit releases, um,
Speaker 2 00:05:59 The left side of the funnel to delete
Speaker 2 00:06:05 GBA for the hippocampus. We have all our memories there. So all factory all is like a memory trigger. Really. The way scent is a very deep trigger for trauma and emotion. So we open the olfactory, we bring it to the hippocampus, take to the GBA, the TW 20 let's also get back to you and camp for the emotional balance. So we want to learn to recognize her intuition and whatever form that works for us so that we can let it guide us, lets us, um, let go of the stress, the fear, the worry we're just guided. We know everything's okay. Really alleviates the fear. Doesn't help a lot when there's a ton of ethers around you, which is what I've been experiencing is just everybody else's, um, anxiety. So anyways, we're doing that intuitive guidance. We're also working to visualize, which is seeing ourselves the way we want to be allowing thoughts about the things we want to create.
Speaker 2 00:07:16 And if it's not something we want, then we probably need to try to replace the thought with something else. So we've got that in Tang, kayaking, CNA, or opening up, um, the area around the jaw. We store a lot of, um, I don't know, personally, I don't know about, we personally I've tended to store a lot of, um, suppressed emotion and things. Just kind of stuff it there. So open up all around. CNA also opens up back into subclavians up neck and shoulders. So we're getting the circulation up to the brain. We're loosening and relaxing the neck, the shoulders, the jaw, the upper back. So we're clearing tension helps open by all electrical opens nerve function and open circulation. Again, take that to the front, wash it to the feet. So chest to feed kidney Meridian down. So as we release, we let it run down, out through the soles of the feet at kidney one into the ground. It's like the roots of a tree. So just that cascade of emotions, um, trauma, any of those things that we release, we just want to let them go again. Ground strengthens bounces supports us liver three kidney one again, right out through the soles. Also let's get the heart center both front and the back as we bring it back to the ground and the peat again, liver three, kidney one, we do metabolism, endocrine and deep sleep together. So those will be next, triple warmer, 16, 17 behind the ears does the metabolism.
Speaker 2 00:09:31 So we're detoxing. The system, anybody that has, um, is doing chemo, radiation, taking medication supplements, et cetera. We want to detox. The system also cleans out bacteria viruses, things like heavy metals. So we just want to clean it all out behind the ears, detox, ramps up our metabolism, take it to the growth hormone point at GB 22 also works on hypothalamus pituitary area. So again, we have a bunch of the neuro-transmitters. Some of the hormones are produced here. Um, when we opened the pineal gland, we're working on sleep. So let's do the endocrine. Let's do B L six. Let's open Peniel is endocrine. So let's do B L six in Tang from the melatonin. Let's bring it back across the top of the head, into the brain STEM for the circadian rhythms. So we're working the sleep, the endocrine balances, hormones, some of that plays a part in sleep cycles.
Speaker 2 00:10:43 Um, things like adrenals trigger us in the night, wake us up. Um, and then we're awake because our, where our adrenals, you know, or have kicked up these hormones. So anyways, we're opening up from the brain STEM back into the occipital Ridge at BL nine and a half opens traps opens the thyroid parathyroid from the traps, opens the whole thoracic spine. So helps balance and noon is going to open T seven, which helps with any kind of nighttime issues. So let's go from the occipital Ridge to GB 12. Let's do T one two three four seven, kidney 27, 26, 25, 24 21. So we have immune function. Anti-inflammatory I'm really doing it right now to send to our thyroid parathyroid. So we're working any inflammation there. We're working on Hashimoto's. Anybody working Hashimoto's thyroid that are to C6 seven S T nine 10 again, back front for the thyroid parathyroid glands, take T4 for the breast kidney 24 for the breast again as another, um, endocrine take the pancreas T we can get the blood supply.
Speaker 2 00:12:08 Key seven, eight pancreas, pancreas, exocrine, and endocrine helps balance sugar. Um, we balanced metabolism with the ghrelin hormone at T six kidney 22. We can open up. Okay, we got pancreas. Let's bring it down to the adrenals lumbar one L one and kidney 16. Let's open the lumbar spine for the male-female endocrine based organ. So L one to five, we can open Kuttabul as two through five into the pelvic floor behind the knees ankles, Vegas nerve, bring it down through the chest. So we're again, we're opening up. We got the breast, we got the prank pancreas. We go up the metabolism. We can take it down to the pelvic bowl. CBC CB four, again, get the male female endocrine organs, take the Prudential nerve stomach 30 liver, 12 spleen, 12 to the pelvic floor. Kathy K. We're sending that to your pelvic floor. Bring it down the legs all the way to the feet where we ground that liver three kidney, one, debrief, relaxation. Again, we got the melatonin and as we bring it down, let's bring it back up both of the knees and just charge up the system, bring it to the lower Donte ends. So we're back at that pelvic endocrine organs, as well as just storing key. If we're not sleeping well, we tend to be fatigued. So build up our storehouse of G take it to the feet and ground liver, three kidney, one brain circulation, neurologic and energy building is next. So let me get whatever I don't have Suzanne.
Speaker 2 00:14:05 Okay. Carolyn Tahoe. Yes. Okay. See, okay. Yep. Robin Diana. You're always in there. We did some speech work already, which went to Ana. Yup. Oh, I couldn't possibly share with you here. How I clear my space. It's a, it's something I've been doing for 40 years. It involves, you know, incense and charcoal and frankincense and say all kinds of stuff.
Speaker 0 00:14:58 Anyways, I do it regularly. They found
Speaker 2 00:15:00 And I had to start doing it. I, so I've done it for years in certain conditions. Somebody taught me to always do it when doing healing work when I was in my twenties. Um,
Speaker 0 00:15:12 But I've done
Speaker 2 00:15:12 It for years and then found when we changed,
Speaker 0 00:15:18 Um, streaming services during the winter. Well,
Speaker 2 00:15:24 After COVID, we also, we changed what we, how we ran our webcast. And one of the things that happened is it automatically started going to Facebook. And as soon as that happened, before I even realized what happened, all of a sudden I was so jumbled and garbled, I didn't know what was going on. It was really intense. And then I realized that I had done a test and in five minutes, like 80 people that I had no clue who they were, had opened up the Facebook page and looked at it while I was just letting the thing run while I cooked dinner. Um, anyways, at that point I started sealing my space all the time, because it really changed the way it felt to do the work with all of you guys. Cause it had been really organic and everybody could come and we were family and we knew each other. And that's not to say that the Facebook group isn't family, but it was all of a sudden it was a really public group and it, you know, was just different. So anyways, and it ended up working out that we can't even really look at Facebook unless we're running two computers. So I can't really see those requests till later, even though, um, I know some of you guys come there and I know some of you guys are and what you're working on. So in that way, um, everybody's still part of the collective. Right.
Speaker 0 00:16:47 Getting it. So I'm to,
Speaker 2 00:16:50 I would probably be clear about that, that we all get it. Let me highlight Ken. So he goes in with the blood work,
Speaker 0 00:16:58 Um, anyways. Okay. Sleep back there. Yeah. Virginia's on my other list. Okay. So anyways, that's a little thing about space.
Speaker 2 00:17:13 I'm very sensitive. So, um, someone else it might not bother at all.
Speaker 0 00:17:19 And since we've done
Speaker 2 00:17:21 Angel points in the angel work, it's like not only am I clairaudient, I'm also see things and hear things in a different way. And it's been, you know, anyways, it's been wild, it's been a ride for sure. I'm sure the other people that are sensitively say the same thing as well as some of the people who aren't, um, have been really surprised by some of the recent works done. So anyways, I'm holding my doll and working on it. Um, we're doing brain circulation, neurologic energy building. So I'll call those points. Um,
Speaker 0 00:17:59 Yeah,
Speaker 2 00:18:03 Starting with brain circulation, Can-Am SCMS up. So we're opening the circulation in the neck, up through the carotids. We open it to the back of the head. We opened vertebrals we open up the basil or the basil ganglia at the brainstem, the basil or arteries helps to stimulate dopamine production for some of that neurologic work like Parkinson's type symptoms, they think is a dopamine receptor, dopamine production, whatever. So we opened that all up. The brain circulation also opens to our facial area, which we'll do separately in a minute. So we have that circulation. We opened the brain STEM always for anything circulatory. So BDL nine GB, 17 Medula brain STEM are actually the same thing. So you can interchange those words. Um, the triple warmer, 16, 17 behind the ear. So again, we're balancing metabolism, we're opening up circulation, um, taking it forward to the GV 22 regeneration metabolism, healthy balance cell growth could be regeneration in the nerves could be regeneration in our vessels. In this case open the top of the head motor sensory, the association is between them. So B L M eight, B L six to eight and GB 21 to 19 to the brain STEM GB 17 beyond nine brain STEM has all the nerve pathways. So for neurologic, we work things like, um, again, the Parkinsonians ms is neurologic, but also immune. And we get that separately after, um,
Speaker 2 00:20:07 Neuropathy, all these things that are top of the head motor sensory. Okay. So anyways, brain STEM, we have that brain circulation again, neocortex loop GV six to 12 gets all the facial nerves. GB 12 opens the whole cervical spine. So we're also getting facial arteries. C5 six, seven gets brachial plexus into owner radial, medial nerves. So we go shoulders down the arms to the elbows wrists, hands fingers. Also we open the, um, long thoracic there to the diaphragm T six, along with phrenic on the front innovates, the diaphragm CB 17 kidney 22. So back is sympathetic fronts. Parasympathetic. We are going to do the whole spinal artery. So let's get GB 12 again, C one to seven T one to 12 includes immune anti inflammatory blood supply to the lower body is in there T 12. Okay. All one through five L four and five as sciatic, nerve as one through five as two through five.
Speaker 2 00:21:21 So Prudential nerve, we can take it behind the knees to the ankles just to bring it to the feet again, we got phrenic already. The vase starts at the brain STEM again. So BLI again, always circulation, but also we're going to some of the cranial nerves. So we take it from the brain STEM to the GV, 12 to ally 18 for Vegas biggest. Intervates the heart, the vessels, the diaphragm inner bakes everything through the GI tract opening. Um, so the chest down got the whole spine. We can open all the way down to the pudendal nerve. Again, opens into the pelvic floor, opens hips to toes. So the pre-dental stomach 30 liver, 12 spleen. Well, let's take that down through the knees all the way back to the ankle speed. We bring circulation down the spleen, Meridian down the legs to the feet. And again, we also bring nerve function all the way to the ground out through the soles, back to liver, three kidney, one backup below the knees again to recharge.
Speaker 2 00:22:33 So we have motor sensory on the Trop. Recharges pulls the down the chief through the head, but as well, we use that point below the knees and build the lower donkey hands. One more time to the ground liver, three kidney, one sinus eyes, ears, nose, mouth throat, all go together in the next work. Um, you guys should be able to figure out who I'm working on when, so let's see. So the Tinetti tinnitus we would get. Now we would get the, um, I pressure the optic disc, those nerves for tree branch. We're doing all the eyes, all the ears. We're doing the sinuses. Um, what else are we doing in this? Isn't this list I, as again, cataracts, the ocular migraine we can get in here. Um, you guys have an idea what I'm talking about, so let's just do it. Um, GB six to 12, open up again, the nerves to all the facial area.
Speaker 2 00:23:43 So nerves to the sinuses, that to the throat, let's get the immunes T one, two, three, four, and seven kidney 27, 26, 25, 24, 21. So anti-inflammatory things like sinusitis, anything inflammatory laryngitis, whatever, any itises, anywhere in our body. So we're balancing the immune system there. Let's take triple warmers again, 16, 17 behind the ears. So again, we're detoxing and revving up the metabolism, opening the circulation. We can open the SCMS up for circulation back to the brain, which also opens up things like visual cortex, um, goes into the circle of Willis. So really, um, brings circulation to the motor sensory, et cetera. Okay. That time it was a real person. Good. I saw that one in the glass and it wasn't my yard for their pack this morning. It was right on the edge, like the edge of where I finished ceiling.
Speaker 2 00:25:00 Okay. So we're opening again. The triple warmer is GV 22, 23 cell growth, tele Murrays, B L six seven eight, GB 21, 2019 motor association, sensory. We do a lot of sensory work with the facial area. We have a lot of sense. Oregon's here as well as the skin. So we want to work that top of the head again, the visual cortex that GB 19, the brain STEM for all of those vessels, all the circulation opening back through the neocortex. One more time back to GB 12, the occipital Ridge gets lower part of the neck. So it's going to cover the throat area, um, all as well as calcification. So it helps with teeth, gums, jaw, bone, um, people that have periodontal disease, periodontitis. There's another inflammatory thing. Um, so anyways, so that to Pamela, who's been recovering from oral surgery, send the eyes to Judith. Who's been recovering from cataract surgery and has another one to go through. So anyways, um, Alison your eyes, although that's water retention. So anyways, we're getting all of these, um, let's get emailings since we're talking water also opens the salivary glands part of, again, that whole neck throat sinusy kind of area. Open that up, bringing it back.
Speaker 0 00:26:44 All the facial artery, see one to seven open up ouch points all around the face. So Yi Ming, bring it forward. Yen Tang, tiny yang, B Oh one two B L three, four five six B L six. We work mirror neurons. It is spooky to me how connected things have be calm. And I know that's the mirror neurons in our collective opening. Um, okay. So we open the eyes sinuses, open up, Ty yang, open up CNA, open up facial region again under the eyes around the nose, teeth gum jaw, CNA, open up the neck, back and front again, we can take the, um, brainstem, the occipital Ridge, bring it to <inaudible> for the throat back to S T nine, 10, bring it down, kidney Meridian to the peat where we ground. So again, we're balancing the AMU as we open the front of the body and pull it down.
Speaker 0 00:28:00 We're opening the immune system, respiratory cardiac digestive through the genital urinary tract. We take circulation and limp all the way to the feet nerves. Also ground that liver three and kidney one virus prevention, immune and joint. So we just did some of that. We will do it a little more specific this time. So for virus prevention, we can get, um, you mean, so salivary glands, so everything, um, second. Yeah, more and more people are testing positive is what I'm singing really well. And you can see it, the numbers in and have upon through the roof after such low numbers for so long. It's kind of disheartening, but anyways, okay. So that's part of this next work is the COVID, um, the COVID prevention work. And again, if people think they've been exposed, please stay and wait your four or five gays and go and get tested again. My best friend's youngest. So now her second, second child, um, neither of whom have had any symptoms. And this one is his brother probably had it at least a month ago, probably longer. So anyways, we'll work on that now for
Speaker 2 00:29:42 Everybody. We're going to do email
Speaker 0 00:29:45 Stimulate the parotid glands T one two three, kidney
Speaker 2 00:29:56 27, 26, 25. One-on-one long to see five, six 71, two, three T five T six. So we open up long thoracic, open up lungs, airways, limp, heart vessels, open diaphragm and blood supply to the lower body. We opened the lungs also on the front. We can open the phrenic to the diaphragm. We can open the Vegas through the upper kidney Meridian, open the heart, that kidney 23, let's go back to the triple warmer, 16, 17 detox, the system, clean out metabolism, clean out bacteria virus, clean out any kind of time,
Speaker 0 00:30:37 Um, from treatments from scans, whatever, clean it all out. I almost fall off my chair. My office is very dusty. Um, we are opening up GB 22 for regeneration, the motor center,
Speaker 2 00:31:01 Three cortex to charge our system open and loosen the whole spine. It's going to help balance our immunes as well as spine relaxes the blockages open back to the brain STEM again, taking it to
Speaker 0 00:31:16 The, um, there's prevention, immune joints too.
Speaker 2 00:31:22 The occipital Ridge BL nine and a half to the neocortex loop. GB six to 12 opens the tendons muscles ligaments all through the whole body. GB 12 opens the neck shoulders. We got the occipital Ridge. We have the neck shoulder area. Again, we can go T one, two, three, four, and seven kidney 27, 26, 25, 24 21 clearing inflammation from any of the joints anywhere in the body, we can open C5 six, seven again, to bring it to the brachial plexus for the shoulders down to the elbow,
Speaker 0 00:31:59 Goes down to the wrist, hands fingers, T
Speaker 2 00:32:04 Seven, down to the lower body. We can open up again, the hips. We can open up sciatic, Prudential nerves. We can open up ouch points and hips, the whole lumbosacral, take it behind the knees for the giants as ouch points, but also to open up the pelvis and bring the sheet down to the ankles. Open up for anybody with tendonitis, ouch points at the ankles, open the front.
Speaker 0 00:32:29 Um, so again, um, we are taking it from the subclavians down to the elbows, to the wrist, to the hands and the fingers. We're taking it down the kidney Meridian, back to the hips. Ouch points, femur heads opening up the, um, <inaudible> to the pelvic floor, hips to toes, stomach 30 liver, 12 spleen, 12 knees. So down to spleen nine and 10 liver, eight stomach 36 GB, 34 down to 39 on the outside of the legs, down to the ankles inside, down to the ankles, tops of the feet, liver, three kidney, one open the toes. So we have all the joints as OCE points and ground liver, three kidney one next we have respiratory cardiac. And after that, we have digestive with weight and genital urinary. After that we do emotions and trauma again. Then we will do the, um, tremor Parkinsonian with ALS ms. And we'll do any of the individual, the cancer request individually. Okay? Okay. So your collective group, no problem. Your collective can grow. Okay. Um, let me put them with Robin and Diana. Diane. Diane, I keep calling you Diana. So sorry. I should know better. Where's Robin and Diane and Anna they're there. So let's keep going. I'm just making sure there's nothing I should have highlighted. Yeah. Regina will be doing the ms. Um, separately. Your son. Okay. Casey will be doing breast or your wife, somebody else's liver with splitting. So if they don't come on, we'll include their liver
Speaker 2 00:35:38 When we'd get your wife's.
Speaker 0 00:35:40 Yes. Okay.
Speaker 2 00:35:43 So that one I need to highlight
Speaker 0 00:35:45 In a minute and happy mom.
Speaker 2 00:35:58 Good morning. Yes. We're going to get your perfect blood.
Speaker 0 00:36:03 Oh. Along with, uh, Dionne
Speaker 2 00:36:08 Getting Janice's ms. With
Speaker 0 00:36:15 When we get there. We'll do Carolyn's long. Um, good.
Speaker 2 00:36:27 Carolyn's long when we do Bruce.
Speaker 0 00:36:38 Okay. Everybody on this list gonna need something. Okay. So respiratory cardiac is where we are. I didn't just do that. Okay. Here we go. Um, Tina, no, we're opening circulation three. I thought I felt you here.
Speaker 2 00:37:21 I don't know if I've seen a request from you, but I've thought of you lately. I don't, I haven't necessarily seen you on.
Speaker 0 00:37:27 Um, okay. Um, so we're opening up TN dorm. We're opening
Speaker 2 00:37:36 Up subclavian arteries
Speaker 0 00:37:38 Up
Speaker 2 00:37:40 Opening the brain, STEM the circle of Willis. All those vessels circulation be all nine GV, 17, both respiratory and cardiac centers on the brain, STEM, regulating it, all things like blood pressure, heart rate, or the dilation of our vessels. Our breath is all. Um, so things like sleep apnea. We work here.
Speaker 0 00:38:04 Well, this part of the brain take the triple
Speaker 2 00:38:10 Warmers behind the ears for circulation GV 22 for the metabolism regeneration of cells. Open up again, right back to the brain STEM. The occipital Ridge will open the neck shoulder area down through thoracics. So again, we're opening spinal nerves to these, um, respiratory and cardiac
Speaker 0 00:38:37 Organs, taking
Speaker 2 00:38:39 It to GB 12, taking it to C5, C6 C7 36, pericardium diaphragm open up T1 T2, T3, T4 <inaudible> opening the immune's T cells, B cells opening the lungs, airways and limp, heart vessels, diaphragm. And again, the blood supply or eight pound to the lower right
Speaker 0 00:39:03 Body on the front. Let's open.
Speaker 2 00:39:07 And the SCMS, again, that brain circulation
Speaker 0 00:39:13 Let's open the Renick diaphragm, the Vegas, the upper kidney.
Speaker 2 00:39:20 And we focus on the lungs, kidney 26, 25, the lymph kidney 23 for the heart kidney 22 for the diet brand pericardium, take that sheet and bring it down, bring it to the hips, bring it to the slain Meridian down from the hips. So take that circulation down
Speaker 0 00:39:40 The legs, that to the feet, to the ground for liver three for kidney one,
Speaker 2 00:39:50 Digestive weight, genital urinary snack.
Speaker 0 00:39:54 Um, so
Speaker 2 00:39:58 Let's take emailing anything, digestive, anything in the, um, water-based organs. So also kidney blood
Speaker 0 00:40:05 Matter is part of this. It's part of why these fit together so well. So OEMing
Speaker 2 00:40:14 Parotid gland down, starting in the mouth, the whole GI system,
Speaker 0 00:40:19 Triple
Speaker 2 00:40:20 Warmer, 16, 17. So balances, metabolism, ramps it up helps balance weight with metabolism. Also we want healthy organ function, which will help balance weight as well. GB 22 for growth hormone for metabolism opening the, um, hypothalamus as well. We'll bring in, in a minute for the signaling for appetite B L six endocrine again helps to be
Speaker 0 00:40:48 Announce, wait, also let's open up the TW 20 interabdominal ordinance last
Speaker 2 00:41:00 Open up the signaling mechanisms. So let's go T six for the grelin and the diaphragm, the stomach stretch receptors, the cardia. We want to open that up, which is signals to the brain. So we can open the Cardi on the front. Also at kidney 22 with the grelin metabolism. Ghrelin is produced
Speaker 0 00:41:23 In the pancreas
Speaker 2 00:41:26 Mostly, but I want to say also the stomach. So this also helps balance sugar as well. We open the pancreas, we work our type one at metabolism, which we've gotten actually type one is immune
Speaker 0 00:41:40 Type two is metabolism.
Speaker 2 00:41:42 So we've gotten the MCAT realism or open opening the endocrine and those sugar,
Speaker 0 00:41:46 Um, balancing
Speaker 2 00:41:49 Organs and mechanisms. So again, the grelin, let's bring it up to the brain STEM where the signal passes on up to the hypothalamus pituitary. It says I'm hungry. It says I'm not, but it is what interprets the, um, signals in the body. We send that back to the <inaudible> again, we can take it right back to the brainstem, take it to the occipital Ridge for the traps and the thoracic spine. Take it to e-mailing GB
Speaker 0 00:42:24 12, um,
Speaker 2 00:42:28 Adjusted weight. <inaudible> calcium balances, us balances, thyroid parathyroid again. So we did those, um, points as part of our immune work earlier T seven down T eight through 12. So <inaudible> blood supply eight through 12, or the digestive organs starting with the esophagus and pancreas right on down through the middle warmers, L four and five finishes off the,
Speaker 0 00:42:56 The digestive tract also open the, um,
Speaker 2 00:43:02 One to five S one to five for the gender. No urinate.
Speaker 0 00:43:05 All right. So again, we're opening up all those organs. The nerve function
Speaker 2 00:43:12 To the organs is along the spine behind the knees opens up the pelvic low back, lower GI tract. Again, we got the phrenic which opened the diaphragm. We opened that to also balance down through the abdomen. We're taking the kidney Meridian down. We're opening from kidney 23 down we're opening, um, stomach 21, the liver, the pancreas again through 25, the
Speaker 0 00:43:40 Middle warmers. So
Speaker 2 00:43:42 Those digestive organs, things like gallbladder bile, duct, um, into the pelvic bowl again, genital urinary. So the top area we have the,
Speaker 0 00:43:54 Um, male, female. Yeah,
Speaker 2 00:43:57 Oregon's down lower. We have the urinary tract. So we're opening up that CB Meridian, the stomach Meridian down. We go out the Prudential on the back to the pelvic floor, front stomach, 30 liver, 12 spleen 12. Again, pudendal nerve down to the knees, down to the ankles, back up below the knees as a stomach digestive point again, lower down DNS
Speaker 0 00:44:20 Ouch point for all organs back to the ground. Liver three kidney, one emotion
Speaker 2 00:44:28 Trauma is next and we'll have about 10, 15 minutes to do the, um, other work. Okay. Oh, thanks Kim. Yeah. Our cat used to go sit in my husband's lap when it was, um, conference call time. He, she would go jump up in his lap. And actually when she first did it, she had these, she was really old. She was, we had her until she was 17. She left us at one point, probably my husband's probably one of his lowest points. He was having a hard time and had, you know, surgery, chemos still lived a few more years, but anyways, it was not a great point in his, a cycle of everything he went through. Um, and she sat on his lap. She had really cloudy eyes. Like I said, she had gotten old. So I don't know if it was cataracts. I mean, they were cloudy as could be.
Speaker 2 00:45:29 And the first time she did it, when she came to me in the kitchen, after the, the conference call was over, her eyes had totally cleared and we're like sparkly and bright. And I never saw them go back to that kind of really foggy, weird look. Anyway, she loved the conference calls Sophie. Um, her cat leaves all over her computer. I think keyboard anyways, animals love it. So, um, that's one of the things Tom talks about is, um, how receptive animals are anyone has let's do the emotions, the trauma again, and then we'll go through the rest of the stuff and be done for this another beautiful day. It's not so pretty out. There's some blue sky up there. Not a kind of the sunrise was the prettiest sunrise I have seen in, I don't know how long it was gorgeous. So it's warm. Um, even though it's not overwhelmingly sunny, it's awesome.
Speaker 2 00:46:41 It was like over 70 a street E mid November. So happy before we all stuck in for the winter. So emotions and trauma, old factoring or, or young factory as Tom calls it, CN one is at the intent in Tang to GB eight hippocampus, TW 20. There are other points you can add if you would like, but Tom tends to make things short sweet in Tanka yang, TBA C to both sides, GB 13, 14, both sides GB 22, 23 D in Tang, cayenne and CNE. And I think yen Tang, I felt my jaw is open up, which is where I store again. I said that earlier. So it's that trauma release can feel it just like, let go open up. Yeah. Tang where it's CNA, let's go back. Frontal lobe, both sides GV 22 there PTSD stress trauma in solar left side, frontal that to yin Tang tie in CNA. Subclavians up through the neck, the shoulders back around the shoulder blades down the kidney Meridian to the feet where we ground that liver three and that kidney one, we're doing perfect blood next. And again, a lot of these things we do, um, multiple times. So the cancer points, we do multiple times for everything and we specifically treat, um, primary. So we'll call the points with intention and then we'll just call the points with, um, the common ones that we do over and over. We'll just call with the intention for the specifics.
Speaker 2 00:49:16 Okay. So triple warmer, 16, 17, we want to balance metabolism and growth hormone for everybody great anti cancer prevention work for all of us. So we're detoxing the system revving up the metabolism clearing away talks and it's balancing cell growth GV 22, 23 growth hormone and calibrate S B L six endocrine where it's clotting factors in the blood opening, the brain STEM for the brain STEM cells. Part of all the cancer work, opening the occipital Ridge to open the traps, which opens the long thoracic area. Again, part of all the work GB 12 opens the whole neck and shoulder again opens the traps. We also open up the thoracic spine, um, from the outset that orange. So GB 12, let's get C5 six, seven to T six for the pericardium and the diaphragm phrenic LA 17, CB 17, also phrenic diaphragm. The bap was long thoracic diaphragm, sorry. Also getting, um, T one, two, three, four seven, kidney 27, 26, 25, 24 21
Speaker 0 00:50:38 Opens the
Speaker 2 00:50:40 Bone marrow for the red cells, which carry the oxygen,
Speaker 0 00:50:45 Opens the spleen
Speaker 2 00:50:47 For the white cells, which help our body fight infection. We also want to balance the plate
Speaker 0 00:50:52 Let's let's work. The, um, C6 seven and work liver 1314 for the blood plasma. Then for the
Speaker 2 00:51:04 <inaudible> T 11 L two. Again, we have the, um, organs involved in the blood production there. We got the immune for T and B cells, the lungs, the lymph also we're bringing the Vegas nerve down again through the chest,
Speaker 0 00:51:24 Through the diaphragm, through the middle warmers all the way down to the feet. Back below the knees.
Speaker 2 00:51:34 Again, we recharge the batteries for everybody lower down ends. We're still opening up around kidneys, which stimulate the red cells. Also opening up the lower GI, which is good for you. Young for prevention. We're sending it to happy mom and a Julie too.
Speaker 0 00:51:51 Um, Kim's brother or Steven, Ken, and, um,
Speaker 2 00:52:00 The Wright brother, anyways, anybody working blood, we bring it to the ground liver three kidney, one tremor and Parkinsonian symptoms. So we are going to send that also to men.
Speaker 0 00:52:12 Yes, ALS work. Um, anybody with those requests are in this. So we're doing the, um, dong circuit
Speaker 2 00:52:25 Relation up the SCMS up. We want to bring this back to the brainstem open basil or artery basil ganglia stimulate the dopamine on the brainstem Beal nine, GD 17. We opened sky window. We opened that into the circle of Willis. We have multiple access points to the circle of Willis. Let's open the triple warmer 16, 17 metabolism GV 22, 23, the talent and the gross growth hormone. We balance. We open the motor association sensory back across the top of the head, be all six to eight open GV 21 to 19, back to 17 back to be all nine on the brainstem. So we're opening the, um, nerve pathways. We can open facial nerves on the neocortex loop, as well as opening all the tendons muscles ligaments back to GB, 12 GB, 12 down the spinal artery, C one to 71 to 12 L one to five S one to five. We open up all the spinal nerves. We open up the shoulders, C5 six and seven to the brachial, plexus down through the owner radio medial nerves to the hands fingers. Also open the long thoracic from there to the diaphragm, with the phrenic on the front to the diaphragm as well. <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:53:56 Um,
Speaker 2 00:53:59 We're, Parkinsonians, let's take the T seven down into the hips, into the psychiatric Prudential behind the knees to the ankles again, down the front, through the chest, clearing inflammation again, bring it down to the hips, bring it down the legs, open up the knees. So we're opening up joints for flexibility, for mobility. We're opening up nerve pathways all the way to the feet where we ground at liver three and kidney one.
Speaker 0 00:54:33 Okay.
Speaker 2 00:54:35 Jean healthy limb. After that, we're doing healthy breast. Um, Cynthia, we're doing Cynthia.
Speaker 0 00:54:43 Yeah, yeah,
Speaker 2 00:54:47 Yeah. That's a really good idea to put that in the garage for Dez.
Speaker 0 00:54:53 Yeah.
Speaker 2 00:54:53 Stanley and Coco are 16. Yeah. I'll yeah, yeah, yeah. No, Iris didn't really well for a long time after that. And then she, you know, just kind of went with old age, but really honestly, I think her heart just broke. I think she couldn't stand watching Pat anymore. She just couldn't
Speaker 0 00:55:13 Doored Hill. So
Speaker 2 00:55:19 Anyways animals, I'm thinking about getting a cat. My sister has a stray that comes to her garage. Who's who's what she's talking about there. Um, so anyways, let's do
Speaker 0 00:55:33 Lim. There was a reason I went back there. I don't want to go back there a second and go back and see my reason for going back. Um, yeah, no, that was a wicked early request that nobody's there. Okay. So, um, so we did perfect blood. We did trauma
Speaker 2 00:55:57 Parkinsonian. We're doing live for Jane and anybody else working on FOMA. So let's send it to berberine and Lorraine on the West coast. Both are in California.
Speaker 0 00:56:07 Yeah, let's do that.
Speaker 2 00:56:11 See one, two, three, one, two, three Oh one, two three S one two, three.
Speaker 0 00:56:18 And I
Speaker 2 00:56:18 Do those points. I always see Tom cause he likes to do those all for although 80, he shortened it triple warmer. 16, 17. Now it's the metabolism detox. The system open up GB 22, open up GV 23 growth hormone. <inaudible> down the endocrine system, take a teaming. Fluid balances us. Actually, we just lift out the brain STEM. Let's get the brain STEM brain STEM cells. He rang helps balance the fluid GB 12 opens the neck and shoulders. We can actually do the whole occipital Ridge GB, 12 C5, six 76 with phrenic LA 17, CB 17. So we're opening the diaphragm opening the T3 kidney 25 lymphatics front and back sympathetic parasympathetic again, T one, two, three, four, and seven anti inflammatory kidney 27, 26, 25, 24, 21. Clear the inflammation take T seven down, open up Prudential LS, two through five behind knees to the ankles.
Speaker 2 00:57:43 We go out the front deck. Let's take the Vegas down through the chest right down to the ouch point. Open the poodle stomach, 30 liver, 12 spleen, 12 ouch point. Bring it down the legs down through the spleen Meridian for the lymphatics and the circulation all the way to the feet, focusing on the right or gene down to liver three back up. So we want to bring the lymphatic fluid back up below the knees where recharging, opening pelvic bowl again, which also goes back to that ouch point in the groin area. Bring it through the, um, lower dantien the middle warmers, the heart center, back to the thoracic duct and to the feet liver three kidney one, we're doing healthy breasts next for the breast cancer. After that, we're going to do Cynthia Marie Patrice, we got your vocal chords. We're doing Bruce's lung. We got Ken CLL. We got the MLS. We're doing Casey's wife's um, breast also. We got the ms for, um, Janice. Okay. So we're doing breast then we're doing genital was cervix and skin and we're doing along. Okay. So here we go for breaths. Triple warmer. Again, 16, 17 GB 2223, bill six and they're Crenn brain STEM cells beyond nine GV 17 occipital Ridge GB 12 C5, C6 seven long thoracic, but also to wimp and breast to TSX phrenic. <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:59:40 where oxygenating grelin is at T six. We also want to open kidney 22 for grelin and metabolism. So we have the key for kidney 24 for the breast. We also want to open C6 seven. Let's send this to Kathy as well to send it to the bone, send it to the liver at T nine, send it to, um, the pelvic bowl, the ouch points for the bone, send it to the brain STEM the cranial nerves to the throat for Marie Patrice again, back in front. So we're opening the immunes, the limp, the lungs, the airways, the breast, the ground, both back and front. The immunes the T cells, the B cells as well, healthy, balanced immune function to clear out any, um, abnormal cells before they become a problem. Open up all the way down to the feet where we ground liver, three kidney one, Cynthia, triple warmer, 16, 17 GV 2223 P L six, opening brain STEM cells beyond nine GB, 17 occipital Ridge to GB 12 to C5 six, seven, and phrenic nerve Elyse 17 down to the diaphragm T six, kidney 22 and CV 17.
Speaker 2 01:01:30 So back front, grelin take it to T four, kidney 24 skin also good again for anybody working breasts, same points. Um, take it back to the top of the head. GV 2223, B L six. Again, endocrine brainstem, GB 12, open up T seven. Bring it down. S two, sorry. L two S three whole lumbosacral open up the poodle to the pelvic floor behind the knees, down to the ankles. Again, we go out the frantic. What's get the Vegas back through the chest, back to that skin point on kidney 24, but we're bringing it down. Let's open up the kidney. 15 kidney
Speaker 0 01:02:20 Nine CVC CV, four, open up the stomach, 25 to 30, the Prudential nerve
Speaker 2 01:02:35 To the pelvic floor and the pelvic organs.
Speaker 0 01:02:40 Bring it down to the knees, to the ankles, to the feet and out through the soles where we ground it. Liver three and kidney one. Okay. Um, lung cancer, I believe, I believe that's it. So let's see. So we're going to do lung cancer next. Okay. So Bruce, here we go. Purple warm or 16, 1722,
Speaker 2 01:03:38 23. Also endorphins for pain
Speaker 0 01:03:43 As well.
Speaker 2 01:03:43 Was the metabolism clear and unhealthy? So
Speaker 0 01:03:47 Balance the growth hormone open GV 23, bring it to B L six K. Get back right
Speaker 2 01:03:55 Across the top of the head. The balance balance, the brain STEM respiratory and cardiac center. So respiratory for the lungs open long one line
Speaker 0 01:04:05 To open occipital Ridge GB 12, take it back again.
Speaker 2 01:04:14 STEM cells, occipital Ridge TB, 12 C5, six, seven T six, diaphragm, T1, T2 T3 <inaudible> airways, limb diaphragm, opening,
Speaker 0 01:04:27 Phrenic, diaphragm,
Speaker 2 01:04:30 Upper kidney, Meridian, lungs, airways, limp, clear inflammation, open C5, six and seven open and bring it into the shoe.
Speaker 0 01:04:37 Shoulders, right shoulder left hip for Bruce, but we're opening up both. So we're opening the shoulders, opening chef's front, and that brings it
Speaker 2 01:04:53 Time. Did the hips, which your ouch points again, sending through the site attic at all for the <inaudible> five, nine, the knees behind the ankles, bringing it front now, kidney Meridian. Um, again, the lungs, the airways were open
Speaker 0 01:05:10 Putting up the shoulders. We're opening up down to the,
Speaker 2 01:05:13 The hips, taking it down the legs all the way to the feet where
Speaker 0 01:05:18 We ground that liver three, like kidney one. So we are sending cheese to everybody. So all of us in the collective, we just want to relax ground with gratitude, to Tom, who I look forward to seeing tomorrow down to one day a week. So by the time, my one day a week comes up really antsy to get back to the office and see what Tom was up to. That's what we all want to relax. If we have anybody we want to include, we can think about them now and bring them into the collective if we have their permission. So we never work on people unless they say we can work on them. Families are always DNA connected. So they're getting it really, whether they say we can or not, they just receive because DNA and Kangols energy running down through the soles, still open up all the blockages. One last time that can turn to the three.
Speaker 0 01:07:09 My arms are tingling like Curry and see, okay. Maybe cause I'm wearing this on my wrist. This one was richest. So we had, we put one of the new lenses on one of the old things. If anybody remembers the old, um, B whatever, they were the, um, radar absorbing materials. So have one of those. It's got a couple of cracked disc on it, which happened, seemed like when they really filled up with energy, the little things would crack. But anyways, I have an old one and had been wearing that instead of my ice pack. My wrist is so much better. I really think the calcium, M a D K in the clip made a massive difference anyways. Um, everybody have a great weekend. Thank you for being here. I will see you Tuesday morning at eight 30. I might see some of you in Quinsy tomorrow and enjoy the day the sun's coming out here in Maine. And it's warm again for November.
Speaker 2 01:08:16 So take this time as the gift that it is and take care of yourselves and try not to stress out and worry. And I would still recommend staying away from the TV if you can. So have a great day. Thanks so much, everybody. Bye.

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