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0081 - Kathy Wilson, Bumping Your Energy and Immune System - 2020-11-05

Tong Ren Podcast
0081 - Kathy Wilson, Bumping Your Energy and Immune System - 2020-11-05

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Uh, moving energy through the body, uh, going to be working on a Todd and it'd be working on now on basically two skidding things moving for you, increasing your energy, working your immune system. So we're going to do the whole ball of wax. And if you want to just hang on, I have to get another doll. Okay. Okay. My, my apologies there, who haven't got a new doll and left in the kitchen. All right. So, uh, these ones need repairing tapping metal on plastically can see the issue here. All right. So our intention for today is for everybody connected to this call, people that you, which would be people you bring in, uh, it would be people I brought in people coming in and replay, um, people that are thinking about this call that maybe aren't physically listening right now. So our intention for all of this is to increase energy, uh, decrease, fatigue, uh, support and normalize the body's immune system, normalized lung function, bronc heal, bronchial tube functions, um, circulatory system, all of the systems, uh, and to eliminate any non-beneficial forms of bacteria viruses, Funguses molds balance.
Speaker 0 00:02:08 Our emotions specifically we're opening blockages, which are causing any dis-ease, uh, either known or unknown, uh, known or unknown in from any of our energy fields, whether it's mind, whether it's body, whether it's spirit. So we've got big plans for today. So before we actually start the tapping, I'd like to take a moment to ground and center ourselves amongst all the confusion that's happening. So take a deep breath hold. If he can breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, just relax. Ground yourself down into the energies of the earth. Connect your sharp, focus on your breath to help relax. You start off by doing the common points.
Speaker 0 00:03:22 A lot of excitement over the last couple of days, no decision has been made. A decision has been made, and there'll be a lot of stuff kicked up. So we need to kind of get ourselves just grounded, do what we can do the emotional points to start off, to get everybody relaxed. So this is where you need to work on self-care. If you're stressed out about things, try not to keep watching the TV, reading Facebook, just do what feels right for you. The angel points right now. So your job is to relax. Get out of your head, let your body do what it knows what to do. And that is the function still working the points. The common points.
Speaker 0 00:06:01 The expression is may you live in interesting times that we live in interesting times, the common points. This isn't a common point, but a number of you are carrying stress in your dummies. There's no secrets that they're still working. The calming points coming down the spine spinal arteries to a couple of swipes the spine here. Just opening up those arteries, carrying that beautiful, beautiful red coming down again on the left side, just loosening any tight muscles, anything that's impacting the spine, whether it's the nervous system pushing home, the blood vessels don't care. We're just opening it all up. I mean, down the right side, same thing coming down again for the muscles. We're going to go in deep, the deeper muscles can't scratch.
Speaker 0 00:08:54 You've got little back in a little bit in long number. You've got back pain. So let's just do that as well. A on the spine, back pain as well, stretching up the lower back here, lower back or back strip. Each one. The vertebrate is getting them to snub blocks, dancing spines, and bringing the energy out from the spine to the lower backs. This wasn't on my agenda, but I can be distracted. Okay. Auto immune here pumping up the auto immune system going to go up to the head again. So what is it? If you've got depression, sadness, you know, just, it just like, remember pig pen and Charlie Brown.
Speaker 0 00:11:16 He'd have that cloud over his head. He'd walk around. There'd be this cloud over a month. Dustin dirt. So how do we remove that for people? I don't know if this will work or not, but the score we're looking at removing just depression or moving the, you know, the world shits on me removing, you know, I don't deserve it. Let's just get that out of all of the way. Getting rid of that always happens to me. What does it have happened to anybody else get rid of that energy from you? Give it an excellent point. Okay. So we're going to ask, so why not send it out?
Speaker 0 00:12:43 I don't know if this'll work common point should we're sending all this depression, all this cloud, that's hanging over you, all this feeling of hopelessness. We're sending it out to the ground shock. We're not going to let it drift off because these are energies. We don't want to keep her out nor do we want to pass them on to anybody else. All we're going to just put it in our Taurus, which is our energetic disposal bin request that this energy be taken wherever it needs to go be transformed, transmuted, whatever feels right. Don't be a puppy stealer by Emma.
Speaker 0 00:14:10 Somebody has stolen her away. Okay. And what's gonna reset. I don't know if this is possible. I'm making it up as I go. So we're just gonna reset your brain. It might work. Might not love to hear some feedback if it does. Okay. So we're resetting the frequency of hope. Hope is a powerful, powerful healing tool where you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's something you can hang on to in moments when it seems like there's nothing else hope is that stepping stone as you're crossing a raging river, or you're stepping on one rock and then you're stepping on another hope is finding footing.
Speaker 0 00:15:20 Hope is a voice. When you know, you're in shock from a trauma and you hear a voice and it comes in, it says, it's okay. It's going to be, you're going to be all right. So we're resetting your brain to hear the frequency of hope and maybe even be the frequency of hope for someone else. This when you're sitting there and you feel a touch on your shoulder, you know, everything's going to be all right. Okay, here we go. Okay, next 12. We're going to take your head in your heart and we're going to connect the two. And this is the longest journey from your head to your heart.
Speaker 0 00:16:24 Make sure the energetic connection is open. Let's see where it is and heart today. It's a two way street connecting your head and heart. Okay. So back to the auto immune system, the auto immune system T one is a little mushy. Let's get it open, properly. Looks good. Someone that's supporting Oregon, looking at the lymph system, we can do a lymph system run and that isn't going to come up the legs. Let's take a little journey up the legs. We're tapping the lymph system, giving the legs, some strength, getting the limp flow, going, hitting any of the points along the way. No achy that are holding, holding bits of things. Been released, shoving all the waste. I'm just moving it along, coming up the side of the body sides, coming up, the arms side of the arms we're coming up at. Let's just do a little stop and feel.
Speaker 0 00:18:42 I can't I'll keep going until I see your tank, sir. Still go on here. The gas tank, uh, complaints I have when I fill up my gas tank is they've taken out the little lever. It has a little little lever inside that you can turn it, turn it on. And then the lever will stay and stay on. So you don't actually have to hold the nozzle. You can just leave it in. And the tank and the gas keeps filling up and then stops some of the, some of the companies I've taken that off. And you have to stand there holding it. Yeah. That's one of my, if I remember service station has the automatic, where do you think you can use a little flip thing? Oh, it's cold.
Speaker 0 00:20:14 I use those service stations still laugh at my mom because she, you know, when they started self, she just wasn't into it. So we used to tease her all the time. It won't be the only gas she used was we serve like Brianne two views. Okay. So filling your gas tanks here. You're almost done. There's about, or that aren't finished yet. So that's all right. We're not going to leave you high and dry down to two, down to one now. Okay. Let's go. That's right. You were pretty, you were my we'll run it on empty. A little light, a little light was going that the little bell.
Speaker 0 00:21:32 Gotcha. Great. So CV, Meridian start over and we're still working the lymph system. We just caught a little bit delayed on the energy coming up, the CBM ready Meridian. Following the lymph glands up the neck, around to the back where they come into the hand and then back down again. Let's dream quest is waste disposal from the body. Be done with ease and with grace, as quick as you can handle it, you don't want to detox too fast. Cause could cause more pain or don't watch it one too fast. Okay? Tapping the Brown fat Brown fat.
Speaker 0 00:22:51 You don't have much of it, but that's fine. We can find it Brown fat. So this is helps metabolism. We haven't done the exosomes yet. So here we go. These guys are unsung heroes. They do a lot of stuff. Work on weight, disposal, blood flow. They work on pretty well. All aspects of the body. Alexa, just relax. Let the chief flow. You don't have to know much. You see where we're going now? Okay. Let's do the metabolism, the Brown fat pump up the cardiovascular system. Now let your body do what it does. You might feel activity in areas. I'm not even tapping, but I could be feeling nothing. Just let it flow. Whatever it is.
Speaker 0 00:25:29 We're all different. I mean, we have the same kind of bodies. We've got same kind of working parts. Some of us are forward. Some of us are shift. Some of us are task flows. You know, we all look differently in skin color. As the dog leaf has returned. It's kind of fun. She sits with you. She'll actually curl up. We're working on metabolism. Let's get the cardiovascular system sorted here. Any blockages around the heart area, tapping away. We're on the heart rate. Now onto the lungs. Actually let's do the phrenic nerve and the oxygen moving along the long phrenic nerve down to the diaphragm.
Speaker 0 00:27:36 Part of it is hope. Other parts of it is finding your determination. You don't get it to your push to the wall. I'm not doing that. I'm better than that. So I need to find your determination or your passion here, your forward motion. Somebody was talking to me yesterday. Look, I haven't watched the YouTube videos, but there's a guy make sausages and he's passionate about sausages. He makes about anything. So currently he even made one out of a McDonald's hamburger and then he evaluates how good they are. Yeah. So here we all have our passions. So there's two guys in Norway, Arnie and Carlos who are knitters. And Oh my gosh. They're so funny. I think they live together. I've got wild hair. The two of them, you have these videos up that are, you can see how passionate they are about, you know, home, home decorating and knitting and making pillows. So it's so nice to find people with passion. Doesn't matter what it is. What's your passion.
Speaker 0 00:29:18 Can you just bring energy out to the spleen? And the liver here seems a little heavy on the, on the left side for lack it anyway. There's no secrets out there cause you can just, it's all in the energy field. You can tell if somebody's add it, you can tell whether it vibrates for you. You can tell whether it's, you know, whether it's LA a lie can tell until pretty well. Anything. It's all in the energy field, all in the collective, there are no loose. That's not going to stay. It looks like this is an old one here. I'm actually on just one person. That's fun. That's an old one.
Speaker 0 00:30:24 Just old energy that hasn't been moving. Okay. So back to where we were on to the lungs, now that would limit between requests. Yeah. This is a time where you just move through everything. So optimizing the lungs, just tapping the lungs themselves and just bringing energy in through the spine and then back to tapping the lungs themselves, or just getting rid of anything that's stuck in there. And again, it's so important you breathe. And some of you probably have just been breathing high for a while in particularly if you're, if you're not well or you're afraid you tend to pull your breath in.
Speaker 0 00:31:34 It's good to be expansive. Okay. You may find you're coughing a bit after this, so don't worry. Cause it's just stuff coming up under the throat now onto the throat throat. Let's just get that throat chakra open intuition here. Just kind of roll just in front of the front throat chakra here. It's going to roll this and just pull some crap out. This is just dead energies kind of further back here. Let me get that all out. It's sort of in the mid part, let's just see what lap from the backs will shift all that up. That'll work.
Speaker 0 00:33:16 Let's click. We're getting this big lump coming out of energy, just coming out of the throat shock total on the stubborn side, it's pretty well loose except for the top part like that. We got it. It and it's clear that field stick in it again. We're just gonna message. Thanks the cats. Leave her on free. We didn't have all the noise coming out. Our Taurus garbage disposal, just going to put some energy back in just healing energy. Universal love, always put universal in love. If I can't think of anything else being told to support the next, which is support your neck here or support your brain.
Speaker 0 00:35:17 So we're looking at the eyes here of nose and throat, a little backwards on that. Just basically tap the area and then we'll come in, pull it back to the spine eyes. First sinus, we won't forget that new gland behind the nose. I have discovered I'll have to check. So the name of it is on a shake. They're tapping that whole sinus system, okay. Onto the years, happy new year, some sell. So we're just sending the vibration right from the point of the ashy point, back to the spine. Okay. Reinforcing the neck sky window, optimizing blood to the brain. Opening any blockages that are impeding blood flow, nerve communication, muscle movement.
Speaker 0 00:36:51 Same on the other side, it's going to balance the head energetically there. Those I want any other, it looks like, you know, when babies come out, naturally they have lumps, you know, from their head when he had come of these big energy lumps there and the balance, the energy here, that throat chakra looks good. I'm quite happy with that. All right. Where are we now? So we did the medulla. We've done the control center. We've done the lungs within the heart. Um, we've done the immune system. Let's just do the blood supply, the bone marrow white blood cells, red blood cells, or looking at the health of them, bringing energy into the area, setting the intention for optimize cells. Also set an intention for the right numbers. And we'll also look at the bioelectricity of the cells, go down the spine. For that case, we need the cells to have sort of an electrical charge where they stay apart should have a lot of space in your body. Hard to believe we need the cells to be appropriate distance apart from each other.
Speaker 0 00:38:37 So we're looking at the electrical charge. We're looking at plasticity, we're looking at the membranes cell membranes, just lithium normalizing all of that or optimizing it to best function. I'm wondering how far to go down the spine and I hear keep going, keep going. Okay. Kelly telling me to go to the end of the tail. You guys don't have tails. It must be terrible. Okay. So we've done the for him. What else do we want to do here? Okay. So let's look at inflammation now. Ultimately the party doesn't work like this, the little tiny blocks of this or that our focus is good to be. These are working on inflammation, whether it's arthritis, whether it's sore somewhere chronic or not, chronic does matter. Still address it the same way.
Speaker 0 00:40:32 So how does this work? And I wonder that too, but I got his, his work. Uh, so sometimes, um, you might feel things right away. So release wide right away. Sometimes it'll just be a bit at a time. So just be patient with, with yourself. Remember this is a year of self care. What comes up for 2021. But here, when you need to focus on, on yourself, it feels like a lot of you have been sort of running a race and you just haven't had a breather and now you've been at it for so long, no praise from the sidelines.
Speaker 0 00:41:22 You kind of stepped up and taken more than your share of the load. And you're tired now you're tired. So we're looking at Jack here. You're still, you're tired and you're still kind of not done yet if you know what I mean. Okay. So we're looking at ADH run. Now this is to bump up to, as we get, as we go along, the cells keep reproducing themselves. And often the Morris that's with clones. The more they reproduce some minutes, they're not as effective Madeline age syndrome here. So it's just changes happened at press. We're not that keen on.
Speaker 0 00:42:47 Most of the focus is on the head here, flushing the kidneys. I mean the hormones plumping the hormones. Okay. Optimizing blood to the brain. We did this already, but let's do it again. Um, you charging, let's just do some more energy. I did the lower daunting, but lots of do the upper. Yeah. You know yourself, how much you've worked tired. You are or not speed jump and be kind to yourself, do what you need to do to, to rest up and let yourselves recover. You don't have the bounce back. We did a little kid themselves the next day. The cut's pretty much gone. When you get older, you cut yourself two weeks. Your lady that's still there.
Speaker 0 00:44:42 So we're bumping up our energy to get things, to move along a little quicker, still work in the daunting, middle one. Now energy until the heart, the lungs, that whole area to tap the brain now. And this is for memory. It's also for letting go of stuff that isn't important anymore. You know, the thing, people that have done your role home, people, people that are on your S H I T list. When I first started into business with my, I was on my dad's construction business and I ended up there. Right? Anyway, they think they're pretty mean. And in construction they do some pretty dirty things. So I started this shit list of people who had wronged me who'd stolen jobs or whatever. I had it in my head. I didn't actually write it down, but I had this shit list. You know, if I ran it across that person again, I was going to run anyway. I was going to stick it to him. You know?
Speaker 0 00:46:15 So, uh, anyway that I, I noticed, wait a minute, here. It was this though. I didn't have to do anything because the universe seemed to sort the boat. So somebody would have, you know, stepped on my toe in a matter of speaking. And then all of a sudden I'd read that. Well, they were up for fraud or, or, uh, they, they done this and they were in an insurance claim or I don't want to do anything. That's what my first aha is. As I realized the universe kind of car was a wonderful thing, that things get sorted out and you don't need to be actively involved in them anyway. So I kind of stopped keeping the list anymore.
Speaker 0 00:47:03 We need to. So what we're tapping right now are these points to kind of let it go. In other words, just realize it's not about you setting intention. So your path is clear. You're working with more honest, pure work. With honest people, people that vibrate with you and are there to support you. And that you don't have to hold a grudge. You don't have to be angry, be in despair. That you've been hard done by no, well at work. Well, I think so. She all roles. Okay. And last one is forgiving yourself. So somebody's done you wrong, or you need to forgive yourself for putting yourself in their shoes.
Speaker 0 00:48:11 You need to forgive yourself for whatever's making you feel bad, heavy duty. Just we seem to get here. This we're disconnecting you from all this stuff he lives through. You don't have to live through it again. You don't have to pay him back. You just need to forgive yourself. I don't need to be making management's incentive your forgiveness because when you forgive themselves, it's up to them to forgive themselves and sort themselves out. Not you. Oh, you're Joel. Okay, here we go. So we're going to balance everybody out now. I would, again, yeah, the energy's moving nicely. Right? Happy with that.
Speaker 0 00:49:14 Grounding everyone down to their eighth chakra center, the earth, or when I was going to give you a little, a little boost up your hit up. So we're going to tap the bar. Your feet are going to send energy. Let me give you a little tickle, a little electrical charge on my mental list to do I have to make a mental note. Nope. You can make sure you do kidney. What else? We're just sending somebody a may feel a lot of Heath here. It's kind of cool. Let's just do that dog eat appropriately. Okay. All right. So let's look at everybody's energy fields are just going to clean your field. I'm going to do it pretty fast. So I'll just quickly cleaning field.
Speaker 0 00:50:21 Gotcha. Grounded. Make sure your shockers Searle lined up looking good. I don't know what I meant. I'm adjusting your, um, your balance, I guess. Yeah. Hey, you got your field clean. All right. So let's just take a blanket again. Some of you may still have your some last time, but take a nice warm blanket. It's full of energy. It's an energetic blanket. We're going to pull it over everyone. So you can wrap it around you if you want. Or some of us just like to be able to wiggle and be loose. And it's going to keep the healing process going, okay. Can pull it over your head. Cause you can breathe. And last but not least says, look at everybody's bubbles of protection and look at the programming for them. Frequency of them. <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:51:46 okay. So what we're going to do just we've done this before, but we're may start in your heart chakra, like right in your heart. And we're just going to push energy out from your heart. And we're going to push into our, sending the intention. We're going to push non-beneficial energies that are draining you. So we're going to start with your heart shock or we're going to just push the energies out in a ball, just straight from your heart shocker. So it's just going to expand out like out and they're going to push it past the bubble. <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:52:23 one of these times you see better with your eyes closed. Dave is pushing the bubble out, out out. It's going to clear some muck for ya. There we go. And anything outside again, we're just going to put it in her little, a garbage disposal. Okay? Okay. So I think you're all locked and loaded there. So thank you for being with me today. It's it's my pleasure. And uh, I'm back tomorrow at, uh, at five o'clock and I'll be taking requests do go on the other calls other in replay or, or the podcast. You can go on them as well and just get the benefit of all these cheese and all this blockage opening that's going on. So we'll see you all soon. Have a great day and be well, bye.

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