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0079 - Janice Goldman, Emotional Healing - 2020-11-04

Tong Ren Podcast
0079 - Janice Goldman, Emotional Healing - 2020-11-04

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 The tree every times. Oh my God. I told her I should do. And then I see that. Oh my God. Oh my God. Yeah, I know. But he's challenging it from this challenging. It, he wants it overturned in court. That's what I read. And then,
Speaker 1 00:00:39 Oh really?
Speaker 0 00:00:45 Yeah. Kept me awake all night because he did his little spouting off the button in the middle of the night. I don't know the 2:00 AM. Oh, I couldn't get Oh, with this. He actually sounded like he was kind of out of breath. I was listening on the radio. Really? I thought he was, um, it looked to me like he was just trying to be alien beings.
Speaker 1 00:01:18 It's up to two in each 20. Uh, he needs 20. Is that the, is that the two 48? Alright. Yeah. <inaudible> California yet. I don't think so. But once they, once, once they do Pennsylvania and all those democratic votes that come again, it's by, by fan. Oh, he's definitely going to fight it.
Speaker 0 00:01:51 He already is. Anyway, we get a start on time because we're going to leave on time and it may be just us chickens. It's such a beautiful day outside and it's posted, I think it was last for people now. <inaudible> I think last night was the least amount of sleep I've ever had. You know how you just know things. I just, I believe that Biden was gonna sneak through, but since no one else is here with a serious condition, You two can share this. You can put one <inaudible> so, you know, as starting a class back there. No, no Rawkus okay. No, no. Rawkus Yeah. Emotions. Um,
Speaker 2 00:03:12 <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:03:21 So we're going to start now or like one minute early, but we're just eager beavers here. So,
Speaker 2 00:03:32 Um, very
Speaker 0 00:03:34 Small intimate class today. We will start with feet together and step out with the right foot knees, slightly bent arms, a few inches from the body in front of the body tongue on the upper palate. Shoulders dropped allowing yourself to stretch to the sky from the back way. And that immediately extends the lower back the sacrum. And we'll just settle in here, allowing the election chaos to go away. Yeah. Recede, recede to the background and we'd bring ourselves to the forefront. I know I had some emails from people like Karen, really needing some calming. So it's a lot closer than we expected, but it does look like buy one or we'll win both the popular vote and the electoral college. So again, let that reseed and we focus on here and now really connecting with the earth. I feel a lot of chili in here today. Wow. My palms are burning. So palms up arms, slight bend at the elbow shoulder height, allow them to turn and softly slowly drop through the textured space. Again, as we cultivate the cheek, We are supporting the energy in our personal field
Speaker 2 00:05:57 And it isn't tingling,
Speaker 0 00:06:01 Extending the field outward even to those online and, uh, especially because it is in our intention to bring right to left arm, straight out to support the collective. We cross it piece six
Speaker 2 00:06:21 P eight, bring the arm around, wait, do that again.
Speaker 0 00:06:29 From the brachial plexus, retracting this arm, bringing the other around, like we have another dance part
Speaker 2 00:06:42 Right to the left
Speaker 0 00:06:46 Track,
Speaker 2 00:06:52 Left to the right.
Speaker 0 00:07:01 Let's do this one more time. So for those who are up all night or find their circular thinking,
Speaker 2 00:07:13 Worried,
Speaker 0 00:07:15 Bring that energy down from the head, across the pumps, through the fingertips, and then come back to ground, Allowing the energy to move from the head to the feet, with the tongue. Then the upper palate. We bring this circularity to our movement of cheese. As we rest between heaven and earth, we draw from the qualities of the heavens and the earth.
Speaker 2 00:07:54 We need
Speaker 0 00:07:54 Expansion and safety.
Speaker 2 00:07:59 We
Speaker 0 00:07:59 Move between expansion and safety,
Speaker 2 00:08:04 Right?
Speaker 0 00:08:04 Palm below the lower dantian left above CD. 17 top hand scans down bottom comes around in Archie ball. And if you want, I'm bringing mine up to the third night. You just feel that I want to strengthen the longer view, a sense of optimism as we watch the results behind those results. What we have seen is huge,
Speaker 2 00:08:53 Uh, intensity
Speaker 0 00:08:56 Or expansion of social movements, working on the ground, coming down to see these six for lower, dantian sending the energy and point of integration. We integrate at all of the dantians, but especially lower dantian supporting digestive tract, engaging with the anterior nerve. Sending signals up to the heart, to the hypothalamus, Neil Glenn,
Speaker 2 00:09:37 And back down
Speaker 0 00:09:44 Energy from Dorrance
Speaker 2 00:09:51 For patients.
Speaker 0 00:09:56 So notice that in this exercise, we're supporting integration, not polarization, right? So what we can bring about for ourselves within ourselves, we'll have spillover effect to society. To people were close to. We allow the hands to fall and we close, extending out to the side fingertips in following Autonomic, nerve down once and twice opening the Vegas
Speaker 2 00:10:43 I'm last time
Speaker 0 00:10:50 And sealing the energy. And thank you.
Speaker 2 00:11:02 Thank you. So
Speaker 0 00:11:07 There are no requests on line today.
Speaker 2 00:11:15 Whenever
Speaker 0 00:11:16 See that I take that as a message. You know what to do Janice, but I can't say that. That's always true. I really love to hear from you, but we will start by bringing everyone into congruence, calm everyone down.
Speaker 0 00:12:06 So she'll be 13, 14 GB eight. So, uh, moving from the prefrontal cortex to the hippocampus, the insular to I'm sorry, the medulla to the insular, both sides. Very nice to go from pre-frontal to hippocampus. We open the turbo carotid arteries up to cranium eight open throat. This is also good for Hashimoto's on graves, opening up a trapezius to be on nine B L six, seven eight association, motor sensory cortex, upper trapezius down through thoracic 12, opening hard T five to six high diaphragm deltoid scaling. We opened the musculature to C5 the long thoracic triple one, right? 20 Thai yang in Tang. So working all of the latest trauma points GV 24, 2322 B L one Tiger gang. Again, the tibial smooth to the subclavian around aortic arch back up tying L 21 L I 21, 20 bringing as we bring support to the sinus cavity also deepen the breath, breathe really into that diaphragm parotid deeming cranial eight 11 seven, ally 17, 18 down the Vegas, B L nine. Again, spinal artery T one through seven. Want to support everyone's immune T 11, 12 serotonin oxytocin balancing hormone GV 2223, two two for that, for the cortisol. So we want to balance engagement with calming long one long to coming down again. I dunno my nervous system, the liver Meridian liver, eight liver, 10 kidney, one liver, three bladder, 54, reflecting back T five T six, CV 17 CV six, four, two.
Speaker 2 00:15:32 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:15:39 And let's move into some of the requests. So procrastination and stress and worry, and those can all be related.
Speaker 0 00:15:54 Often stress and worry can interfere with our engagement. They're distracting. We can seek out distraction and it can throw us off at path or throw us off the track of what we really wish to achieve. So we want to engage prefrontal cortex BL one day executive brain, both sides, right to left the Corpus callosum, connecting to the hippocampus. So Corpus callosum and hippocampus also have relationship. If there's a lot of early trauma that can stunt the growth of the Corpus callosum, which brings together right and left brain. So again, we're talking about integration, integrated thinking. So it brings support to the hippocampus and to the Broca right brain. Yeah, six, seven, eight sensory association and motor cortex. The back of the hypothalamus relates to the lower thoracic. So it bringing connection between body, mind,
Speaker 2 00:17:30 Mark and grill
Speaker 0 00:17:33 Greater momentum to take action, supporting hype hypothet supporting hippocampus, right? We want to keep the memories in order, shall we say so they don't get triggered. Interrupt, interfere with what is truly present to us now, here and now we open the crown. We balance the hormones, Lung one, lung, two opening again, the Vegas, the phrenic and accessory phrenic coming down, gallbladder Meridian to gallbladder 34 39, again, supporting the immune. So really what you have in many ways is a mirror in the body from the bottom to the top. And we come down the full spinal.
Speaker 0 00:18:52 And again, the worry. So the whole government thing is what is coming across. And so there are going to be challenges to the results because Trump is Trump and we have had major failures of our institution, but I think the results are true and they will, we will, you know, people are mobilized to demonstrate and support of these results. So it's looking very good for Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania is very close to making it all, but the two 80 Mark. So in terms of an objective winner that I think we will have in Biden. So What remains before us is our challenge as citizens to engage, to make this a better place. So it just going to calm everyone down for today, really calm and calming
Speaker 2 00:20:03 <inaudible>.
Speaker 0 00:20:07 So we move hatred out and loving kindness in and we bring that down for grounding.
Speaker 2 00:20:15 <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:20:24 Okay. Michelle, what would you like?
Speaker 1 00:20:28 I didn't have two requests, but could we do one at a time? Okay. My first request is to really feel that sense of relief that shouldn't be there for me so that I can sleep tonight and going forward.
Speaker 0 00:20:44 Okay. So some of that is to objective reality, but for me, somehow I knew Biden would squeak by. Um, and I do think that the system isn't so corrupted that it won't uphold the results. So I do, um, I think people have been thinking about this and have been organizing around this. And so even though the courts have stacked, I don't think this is unexpected. Right. So there's been planning. So, you know, when the final counselor and I think it will favor Biden.
Speaker 1 00:21:42 No, but they said it's done about 12th was one. That was a long time. Hopefully.
Speaker 0 00:21:59 Yeah. Yeah. Well, it's not to say that the court cases aren't going to drag on. I'm not saying that, but I think that the country is going to be mobilized around. I mean, I can't promise you, there's not going to be any violence. I cannot, but you can't worry about that. We can't, there are right. There are things that really are out of our hands. So what we can, what we do have control over is our own personal integration, bringing us ourselves together, because I do believe that that has an impact in the world. I do believe, you know, we pick up on other people's vibes, that's the wave entanglement. So the more together we, right, the better able we are to entangle in a positive way. This is one of those, you know, humbling moments when we can't have control. So we have to let go of control. And I mean, what I have found when I had the flat tire yesterday, so many people came over to me to help. So then a lot of people in the world who want to help. So you need to remember that we all need to remember that. So what's the second,
Speaker 1 00:23:37 Well, the second one has to do with, with healing, with, um, visualizing healings of the virus and they do. And so that's an individual thing, but also healing of the society, the patients and society. So that those are people.
Speaker 0 00:23:54 Well, you're so good at seeing auras. Why don't you envision an aura for the world? Sounds nice. Right. That would encapsulate. That would hold we have until four 30. Oh, okay. That would encapsulate the world. I think that would be so healing. And you're so good at that.
Speaker 1 00:24:20 Okay. The ocean in the world.
Speaker 0 00:24:22 Yeah. Yeah. You know, so, so try close your eyes, go into third eye. Well help to open third eye and the Broca part of the brain and the limbic part of the brain. So that you're actually, you're communicating with our mammals right? At, uh, levels of sophistication from the whale to the human. And I'm not going to say which of those is more sophisticated, but I mean, what they say of whale, such an ancient creature holds so much wisdom, right? So much expressed in their sound. It's very ancient sounds and vocalization, but you're visual. So let's stay focused with the aura for the earth, for the world, open up your visual cortex, deepen your sight. Tying like 20, 21 in Tang, coming down full spinal through the bladder Meridian, the world needs healing. The earth needs healing. When you welcome healing, energies and power. And we bring back down from the third eye to kidney one liver, three grounding, beautiful request. Thank you, Richard.
Speaker 1 00:26:24 I dunno. Three pieces of stress I've seen gone away in the past day or so. Can I continue to relax
Speaker 0 00:26:37 Now? Can you
Speaker 1 00:26:40 Just do it?
Speaker 0 00:26:47 How's that those are lightning bolts. <inaudible> me his want, he said all that Richard, he's going to come in so hyper. We need to calm him down.
Speaker 2 00:27:02 Calm down. Yes. Yeah. Try to relax. Have a head. And guys
Speaker 0 00:27:08 Say,
Speaker 2 00:27:13 Can put that on to fall asleep. It's your fault.
Speaker 0 00:27:28 Okay. We have some cold water 13, right to left, really calm and calming BLC. A triple warmer 20 parotid. <inaudible>. We want to hydrate, hydrate, liquefy, liquefy so that you're floating, floating on the river lung one, lung two, opening the lungs, steepening the breath
Speaker 2 00:28:17 To the bile duct through the lungs.
Speaker 0 00:28:25 Calming the digestive tract, stomach liver pancreas, Thoracic eight through 1201 through five S one through five C one through seven opening lung thoracics C5, One lung two.
Speaker 2 00:28:55 See this 17 coming down,
Speaker 0 00:28:59 Bringing all that energy right down and grounded kidney one, liver three. Okay, Annie. Okay. Hi. How are you seeing, how are you doing? Um, I moved in, I haven't, I moved last Thursday. I have an impact or anything, or just procrastinate. Well, that was asked for earlier than I. One thing is a really big thing. So I don't think it is procrastination. I think you took really good time to integrate this, change, this shift, to acclimate to the new surroundings too, to get your energy back, to get through the election, which has been weighing on everyone to watch it. Right. It's okay. It was hard to watch, so,
Speaker 1 00:29:58 Right. So if it isn't procrastination, cause you did that.
Speaker 0 00:30:05 I think you are. I think, but now I, you committed to being there too.
Speaker 1 00:30:10 Yeah, no, I walked in today and I was like, Oh yeah, you're good.
Speaker 0 00:30:14 Okay. So can you get some help from someone to unpack and settle within the house to help? Why don't you, because I think, you know, this is a team project, You know? So I think, you know, the elections past, you've moved in, you're back to us getting back in the groove. Right. And so now I think the important challenge, your challenge is not Preston nation. I think it's to not do it yourself, to ask for help and make it a team effort.
Speaker 1 00:30:58 I didn't want to tie it to you in some, a better drive. I don't know. Yeah. I wanted to call you up one day.
Speaker 0 00:31:08 You should. I love that. Good news. And I think what I want to say is, um, you know, this is a new pattern for you because you give so much to so many people a year, one of the most giving people. I know. And so I think for valance, you need to get back. You need to ask you deserve it. You deserve help. And so we're opening the crown. We're bringing it down. Spinal artery. I don't think you've procrastinate, but opening CV 17, that's an old problem resolved. You've resolved that problem. Saving 17 CV, six 42 with bringing together mental, emotional, and physical and bringing that energy down and grounding kidney one, liver three, but ending on time today because I have to go retrieve my car and come back. So a grounding, grounding, grounding everyone, no additional requests. You may remain seated or stand and Moochie to close. Thank you all for coming on. Really pressed, really trust that there are objective results that will be supported and trust that our own arsenal integration is one way to help to settle that society. And that Michelle's aura for the world is going to do that us. So,
Speaker 2 00:33:14 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:33:20 Okay. So again, to close on time this week and we close, I think all of you for coming on, I hope it was soothing. Calming. I invite you to stay on for the five o'clock class.

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