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0077 - Tom Tam (Founder), Cancer Healing w/ Tong Ren

Tong Ren Podcast
0077 - Tom Tam (Founder), Cancer Healing w/ Tong Ren

Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, cancers, organ disorders, etc.  Welcome to the Tong Ren Podcast |

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About Tom Tam

Tom Tam is a writer, poet, and healer. Born in Tai Shan, China, he came to the United States in 1975 as a political refugee. Since 1982, he has been practicing acupuncture, Tai Chi, and Chi Gong healing with great success.

Tom Tam is a licensed acupuncturist in Massachusetts and has practiced acupuncture in Chinatown, Boston for 25 years. In 1984 Tom trained his students in acupuncture and Tui Na in the Boston area. In the ninety’s, Tom formed his own healing system, and wrote the Tom Tam Healing System (1995). Also he wrote a Chinese healing book, An Zhen – The Palpation diagnose (2005). This book combined the west and east medical knowledge and formed a new theory for the understanding and healing the difficulty disease.

For the last 25 years, Tom has been one of the foremost students of Master Gin Soon Chu, the fifth generation master of traditional Yang family Tai Chi Chuan, who is the descendent of Grandmaster Yang Shou Chong. Tom has taught Tai Chi Chuan for more than 20 years in the greater Boston area. Many of his Tai Chi students are teaching Tai Chi Chuan in America.

In 1987, Tom founded the Boston Chi Gong Center and began training students. The following year, he founded the Oriental Culture Institute and organized the Boston Chi Gong Delegation to China.

In 1988, Tom formed the Boston Chi Gong Delegation and traveled with 23 Tai Chi and Chi Gong students to China.

In 1989 Tom developed his own system for Chi Gong healing, and has trained many Chi Gong healers. In 1994, Tom developed the Tong Ren healing system, and brought a group of students to visit mainland China and Taiwan in order to share his Tong Ren healing method. In Guang Zhou Tradition Chinese Medical College, he demonstrated Tong Ren healing for weight loss, followed by a trip to Taipei to demonstrate Tong Ren’s benefit on leukemia.

In 1992 Tom visited China again, and performed the Tai Chi fast knife in Tai Yuan.

In 1994 he performed the Yang Family Tai Chi fast form in Taipei and won the gold medal. Now Tom is planning to finish his Tai Chi book, Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.
In 2001, the first Guinea Pig class was formed for treating cancer in Quincy, Massachusetts. Now the Guinea Pig class for healing has spread to many countries around the world.

In July of 2007, Fox News broadcasting produced a news segment based on Tong Ren Healing and the Guinea Pig class. Soon after, PBS requested permission to create a segment based on Tong Ren Healing and is currently making a program with the Guinea Pig class.

Tom continues to practice, teach students, and travel the world to share his dreams.


Speaker 0 00:00:00 <inaudible> no, who's sending mail on us, says <inaudible> out. He does the newsletter, so, yeah. Okay. Thank you. I wasn't sure. I mean, I haven't tried anything different. I don't think it is so many people here. I don't have <inaudible>. Hey, what do you want to go home? Whoa, what are you doing? You don't need me. Well, it's your choice. Yes. Thank you. You want me to get a piece of paper for you? See it there until Friday. I got, I had it on Sunday results. Right? Well, he feels strong to me. I, uh, I feel good. That's for sure. All right. I'm optimistic. Excellent. Let me get <inaudible> rolling. <inaudible> no results. Friday. Uh, Friday, Friday, somebody took my doll. Imagine that somebody took my dog. You put that dog there? Yeah, my doll and my Hamlet put it, put it there this morning and they took my dog and they put this one there we'll wait. <inaudible> somebody took my doll. Yeah, no news. Good news. So she took inspecting old, dirty the DVD for the whole day.
Speaker 1 00:05:58 He said he's going to send it to me.
Speaker 2 00:06:03 Uh, yes. Yes.
Speaker 1 00:06:07 I don't want to explain each one while it does. And I told them that guy X two is coming. I told him the guy likes to do is come in.
Speaker 2 00:06:19 Yeah, that's fine. And then
Speaker 0 00:06:23 Wow.
Speaker 2 00:06:32 On the M and M's no,
Speaker 0 00:06:37 No, <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:06:50 I'm talking right
Speaker 1 00:06:51 There. This box.
Speaker 2 00:06:55 This is,
Speaker 1 00:06:56 This is a different kind of
Speaker 2 00:06:57 Lemonade. I'm just looking in front of me. Wiser, wiser.
Speaker 0 00:07:04 Huh?
Speaker 2 00:07:10 <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:07:17 You come here to like expand your horizon.
Speaker 2 00:07:20 Yeah,
Speaker 0 00:07:34 He's right there in that corner. <inaudible> so Alan
Speaker 2 00:08:48 Knows. I already logged on
Speaker 0 00:08:58 <inaudible> class. <inaudible>
Speaker 3 00:09:42 I hear everything lost last year. 18 months old. No energy to cry either 18 months. No, this my husband needs to cry so much. Amy. She wasn't crying. I know.
Speaker 0 00:10:17 Changed your mind. <inaudible> cool. Cool. Cool. Sounds liberating to me. Let's take some temps. Point two 97. Oh, right here.
Speaker 3 00:11:45 The temperature himself. He has too hot. Yeah, because the air conditioner broke that same one. You know, we need someone facing it so you can take a walk, sir. No, I'll go back tonight. Um, yeah. I had my scan Sunday and the results Friday. So you'll go there by the fire water or by the M and M I don't know because that'd be, he does smell. Wow. Nah, we have a whole box. This is not M and M Smarties. So they call it the smiley from Kaitlin. So it's a pangolin and liver, but so they David's constantly the penguin, the liver and punch column. He said 80% that Pengelly too much trauma. Oh my God. Fantastic. But he tried to follow a tiny, it's a slide, but quick enough, I go, no thank you day, but good news here also from Canada. So it's not him. And then that comes to my Smarties, smiled and left the baby. And then she can have it, not the whole box. <inaudible>
Speaker 3 00:13:22 only the next one, but why is it? It's all for them. But whatever Neil is. So how many he had two years. Yeah, I've been here four years. Four years. And I'm still on duty. My on duty to go to work tonight. Well, because no one's there. Okay. A he has something that no India near the cheese, sometimes I still know chemo. So that is a pain to us. So we are over there. You guys paid us T K 12. So he thought that he was stopped. He said, you survived that, man. Hey, you're almost, <inaudible> almost, almost says that he puts it the vitamin K. You know what? That thing?
Speaker 3 00:14:34 Cause it's too excited. But the blood plasma is one <inaudible>. So that's why the maintain. So I don't know what they're saying. Right, exactly. Because I lost it. The, that price drop it down. Five things that really blood pressure dropped down easiest to later. Optimally helps if I case. Right? So when you saw for up the two major authors that I need to prep class, that drop. So they say you're hot, but the doctor on the medical staff and they tried to use the 90, over 62, they meant, because in my case and on the audits, they said they took those 2125. So you have the old news that you're doing good. So that the lungs and the brain, you use that new clip also. I don't know. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. So naughty boy, but you'll feel good. Alright. Is Bruce there? Lose the ride? So the left lung cancer, they need to be along. Okay. Let me <inaudible>. No. Okay. So not too bad. So now we are paying attention to the heart because the heart attacks more than the canes. So what can you do in the hot Saul for off my case? So when your arms are, you're all looking at on breast cancer got breast cancer and the mammogram all calcified also. So maybe you can give them these articles in that case or put on their mammogram. And I say the breast cancer has to be called.
Speaker 4 00:17:46 Who is that? Deepak? I forget. But I think she's a friend of M I D.
Speaker 3 00:17:55 Okay. Do you pop and neither one of you Parker. Yeah. So let me open the long one long too. But today we have another one pain blood and liver, 80% gone strong. What's her name? Dave is here. So he ends up <inaudible> no, no nothing here. All right. So we need to know what is on the mammogram, Kelsey Vacasa <inaudible> how are you feeling them? Can you tell because no time to talk to you, but you only put the one hour, one hour, right.
Speaker 4 00:19:12 Just today. And I felt one of the tumors, just, I could feel it where this, like, it was like a sensation now.
Speaker 3 00:19:27 It's okay. Yeah, because the thing that kills me, my case on the mammogram, because a lot of the mammogram, if the cares of vacation, then they can block it and may cause the cancer. But obviously your open one, you can move through it and not that way, but you can feel it something.
Speaker 4 00:19:45 Yeah. I felt like a tingle or something. Yeah.
Speaker 3 00:19:48 So disability interesting. The lady is, and you can check on the limbs, not see what happened.
Speaker 4 00:19:55 Do you want me to just leave it where it is?
Speaker 3 00:19:57 No, you can move around there. You know? So, because especially on the mammo, mammogram is a lot that kills calcium cause of my case. Right? So <inaudible> of course and all that area. We can try it also, but you are the first one. Let me try it on the mammogram. See what is going on, but you can feel the activity.
Speaker 4 00:20:25 Yeah, no,
Speaker 3 00:20:26 That's very interesting. Wow. All right. And then you from Germany?
Speaker 4 00:20:41 Well here.
Speaker 3 00:20:45 So basically we put more by the main. Okay. So now we have all our own, they call it the K lock. Normal came up, came up by the main K like the Coca Cola, Coca Cola. It takes off the rust rust, the same thing me by the main K at the calcification. So when they calculate case and then the province over and then the plot energy, every finger run. So obviously that's all that paid by the main cake. But I like it. Maybe you're not today. Let you take it home. Put it triple by the main case.
Speaker 2 00:21:37 Put it in a little.
Speaker 3 00:21:41 So you want to try it out after the class because the middle one increase. Why the main case see what happened.
Speaker 2 00:21:51 Yeah.
Speaker 3 00:21:52 Yeah. But we had talked to more money, right? Yeah. All right. Hey, I love you.
Speaker 2 00:21:58 Now. He asks for class three nights and detox or Lim <inaudible> and Alyson, Nisha Jean, um, and are on a grass.
Speaker 3 00:22:18 All right. So you're always a breath for me. I've been on the brainstem, the same thing, the calcium. So I'm going to be okay. Try. We tried everything. They tell us. Everybody tells you that the calcium, we can take calcium, calcium. <inaudible> I hope, yeah. I told you to write a book for My ankle. It's no good. No supplement, not supplement info. Right? So all that money does that cover covered by our supplement pill. Right? So how you feel now? Feel good. Still feel something. You can feel it <inaudible> <inaudible> the K. Okay. Awesome. So thank you so much. <inaudible> so, so <inaudible> how many people are on the internet today? All right. Is there any news? Is Elaine there? ID people over here named uterine cancer? All right. December. I know every year before the Christmas, she brought a lot that the white guy name and everything to us. Thank you. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. So what's still here and maybe your husband never covered here with Nils. No poor baby. Hey, whatever, five and a half years here. A year and a half years. So who you believe don't believe him?
Speaker 4 00:27:28 Sorry. Someone did come on with post surgical stage four cancer. No healthy one. I don't know.
Speaker 3 00:27:40 Okay. All right. That's the man that that'd be all to get that open. Ended up playing system. Nietzsche. We turned the two, because if we have a two vehicle, you said GV Tony tool put that there. Right? The main case there, then the whole afternoon, I'm open. <inaudible> not Thursday. Tomorrow. I tried another one is Monday. He has a car. She feel the whole area. So I hope Chris can try it. You know? I see. It's like off that so she can fall into right. The main K put it on the No GV 22, all GV 20 fleet. It's the motor cortex. Motor. And <inaudible> so let's see what happened because me up at two occasions, they can feel the whole Anthem I'm moving. Right. So we try everything. So he said, man, so one day I had it on six and seven, they said drop it on the last Thursday, the numbness and the people having numbness on the nerve and the neuropathy.
Speaker 4 00:29:09 Yes.
Speaker 3 00:29:14 Inside my room. No, uh, this, put this on the, towards there. On that GV 22. No, no PLO. Six and seven. Yeah, either side.
Speaker 4 00:29:37 <inaudible> Put that in tango.
Speaker 3 00:31:03 The last scene last Thursday, Robert put, Hey floor. Put it on the GP. B L States off the one hour. All the feelings coming back Sunday, say a lot Thursday
Speaker 4 00:31:16 Bad.
Speaker 3 00:31:19 All right. To the brain. Good. Alright. You can look in on her also the brain STEM and meet brain, but she's still active. Now. Now he said two weeks, right? You come here to today, two weeks, two days, two weeks from South Colorado. And Paul Fraser is no more North Karina. Now he worked for the Florida. So Brian silver is still in South Carolina. In Columbus? No, in the pitch. Yeah. So, but she looked so much better, but we still cannot say that tumor pickers smaller or whatever, but at least the activity is completely.
Speaker 4 00:32:06 She's not studying as much
Speaker 3 00:32:09 And I'm not falling down anymore.
Speaker 4 00:32:12 Well, she falls down because she doesn't shake. She likes attention. Like she doesn't see once. You're like, okay. You know, if she put her shoes, like she doesn't
Speaker 3 00:32:30 No they're in this space. Yeah. So we are open. The VSO caught us brain. The subconscious speed. <inaudible> brain. <inaudible> brain to him on the internet. Yeah, totally. Yeah. Totally. Yeah. Yeah. Totally. He had a fight yet, so. Wow. All right. Let's take anytime and I'll cross sick and die. All right. Yeah. How you feel now? So you didn't have the car, right? Yeah. Yeah. But that just says system. All right. I need people calling and the news, but you're doing good. Yes. Because if we have all the call and wrapped up me, I have a long time as I go, we have one nurse have to read them. Cancer is a thought. The thought that get us the t-shirt John. I forget John. John does anything. So he's made a good dog eye surgeon, but then does the rest of them kids. And so <inaudible> they? No hope, but we heal him. Then the nurse came, the nurse came and then I asked her one really stupid question. I think you maybe remember he said, <inaudible> your heel <inaudible> because he loves you walk in the hospital though. I see him in the charter hospital.
Speaker 3 00:35:28 Told them Jonathan. Yeah. So, but then he punched come and percent the tumor already called you cut a little cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. <inaudible> cut. You got that. Has there been new, small usage on time? I said, okay. So they said <inaudible> and they said, Oh, it started 80%. Now the surgeon now moved off California also. So, all right. So they'd be on the digestion. Open the latest he's on the chemo with the NBA. What gun? On the template itself? Garang homo. <inaudible> favorite. <inaudible> because <inaudible> draw off Floyd. Oh, I'm going to get us a whole bunch. The book. Now I know you take your home. <inaudible> wrote the book called the six months to live. So <inaudible> all your books last six months now it's at 19 years, he's still travel. <inaudible> call her in like yesterday. <inaudible> because used to be this <inaudible> let's call it nine years. 11 years. I'm not saying no chemo either. <inaudible> here all the time. All right. So how are you feeling the clip?
Speaker 4 00:38:51 <inaudible>
Speaker 3 00:38:53 It's okay. <inaudible>
Speaker 4 00:38:56 Yes,
Speaker 3 00:39:02 Because they're nuts then. Yeah. An hour or two hours they can feel.
Speaker 4 00:39:13 How are you feeling?
Speaker 3 00:39:26 No, I hope that they just said last Thursday, Robin, because he has lung cancer and the chemo damage, but all the feelings I come back. So really interesting.
Speaker 4 00:39:41 Yes. Okay.
Speaker 3 00:39:46 <inaudible> you. Okay. Don't worry. They can be killed them. Okay. All right. Uh, Linda crave.
Speaker 4 00:40:13 Yes.
Speaker 3 00:40:24 <inaudible> first. And you follow any news?
Speaker 4 00:40:29 Well, there's something about signaling that increases the flow promoting.
Speaker 3 00:40:46 Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I suppose it's going to be the calcium for all the tumor. So they found the tumor relays. Even if they killed him, They changed all the calcium old, they know what
Speaker 4 00:41:04 Channel a pathway yes. About. That has to do with SPCA to whatever that is.
Speaker 3 00:41:16 Yeah. Fall with the email to me, I go to the chair. What did he say? Because if he came to by the vitamin K to neutralize the council. So when they killed himself out on the tumor, the tumor is up here. Yeah. So at least we know they'd be late. Wow. All right. No, no peanut, no good for the kid being that pain nurse, because on the breast cancer or the limbs, not all, something can be taught. Something can be touched for the tumor. So painful. What happens if you get on this scout? <inaudible> calcium falling by the kills him. So leave the Kelsey, Kelsey I'm after that game, case started tomorrow and they can move on with brain <inaudible> for C V six. Wow. Everybody. Right. Everybody has a skin. So don't tell us. Damn, don't forget all AME name Judy there also. Right? I need you Julie.
Speaker 4 00:43:45 Um, just the usual request. Let's see. Happy moment today. Laura is on and she wants to lead and <inaudible> And Ryan is not here. So it's a Lara, Julie,
Speaker 3 00:44:15 Angela from Nova Scotia. I see already here. Yeah. All right. So let me go get on the plot. So he won leukemia. He said Joanne Harvey teacher. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. So long time. The last time I saw her in Berlin <inaudible> he wanted to say one, two or three <inaudible>. Yes, but she couldn't at home. Tried to put more by the main K I can <inaudible> Nope. You're not like that. You make your own, you go to the restaurant. <inaudible> open the hot <inaudible> hot. <inaudible> hit me. Hit me. You have any news? You have that. Him and them doing good. Yeah.
Speaker 3 00:46:57 Pain. So the open <inaudible> mail <inaudible> so it will be put one, he said a clip, but there's all the head they were writing the main K. I hope they can help them. All right. So let me look up back pain. After I, this pocket one, two or three <inaudible> or relaxation <inaudible> uh, she be a open book. Him for the trauma. For the memory. Yes. Yes. Still here. Don't forget that. M and M is easier to write here. How many here you in here? 15. At least at least 16 years. Because that first day, first of all, I first met you in my office. I want to kick you out. Why? Because he say he's from yellow page. I said, okay. I found them in the yellow pages, who does that? I said, nobody <inaudible> <inaudible> now. So the only one from the yellow page, you know, how can you, from the yellow page, I was going to an acupuncture. And they told me I had to go three times a week,
Speaker 2 00:50:32 Three times a week. I said, that's impossible. Who goes to an acupuncturist three times a week. So I needed to find another acupuncturist. I want it to the yellow pages.
Speaker 3 00:50:42 Well, how he came up a flyer, your time, acupuncture, clothes and food again. All right. Anyone else on the internet?
Speaker 3 00:50:54 All they do. Quiet off the walls. All right. Yes. <inaudible> phase. So <inaudible> was there also no laughing? No. And all that stuff left Goldman. We were finger up yet. Joke. No joke. Yes. No, go to warm. Go to warm. Yeah. No. I mean these, besides the heart and water, the whole people, remember we a whole bunch of people use the PA or the hearing their problems. Yeah. Yeah. Richard Cain still alive every day. One Chinese ranching down 11 years. <inaudible> liver and colon cancer. <inaudible> only 20 years. It was you listen to us <inaudible> they said, Oh, I met this. All right. How you feel on the clip? I want to know.
Speaker 2 00:52:57 So when I switched around the height, my path, my path, like
Speaker 3 00:53:06 These two, three, four years, then
Speaker 2 00:53:08 I put on my neck and I felt that tingling right to the tumor, like a line.
Speaker 3 00:53:15 Wow. Because these are long-term goals with the whole area, whole skip light in the front. Also. That is what on Monday, the woman here to argue with the physical <inaudible>. We got to tell you, I did leave one openly at the whole area open so you can keep move, but then you can just spoke on the couch with vacation and then left. They, they breast cancer. But you feel good on them.
Speaker 4 00:53:51 Yeah. Yeah.
Speaker 3 00:53:54 But that's not treatable. All right. How you feel and the nurse
Speaker 4 00:53:59 <inaudible>
Speaker 3 00:54:07 Because the nub <inaudible>, but tomorrow you need to know how is a rapper doing it? Because he said, wow, my movement and all the feelings compare how you feel in the nub, sir.
Speaker 4 00:54:22 The nerves
Speaker 3 00:54:27 A little more, because there's a very, very slow. The nerve glowing is very, very slow on there for Columbia. So you love put the clip. You don't know how do you feel on the nerve?
Speaker 4 00:54:44 Yeah.
Speaker 3 00:54:44 All right. You have enough? Yeah. How are you?
Speaker 4 00:54:48 A little bit, a little hot, hot.
Speaker 3 00:54:51 The heat is an oxygen. Carry the oxygen to feed that area.
Speaker 4 00:54:57 <inaudible> come in Friday.
Speaker 3 00:55:02 Okay. Friday. We will be here also. You can put it on.
Speaker 4 00:55:07 So,
Speaker 3 00:55:10 All right. Any more story on the internet,
Speaker 4 00:55:21 Right?
Speaker 3 00:55:23 No, no, <inaudible> do they mix peanuts? All right. That's in the lab.
Speaker 4 00:56:27 <inaudible> <inaudible>, <inaudible> another one, the full class, a lot of good news and some scans coming up. So as you know, we send the energy
Speaker 2 00:59:22 With you and to you, and it was great to hear the reports about the supplements. There were a lot of questions online. I love the M and M, but tell them no, <inaudible> there was a line. Yes. Like I like kind of a little bit nice guys, as you might, well know, we need your support. We need to support that. Especially at these times that the COVID, our classes are so small. We need your support. So on your way out, if you're leaving pleases a box there on the wall, if you could drop something and we'd appreciate it. If for those of you online, the same goes for you, please. If you can drop something, check money on him, you know, a check made out to Tom tan. We'd appreciate you have a check. Thank you. Thank you guys. I know you do <inaudible>. It takes about 20 minutes from where I stayed. <inaudible> <inaudible> so you're feeling really okay. Or maybe one, see it shows. Yeah.

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