Tong Ren Podcast

0075 - Anusuya Quinn, Eyes, Emotions and Everything Else

Tong Ren Podcast
0075 - Anusuya Quinn, Eyes, Emotions and Everything Else

Welcome all newcomers to Tom Tam’s Healing System. Join us for our Tong Ren Healing Class called “Eyes, Emotions and Everything!” During this hour-long class, we will use Tong Ren Healing to treat all kinds of problems related to eyes, emotions and general physical ailments, (cancer, autoimmune, metabolic, etc.) This is a general healing class, so all are invited to participate and learn what we have experienced in our own healing–what Tom calls “the mainstream medicine of the future–now!” Our goal is to empower you. By experiencing Tong Ren Healing you will literally be learning how to heal yourselves–and others too! Come, join in building the international collective unconscious of the Tom Tam Healing System of Tong Ren.

Anusuya Quinn
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Speaker 0 00:00:00 <inaudible> okay. I'm sure you guys don't want to listen to the Homeland Shalisa even though I would love to. Okay, awesome. Good. Okay. And we'll download the windows thing later. Get rid of that noise. Um, we'll start with emotions in a second. I just want to put my phone in airplane mode. So one second. Okay. So we're good to go. Good morning. It's Tuesday it's election day. For those of us that live in the U S it's a really big day. Lots of people have voted already, which is awesome. So prayers and blessings for everyone today that we may be wise in our choice and an upset politics are not a good topic because we're never going to all agree. So warning, we're going to start with emotions. Good morning, Jean, um, for everybody. And then we'll go through the treatments that we do all the time, and then we'll come back and we'll see what, um, let's see what we're doing to treat everybody else. Okay. So here we go for emotions. Let's start with CQ, starting on the neck thing. I'm going to open up this motor cortex, C2, both sides. So, first thing we're really opening up to just receive the energy, open up motor nerves, which actually opens top of our head.
Speaker 0 00:02:17 So we just want to pull in the cheek wash to our nerve pathways, head to toe, take it to the front of the both sides. Um, GB 13, 14, right? So the laxation piece we're slowing the brain waves. It's a form of brainwave and train them on the right side. Left side is memory focus, cognitive anti-aging for the brain, things like a D D a D H D Alzheimer's dementia,
Speaker 1 00:03:00 Um, brain book, chemo brain on the left side, excuse me. Let's open up left side, um, speech centers and send that to Anna. So we're in a key open up mode or open up frontal open up cam Pearl open the insular cortex. Um, mind, body spirit connection stimulates creative mind, clears away, deep seated fears, phobias, compulsive tendencies. Webside frontal deletes in Tang, emotional balance, intuitive guidance, good point for visualizing. So seeing ourselves the way we want to be all in that image. Gosh, I'm wearing this very ragged shirt. I'm missing like three buttons. Okay. So we are let's open the olfactory nerves. <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:04:11 like I said, we already work at for intuition for emotional balance visualization, but also work at to, um, release trauma, take the old factory, bring it to GB eight that the per campus TW 20. So again, let's go to the both sides, frontal lobe, both sides, insular SCMS are we're opening circulation through the neck, shoulders jaw, the upper back. So the circulation nerve function and the, um, bioelectrical flow. We can open the bio or electrical seat again for healthy nurse, healthy cell growth for everybody. So we've opened up all through the neck and the shoulders pull the chin down the front of the body. And as we do that, we're grounding at the feet, sort of liver three kidney one is where we're bringing in. As we bring it there, we open the immunes on the chest. You open really all the systems, all the organs, respiratory cardiac, digestive genital, urinary tract in the pelvic bowl, circulation down the legs, back to the feet out to the souls ground. So again, we strengthen balance support as we do keep me one. Okay. Um, so let's see. I get whatever I don't have. And then we'll go over to that other, um, page. Can I give Jay
Speaker 0 00:05:58 Dean
Speaker 2 00:06:00 Not sure. So let me take it again just in case.
Speaker 0 00:06:14 Yeah. So folks, um, like I say, D
Speaker 2 00:06:24 Yana was requesting mental health today. So how about if we try not to watch too much
Speaker 0 00:06:31 TV today?
Speaker 2 00:06:35 I know that's really hard for some people, but
Speaker 0 00:06:37 I'm not helping
Speaker 2 00:06:40 Well, always to listen to the same thing over and over. It creates a lot of anxiety and stress, the results aren't going to change in the, in the end run. So if we can kind of detach a little bit, that's generally a good thing
Speaker 0 00:06:56 Anyways. Um, so
Speaker 2 00:07:00 Suzanne, okay. Tahoe. Yes. Okay.
Speaker 0 00:07:03 Yeah. So, um, let's go back up. We're gonna do metabolism endocrine deep sleep. Okay. So triple one, 16, 17 it's balance metabolism detox the system. So starting behind the ears, detox
Speaker 2 00:07:37 Is things like chemo, radiation, also detoxes supplements, um, clean out bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, whatever, whatever it is we want to detox in our system. We want to clean it all though. Triple warmers are great for that behind the
Speaker 0 00:07:54 Ears, open
Speaker 2 00:07:56 Up metabolism also at the growth hormone GV 22 let's work calories, also maintaining integrity of the DNA <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:08:09 So
Speaker 2 00:08:09 We're working regeneration. We're also working endorphins, a GB 22, so good for pain. Take it into the endocrine system. L six, anything in there,
Speaker 0 00:08:20 Right. We open up top of the head. We also are regulating, um, all of them.
Speaker 2 00:08:27 Those feedback loops, the endocrine loops and the posterior pituitary produces some of those neuro-transmitters. Um, as well as, um,
Speaker 0 00:08:36 Um, again, regulating hormones, endocrine
Speaker 2 00:08:41 And function, endocrine and hormone are actually interchangeable words. Really.
Speaker 0 00:08:46 Um, Todd was
Speaker 2 00:08:48 Fucking yesterday about Jackie, who was the first one to wear the clip on the top of her head last week. She has had, um, lot of female issues for years and years, and really had like breakthrough. So again, endocrine top of the head open up <inaudible> let's open all the nerve pathways. So B L six to eight GB 21, 2019 motor association, sensory cortex to open the nerves also loosens the whole spine, opening all those sympathetic nerves, taking it back into the brain STEM again, or metabolism. The brain STEM cells are here, circadian rhythms as well. So let's get GV 17 BL nine. And again, the pineal gland cm one, or again, Tang, whatever name we want to give it, um, works to produce the melatonin again for sleep. So Peniel and brain STEM open the occipital Ridge at BL nine and a half for the traps and the thoracic spine.
Speaker 2 00:10:00 So we'll help to open some of those actual endocrine organs. Take it to GB 12, open C one to seven all through the neck, shoulder, C6. And seven is thyroid parent that I wrote there. Endocrine T one, two, three, four seven, kidney 27, 26, 25, 24, 21 immune system back and front. So auto-immune issues like Hashimoto's where the body attacks the thyroid, any type of autoimmune endocrine, but any type of auto-immune us also building the immune system. So we're helping we're working on virus prevention and anything inflammatory opening up. Um, again, C6 seven S T nine, 10 are the thyroid parathyroid points T for kidney 24 or the breast.
Speaker 2 00:10:53 We open up T seven blood supply down, open up TA pancreas, S T 21, kidney 20, also pancreas. So sugar balance, another endocrinol organ as well. Endocrine exocrine, the only one all want adrenals, um, kidney 16 as well, taking it back in front, excuse me. On both sacral opens up the, um, male Oregon's female. Oregon's all endocrine based, opens up the, um, pre genital nerve, which goes to the pelvic floor, pelvic organs. So again, I'm going to say girl behind these opens up low back again, opens up Mongo, say grill as well. T seven on the left works on night. If she just take it down the front, we're opening the kidney Meridian down again, parasympathetic through any of those endocrine organs down to pudendal stomach, 30 liver, 12 spleen 12, take that down below the knees, down to the feet. Liver, three kidney, one kidney, one ground strengthened supports. And we really want to pull that energy out the feet out through the soles, relaxing assess for deep peace, sleep, relaxation,
Speaker 0 00:12:14 Kidney one brave
Speaker 2 00:12:17 Circulation, neurologic and energy golden. Isn't it.
Speaker 0 00:12:24 Okay. Sorry. I keep clearing my throat on you guys. Okay. Marcia. Yup.
Speaker 2 00:12:36 The sprint shoulder's been really hurting. You're worrying. Okay. I think a lot of people are worrying today, so let's just, we'll do relaxation again.
Speaker 0 00:12:46 Um, let's just do
Speaker 2 00:12:49 Our best to just kind of stay focused here
Speaker 0 00:12:51 Now. Um, just roll with the Shi. Okay. Marsha and
Speaker 2 00:13:06 Bruce, let me add them to the list.
Speaker 0 00:13:10 So Bruce
Speaker 2 00:13:11 We'll obviously do,
Speaker 0 00:13:13 Um, when we get there. Okay.
Speaker 2 00:13:20 Okay. Anybody else? Yeah. Jean and Sandy.
Speaker 0 00:13:23 Any need to be highlighted? Um, Casey's wife. So we'll get this right now. Um, okay. Casey's why I liked that one. Okay.
Speaker 2 00:14:05 I think I have everybody that's working
Speaker 0 00:14:07 On, um, cancer. Parkinson's ms. Silver up through now blood, um, highlighted. Okay. So we'll keep going. We already did
Speaker 2 00:14:28 The cognitive. We'll be doing the emotions again, Or this device is not available. This device was a, one of a kind, it was a Christmas gift to me from Tom.
Speaker 0 00:14:40 Um,
Speaker 2 00:14:42 Never made another machine like this and I've never had it changed in any way.
Speaker 0 00:14:50 That's totally not available. Um, we will,
Speaker 2 00:14:56 We'll be doing the diabetes. We've already done the endocrine, which would have covered that also. But anyways, we keep going. We're going to be covering everything over and over, so we'll definitely get it.
Speaker 0 00:15:07 I agree. Okay. And then we go. So like I said, um, we're gonna
Speaker 2 00:15:18 And do the brain circulation, neurologic and energy building.
Speaker 0 00:15:22 Now let's start <inaudible>. Nope, that didn't work. Great. Sorry. Okay. Did we do
Speaker 2 00:15:56 So, um, Marie, when we do type one it's metabolism, when we do type two it's, um, I mean for your son in terms of diabetes. Okay. So here we go, circulation up through the neck and the shoulders to the brain. So let's get the SCMS up, starting at the subclavian arteries, S T 11 S T 12, up through carotid sky window aside, 16, 17, bring it back. Do the triple warmer's GB 2021 open up routine, April basil, or open up the brain STEM any circulation, but also the circle of Willis is one of the access points, um, is on brainstem and other is carotids. There's actually more than that. Um, so open all those vessels, oxygenation to the brain. So we got, um, let's get C5 six 76 <inaudible> 17 phrenic, diaphragm, oxygenation, lats open the, um, triple warmer again behind the ear. 16, 17 detox metabolism rev up metabolism, open up GB 22, again for the, um, regeneration healthy cell growth, healthy nerve gener regeneration, open up the motor sensory. Again, we want to recharge the system through the top of the head, open the nerve pathways back into the brain STEM. So again, all these neurologic pathways into the occipital region to GB 12, let's take, um, occipital Ridge opens, traps and thoracics, open up, see, um,
Speaker 0 00:17:46 GB six
Speaker 2 00:17:47 To 12 neocortex
Speaker 1 00:17:50 Loop, all the facial nerves from the sinuses back. We'll get all those, um, sense facial organs in a minute. So we're opening the neocortex loop. We're open G B12. Let's do whole spinal artery sympathetic nerves, head to toe. Cervical spine opens also the facial arteries. Thoracic spine opens up the immune function nerves. Um, the lungs, circulatory digestive, we open up nerve pathways there. The lumbosacral, again, we're opening in through the, all the pelvic bowl, the lower GI tract and the, um, genital urinary tract down behind knees, down to ankles, pulling the energy down to the feet, opening the, um, brachial plexus in the shoulders again, seat by six seven. Take that down on their radio medial nerves right down through the elbows wrists. Hands fingers again to you. One, two, three, four, seven, kidney 27, 26, 25, 24, 21 to clear any inflammation in the nerves. Also, we bring that down, take it down the front of the body. Frantic Vegas, chest diaphragm, grelin kidney 22, bring it down into the pelvic bowl below the knees. We want to recharge the batteries. We want to recharge the selves. So clearing the fatigue, we build the energy and stored in the lower Donte hymns. <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:19:42 taking it all back to the ground where we strengthen again, balance support liver, three kidney, one sinus eyes, ears, nose, mouth, throat. We'll get the eyes again later for Sydney. Um, so let's go with the, um, see one to seven, open up the facial arteries. So circulation to all those organs in the sense that their sense organs, many of them let's open up again, numb FCMS up. So get the circulation to bring it up to the brain. Up to the facial had neck area open the neocortex loop, GB six to 12. So start at the front for the sinuses.
Speaker 2 00:20:49 Back through the eyes, ears, nose, mouth throat. We open up vestibulocochlear at sea
Speaker 0 00:20:56 Eight, open up the tragic.
Speaker 2 00:20:59 Again. This is all nerve function along the neocortex through the facial region, into the neck and the shoulders
Speaker 0 00:21:07 Into the throat,
Speaker 2 00:21:09 Triple warmer, 16, 17 behind the ear ears. So again, we are balancing metabolism, detoxing
Speaker 0 00:21:18 The system opening up
Speaker 2 00:21:21 For circulation to the facial area. Again, opening GB 22 regeneration for nerves regenerate
Speaker 0 00:21:31 For Oregon's all the selves. So things like our eyes when we work macular, um, let's open up again
Speaker 2 00:21:44 And GB 22, 23 for <inaudible> works, dry eye endocrine six, seven, eight motor association, sensory GV 21, 2019, especially open the sensory cortex. Things like tinnitus. But again, any of the, um, these organs are very sense. Sensory nerve rich along with our skin.
Speaker 0 00:22:08 And so open the sensory on the top of the head,
Speaker 2 00:22:15 Bring it back through the brainstem visual cortex that GB 19, again, the whole neocortex loop above GBA to the gay center. Still opening back to the neck and the shoulders from GB twelves open all those spatial arteries. See one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, bring it around to the tying in Tang BL one, two and three, four, five, and six CNA open the facial region. Sinus eyes open up below the eyes and above for the sinuses. Open up the nose, the ears, the teeth, the gums, the jaw, the throat. When we go to the throat, we're balancing calcium, also sending calcium balance to the bone. So again, the periodontal, but any calcium balancing in our vessels in our bones, bring that from the, um, facial area, back in, through the SCMS opening again, that circulation back to the brain, STEM into the facial region, taking the chia and pulling it down as we open the chest and bring it down again. We're clearing inflammation, pulling all the tree down to the feet where we grounded again and liver three and a kidney one. Okay. We are doing virus prevention, immune
Speaker 0 00:23:47 Joint. Okay. Um, starting with the main, which is where Tom starts for virus prevention saw that last night yesterday, you were having trouble putting weight on your leg. Um, okay. Let's see. Save those. Okay. Um, I want to say this includes joint Stoli. So this will work for you. Um, also be Marsha. Who's working on sciatica. That would come up now. Okay. So here we go. Let's keep going. Did the endocrine, which included the parathyroid already. Esther. Okay. Virus prevention, immune and joints. Here we go. You mean for virus? I need more heat out here. It's chilly. And Lineo okay. Um, you may parotid gland stimulate salivary gland. Someone said they found a new set of salivary glands the other day. I can't remember who it was and I haven't looked it up, but I believe them totally. Which would mean we now have four sets? I think so parotid, um, definitely they found something, but I didn't think it was salivary glands. I thought they found something though in the throat area that was more like connected to our endocrine system maybe. But anyways, I'll have to read it. I'll have to go find it now because now I'm curious. I made myself curious. Okay. Um, virus prevention. OEMing triple warmer, 16, 17. So we're cleaning out metabolism. Tom would do the, um, C5 six 71, two three six T one, two three,
Speaker 1 00:26:44 Five, six. Let's get heart vessels, diaphragm, lungs, airways, lamp,
Speaker 2 00:26:50 Work oxygenation, take it to long one, take it too long to take it to kidney 27, 26, 25 focus open CV, 17 open kidney 22. Again,
Speaker 1 00:27:04 I'm back. And let's do the metabolite
Speaker 2 00:27:11 Triple warmer. 16, 17 GB 22 for endorphins
Speaker 1 00:27:15 And regeneration mode. Yeah.
Speaker 2 00:27:18 And sensory nerves again, top of the head. So helps us with any type of pain, opens the nerve pathways. We want to open any of those blockages in the nerves, um, to the brainstem and the,
Speaker 1 00:27:34 The whole, um, neocortex loop works, tendons, muscles ligaments. Bring it up
Speaker 2 00:27:41 Back to the occipital Ridge opens the neck shoulder, actually open shoulders down the thoracic spine. So be all nine and a half GB 12 opens the cervical plexus doing immune and joints. Okay. Occipital Ridge helps open. Immune helps open some of those
Speaker 1 00:28:03 Joints. Um, let's do C
Speaker 2 00:28:08 Five, six, seven long thoracic brachial plexus, the brachial plexus again, open shoulders down to elbows,
Speaker 1 00:28:17 Wrists and fingers.
Speaker 2 00:28:19 T1 two, three, four, seven, kidney 27, 26, 25, 24, 21. Any itises. So any of the arthritic joints, but any kind of IDAs really we're clearing the inflammation. So we've opened the shoulders on the back. Let's open. Subclavians also down the arms to the elbows
Speaker 1 00:28:40 Wrists, hands fingers, open the, um, again. Yeah.
Speaker 2 00:28:45 Immunes T seven opens into our lower body. We can take it down to the lumbo. Sacrals L five psychiatric nerve Prudential as two, three, four, five opens to the pelvic floor, opens hips to toes. Take behind the knees, which is an ouch point. Take it behind the ankles, which is another OTR point
Speaker 1 00:29:06 Joints. Um, GV 12 spinal artery. So all of the sympathetic nerves down the spine, um, again really opens up all of our systems front. We got the immune points already. We can open the phrenic and the Vegas Vegas innovates again, the immune intervates the
Speaker 2 00:29:38 Cardiac respiratory or rates. The GI tract.
Speaker 0 00:29:43 Let's take that down to the hips, to the femur heads, to the, um, long,
Speaker 2 00:29:51 The Grassic stomach, 30 liver, 12 spleen, 12 down the legs. Open up knees spleen nine, 10 liberate stomach 36, GB 34, all the ouch points around both knees left knee for, um, Ashley, right knee also I'll take rates.
Speaker 0 00:30:09 Ye um, let's bring that down. Let's send right. Need a Janice too.
Speaker 2 00:30:20 Bring it down from the knees to the ankles inside, outside again. So GB 30.
Speaker 0 00:30:28 No, um, GBS
Speaker 2 00:30:30 34. Yeah. JB 34 to 39 inside the ankles. Liver three kidney, one back out through the soles. Ground strength,
Speaker 0 00:30:40 Balance support. Okay. Rescue
Speaker 2 00:30:44 Cardiac next. Then we do digestive. Wait, janitor, urinary. Then we do emotions, trauma work again. Then we will start going through the cancer. Ms. ALS Parkinson's et cetera
Speaker 0 00:30:57 Type treatments. Okay. So let me have a small group. I bet everybody's watching politics. Okay. Okay,
Speaker 2 00:31:26 Buddy. On Facebook. I can't really look there during class, but we are sending cheating. You guys that are there if anybody's there.
Speaker 0 00:31:35 Um, okay. So again, respiratory cardiac. Let's do T N Dawn. Sorry. I just wanna close to
Speaker 2 00:31:54 My blue water email early fast.
Speaker 0 00:31:57 Make sure there's
Speaker 2 00:31:58 Nothing there. Cynthia. I got you.
Speaker 0 00:32:01 Okay. Ashley, we got one I'm aware of. Um, okay. So circulation here you are.
Speaker 2 00:32:17 Perfect time and Kimmy and we just did nice.
Speaker 0 00:32:21 Okay. But good timing for your circulation. Okay. Okay. I'm here.
Speaker 2 00:32:34 Yes. I saw you were there earlier. I didn't see a request, but I saw you say, we'd see how it,
Speaker 1 00:32:40 So your mom is recovering from carotid surgery. This is good for her too. Okay. So respiratory cardiac let's open up the, um, SCMS up sky window carotids, back to routine girls basil or basil or artery basil ganglia brainstem circle of Willis beyond nine. GV 17 is the brainstem medulla. They're actually the same thing. Just two names for the same thing. So they're interchangeable. Um, so regulates cardiac regulates respiratory all on the brainstem open, the occipital Ridge will open up the lower cervical trapezius helps open up heart lungs, diaphragm, et cetera. We'll also open up, um, neck shoulders. So again, carotids open all those vessels, open the C5, six, seven open T six pericardium diaphragm open T1 T2 T3 T 45 heart vessels T six diaphragm T3 was lungs. We opened the lungs, airways and limp T seven is blood supply to the lower body. So as part of our, um, cardiac work, we also want to open those vessels down.
Speaker 1 00:34:32 So things like femoral, um, I don't know who heard the story last week, but Sharon, where the clip for nine days before going in for a procedure to clean out femoral, which was blocked as well as 40% blockage, which was showing on a CT just a few weeks before she started wearing the clip, wore the entangled clip with the heart medications, as well as some other things, not medications, the supplements, um, went in and had her procedure done last week. There was nothing there, nothing to clean out. So the cardiologist or whoever the person is that does that procedure just doesn't know what happened. Cannot explain it. So great story. Um, so anyways, as we work on the circulation vessels, we're including her as well. So we're opening front and back cardiac, cardiac, and respiratory. We're bringing it down to the low area, bringing that circulation down the legs, down the spleen, writing all the way to the feet, John K or including your, um, triglycerides and our metabolism work. Also when my work liver anyways, let's bring it all down, bring it to the soles of the feet, balance, ground and support strengthened liver three kidney, one digestive weight genital urinary let's do the stomach stretch receptors. Normally I would say grelin they actually are the mechanism for the ghrelin hormone signaling. So stomach structure receptors T six, kidney 22, the cardia, um, the signal goes to the brainstem medulla, or it passes on up to the hypothalamus pituitary area, GV 22. And we take it to the hippocampus. No, we take it to the, um, insular cortex.
Speaker 1 00:37:03 So tells us where satisfied taking it to the, um, again. So we're doing digestive, wait, genital urinary OEMing anything digestive, triple warmer, 16, 17 metabolism. So again, we're detoxing, we're revving up metabolism for healthy organ function, rubbing up metabolism for healthy endocrine function. Sugar balance is part of our endocrine and our, again, the, um, appetite mechanism GV 22, B L six endocrine growth hormone back top of the head again opens up whole spine. So is opening up digestive genital urinary tract, as well as we open the spine back to the brain STEM again, through gaming the occipital Ridge into the lower part of the neck, the GI tract through the thoracic spine. So we have the occipital Ridge GB 12 through the neck and the shoulders open back up C5 six, seven, open down to the diaphragm. We're opening thyroid parathyroid as well to help balance that with the, um, long thoracic diaphragm opens up abdomen down as well as oxygenating
Speaker 0 00:38:36 Us.
Speaker 1 00:38:37 So we are opening K seven, eight through 12 L four and five is GI we're opening L one through five S one through five. So we have the adrenals, the stress hormones, the genital urinary track, male, female organs, things like prostate, open up ovaries, uterus, cervix, endometrium, et cetera, bring that all right down. Open the pudendal nerve again into the pelvic floor down behind me, knees down to the ankles, phrenic Vegas into the diaphragm. Again, down through the abdomen, Vegas opens up the chest clear inflammation, any of those inflammatory, um, digestive things like IBS colitis, Crohn's clean route the inflammation open CB 13, 12 down the junction of the esophagus stomach. So esophogitis Barrett's esophagus. Bring it down through the middle warmer. Oregon's send that out to people working on liver on bile duct, any of the middle warmers into the small intestine S T 25 down open up pelvic bowl. So again, genital urinary and GI tract open up pudendal nerve into the pelvic floor, stomach 30 liver, 12 spleen 12, take it below the knees where we still open up the, um, digestive again, as well as recharge the batteries back to the hell that floor pelvic bowl again. So the lower GI genital and urinary tract, all in that towel, that ball, let's take it back to how the kidney Meridian from the chest to the feet where we ground again
Speaker 0 00:40:31 And whatever three kidney
Speaker 1 00:40:39 Emotions trauma again. So let's do the yin Tang for the olfactory nerve tie yang
Speaker 0 00:40:54 Into
Speaker 1 00:40:57 GBA hippocampus,
Speaker 0 00:41:02 TW 20 C to both sides,
Speaker 1 00:41:12 GB 13, 14, both sides,
Speaker 0 00:41:14 It's relaxation, peace of mind, slow the brainwaves,
Speaker 1 00:41:29 Wait, beer phobia, compulsion stimulate creative mind, which means holding an image of what we are trying to create and letting go of the story. Open up intuitive guidance, which allows us to trust our intuitive messages in whatever form they come very often since related eyes, ears, um, touch, whatever. So we want to allow that intuitive guidance to come through, to trust it, to know that it always leads us to the highest and best allowing us to let go of our worries and fears. So again, left side front alum in Tang also helps with deep sleep, deep relaxation, Ty hang CNA, let go. Of any of the, um, stress tension store in the facial jaw region. Open up subclavius again, up through the neck, the shoulders, the jar, and the upper back we're loosening clearing tension, opening the circulation. So good blood flow, good nerve function, goodbye or electrical flow from the bioelectrical Cedar GBA again, neurotransmitters and brain chemistry. GV 22, take the Chine Peniel brainstem. Subclavians take the kidney Meridian down, opening the upper back neck, shoulders on the back, opening the kidney Meridian from the chest back down to the feet, grounding strengthening, bouncing, supporting, letting the energy run out through the soles of the feet into the earth.
Speaker 1 00:43:55 Okay. Ground. Um, okay, so Virginia we'll work with Bruce Suzanne. We'll work with, um, Cynthia. Okay. We're going to do John's perfect blood. So let's include happy mama. Let's include Julie. Let's include anybody doing work on blood. I know we have Lori sometimes comes onto Facebook for Dan let's include Dan. Um, okay. Yep. Your brother, your brother's
Speaker 0 00:44:32 CLL. Yup. Is in this one. Okay. Okay. Um, okay. Keep going. Okay. I think I have everybody. So let's stupid, healthy blood, perfect blood. That's what we're doing. Triple warmers. We do in all of the, um, cancer work. So we're going to use them over and over detox, toxin, cleaning out metabolism, revving it up for healthy balance cell growth. So TW 16, 17, and send this to Patrick and Oregon who I haven't heard from the detox, the chemo, you know, the side effects open <inaudible> open up GV 23 growth hormone, healthy balance cell girl, clean out unhealthy cells, replace them with healthy new growth. Um, open the endocrine balance. The clotting factors for BL six open the, um, brain STEM for the brain STEM cells. Again. So the triple warmers, the GV 22 to 23, the brain STEM. We work every time. We also work C5 six, seven long thoracic nerve to T six to oxygenate, and we like to get the ghrelin hormone. So all those pieces are, um, prior to the anticancer, no matter which type we're doing, then, then we get more specific with, um, origins systems, et cetera. So anyways, we have the long thoracic we have the diaphragm, we have the ghrelin, we work immune cheat one, two, three, four, seven, kidney 27, 26, 25, 24 and 21 that's immune auto-immune. So autoimmune is the body attacking itself. Um, we strengthen the immune system. We also do that for virus prevention. So any of the, um, immune system work helps clear inflammation, strengthen
Speaker 1 00:47:30 Immune function, open for the blood C7 T one T seven. We're opening the bone marrow, the spleen, the red cells, white cells, T seven gown open T nine, stomach and liver. The, um, intrinsic factor for B12 metabolization at the stomach, the liver, again, part of our blood mechanism, part of our cholesterol balancing, et cetera. So T nine down to T 11, open small intestine. Again, we metabolize our B12 here. We needed to produce healthy blood. We bring it right down to the kidneys at L two, where we stimulate red cell production. We open the front as well. We take the kidney Meridian down. So again, we're doing parasympathetic to the blood points here, new points. We're bringing everything right down to the feet where we ground. We recharge again below the knees at GB 36, no stomach 36. Sorry. Also does lower GI pelvic ball CBC before fills lower down to two points. The pelvic organs, the lower GI along the Janet or urinary tract back to the feet where we ground it. Liver three kidney, one happy 20, 20. We are doing tremor and Parkinsonian symptoms. That includes ALS. It includes ms. Actually. And I don't see those people on, but that's okay. We can send to them anyways. Um, okay.
Speaker 1 00:49:24 Did the crones, okay. Um, okay, so let's keep going, go, go from Alberta. Okay. We'll do that. Um, I don't you go to the Haverhill group. Um, if you go to the, I think you're in the Haverhill group. If you're in the Hazel group, I would ask, I would ask Yvonne or Tom when you're there, but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe that's not true. Um, I'm thinking, I know who you are, but maybe I don't. Okay. But yeah, you can write to me, I just, um, I don't know what I can suggest, but write to me for sure. And I'll, I'll think about it
Speaker 0 00:50:28 And, uh, come up with some ideas. Okay. So let me, um,
Speaker 1 00:50:40 The cheese. Yeah, we did the teeth Theresa
Speaker 0 00:50:45 Anyway.
Speaker 1 00:50:45 So now we're into the cancer work. We just did thyroid parathyroid in that last blood work, which means we got bone there for teeth.
Speaker 0 00:50:53 Okay. Um, so let me, let me on cocoa for a mil
Speaker 1 00:51:04 Berta and highlight that one. And when we do that, we'll include, um, Kate we'll include Mark.
Speaker 0 00:51:15 Um, we'll do all the brain work together. Okay? Okay. So here we go, um, into the list
Speaker 1 00:51:32 Indy again, but not like yesterday. So yesterday somebody, I went to the grocery store and I was in there about 10 minutes and came out and drove away and realized there was a note on my windshield, decided to stop and get it in case it was really a note, which it was because the people parked next to me, had a huge SUV.
Speaker 0 00:51:58 And when he opened the door, it banged into my car door and put a big deal.
Speaker 1 00:52:06 In my driver's side door, they very generously left their name, phone number called their insurance company, et cetera. But anyways, it's another thing to deal with in these days when we don't really want to go a heck of a lot of places go to the office once a week. So anyways, tremor Parkinsonians here we go. Let's do the,
Speaker 0 00:52:30 Um, sky window. She had known
Speaker 1 00:52:38 Opening circulation. Let's bring it back to the basil ganglia, basil or artery brainstem Medula stimulate the dopamine production
Speaker 0 00:52:48 And they're open.
Speaker 1 00:52:51 And the triple warmer in 16, 17 focus <inaudible> 2019 regeneration for nerves back through the brain STEM, the signaling pathways nerve signals neocortex for all the facial nerves, GB six to 12 occipital Ridge to traps and the thoracic spine opening up GB 12,
Speaker 2 00:53:26 Open up all the way down the spinal artery, C one to 71 to 1201 to five. That's one to five behind the knees behind the ankles. Open the brachial plexus C5, six and seven to the shoulders. Elbows wrists, hands fingers, thumbs too.
Speaker 0 00:53:44 Two pinkies openly, um, T Y
Speaker 2 00:53:49 And two, three, four seven, kidney 27, 26, 25, 24, 21. Anti-inflammatory for the EMS. We always work immune. So we're opening up immune function back and front. Let's bring it down into the sciatic nerve. L four, five, Prudential as two through five crew dental, stomach, 30 liver, 12 spleen, 12,
Speaker 0 00:54:13 Open up, down the legs,
Speaker 2 00:54:15 Back and front behind the knees, behind the ankles. Brannick Vegas and the immune points to clear the inflammation back down on the arms to the hands, back down to the hips, the femur heads, the spleen Meridian, all around the knees, both sides inside and outside the ankles. GB 39 inside the ankles. Tops
Speaker 0 00:54:42 Feet liver, three kidney one. Okay, what else he did
Speaker 2 00:54:51 The anger. We did the autonomics. We've done. John. We've done Tina father, John and Alexandra, and a bear nerd. We've done blue skies. We've done. Isaac mom, dad. Tina. Yes. Patricia Samuel, Cynthia.
Speaker 0 00:55:10 Um, so
Speaker 2 00:55:11 We're doing genital cervic, skin cancer. The skin cancer also covers breast. We'll do the breast separately, but that way you guys give a double helping because the breast skin points are the same. Okay. So Cynthia triple warmer, 16, 17. Again, let's send this to Elaine for prevention. Let's send this to Suzanne. Who's really been having a rough time.
Speaker 0 00:55:37 Um, so again, pelvic cancers open the triple Warner's 1617 metabolism GB 2223 growth hormone.
Speaker 2 00:55:51 <inaudible> for endocrine and we're bringing it back into the brain STEM for the brain STEM cells into the occipital region
Speaker 0 00:56:04 To open the neck shoulders,
Speaker 2 00:56:07 The, um, GB 12 C5, six and seven long thoracic T six, ally 17, CV, 17 back and front for the long thoracic nerve. Oh my God. There's
Speaker 0 00:56:21 Like a, uh, uh, cloud floating
Speaker 2 00:56:24 By that looks so much like Italy. It must be the Italian collective totally looked like the Italian boot. Anyways, Tom's been talking about the Italians a lot. So anyways, we are opening up the, um, long thoracic down to the diaphragm, the chronic also down to the diaphragm T for kidney 24 for the skin take T seven down blood supply into the lower body. L two and S three kidney, 16 kidney
Speaker 0 00:57:05 Back and front.
Speaker 2 00:57:07 So again, T one, two, three, four, six,
Speaker 0 00:57:10 11, Blombos
Speaker 2 00:57:13 Sacral, Ellyn through five S one through five, Prudential as two through five behind the knees opens the pelvic bowl to the ankles. We got the front, let's get the Vegas back through the chest. The immune points, kidney 27, 26, 25, 24 21. We also got skin again, got regeneration balance and blood. The blood carries the oxygen. We go, the diet ran. We're bringing it down through the middle of warmers. Um, the liver always helps detox. The kidneys help detox as well as stimulate red blood and that kidney points also, um, the point for the cervix. So
Speaker 0 00:57:55 We're bringing it down. Let's do
Speaker 2 00:57:58 On the front stomach, 30 liver, 12 spleen, 12 below the knees to the ankles, to the feet out through the soles ground liver, three kidney one. Sidney's neurofibromatosis
Speaker 0 00:58:13 This next. Okay. Um, after that we still have breast. We have limb, we have lungs, we have brain. Okay, anybody
Speaker 2 00:58:38 Else? We did the emotions twice. Karen. Um, if anybody else has cancer requests, we've done the ALS ms. Parkinson's. But if anybody has cancer requests that we haven't done, it would be good to get them in now because that's what we're doing as we finish up. And I've got like three minutes and at least four separate things to treat. So anyways, here we go. Neurofibromatosis, let's do triple warmer. 16, 17 opening up GB 22, 23, opening up B L six, open six, seven, eight, GB 21 2019 open the sensory cortex, the brain STEM beyond nine GV 1719 for visual cortex. Open the neocortex loop. Open the gaze center, open above GB, eight GB, six to 12 opens whole neck and shoulders. Open C3 C4, facial arteries to try yang. And <inaudible> CMEs up. Bring that circulation up to the brain and the eyes. Get the, um, triple warmer metabolism, GV 22 growth hormone. <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:59:49 six endocrine balance. The brain STEM cells at the, um, brain STEM medulla, GB 12 C5, six 76, diaphragm ally 17 CV, 17 kidney 22. Die for him. Grelin back front. We got the eyes for Sydney. Again, the immunes clears. Any inflammation we get <inaudible> repair thyroid S T nine 10. Also the adrenals through the lumbar spine. The female organs are also endocrine. So we're opening lumbosacral. We're taking it down the front for me in Tang, Thai yang, CNA subclavians kidney 27 to one right out through the soles where we ground at liver three kidney, one breast cancer Mets to the liver. Any of the breast cancers let's include Cathy T who has been in the hospital,
Speaker 0 01:00:43 Um, is also working breast bone. Um, okay. So, um, for breast, let's see,
Speaker 2 01:00:59 Triple warmer, 16, 17, again, metabolism GV 2223 growth hormone B L six endocrine brain STEM cells on the brains. Now occipital Ridge opens traps opens the thoracic spine. So will help open long thoracic nerve diaphragm, open breasts, limp, et cetera. Lungs airways take the occipital Ridge to JB. 12 takes C5 six, seven again to T six to teach or to kidney 24. Let's send to Judy in Germany also. So we're opening up the breasts. We're opening up the T one, two, three, four seven, kidney 27, 26, 25, 24, 21 immune. Auto-immune open up all of the blood building. We're opening up the chest, the limp, we're taking it down to the liver at T nine. We can clean out liver, clean out kidneys, also work the, um, Low back area for Kathy the OTR point, send this to Bruce as well for his hips. We work his hips and shoulders.
Speaker 0 01:02:12 Um, so again, let's open the back. Let's open
Speaker 2 01:02:17 The front and bring it down from the phrenic to
Speaker 1 01:02:20 The diaphragm Vegas, um, Vegas, intervates the chest intervates liver. Intervates right into the pelvic bowl for the GI tract. We will like to work kidneys as well, still detox and balancing fluid. Take it down the kidney Meridian on the front again, open the chest, the breaths, open the liver and the bone open all the way down to the feet to the ground. Liver three kidney one, gene C one two, three T one, two, three or one, two, three S one, two, three. Let's include Barbara and Lorraine in California. Also for the lymphoma. Triple warmer, 16, 17 for gene, excuse me, GV 2223, B L six. Back across top of the head to the brain STEM into the, um, occipital Ridge. Let's do neocortex for everybody. Again. Tendons, muscles, ligaments, immune metabolism, all the facial nerves back to GV 12 open again, the occipital Ridge opens the thoracics down to the limp.
Speaker 1 01:03:39 Open C5, six, seven, along with phrenic, open T six, along with CB 17 kidney 22 metabolism. Grelin open the T four breast open the kidney 24. Oh sorry. Limp. Open T3 limp, kidney 25 limp T seven blood supply down, open up the potential nerve again for Cain into the pelvic floor. The pelvic bowl into the grind area down behind knees, down to the ankles front phrenic diaphragm Bay is stone. So again, we're bouncing metabolism. We're bouncing immune function. We're opening limp. We're taking it to ouch point in the lower part of the pelvic area, right? So pudendal nerve this also ouch point stomach 30 liver, 12 spleen, 12 down to the knees to the ankles, back to the knees, to church, the batteries, back to the lower gun. DNS, the outpoint we are bringing the lymphatic fluid up. We bring it down the spleen Meridian down to the plea. We want to bring it back up, recycle it from the thoracic duct. So you open that up through the lower Don tins, the middle warmers to the chest, back to the ground to liver three kidney one, we're doing Bruce's
Speaker 2 01:05:18 Lungs and we're going to do brain. And I think that is it for the cancer research
Speaker 0 01:05:23 West? Um, yes. Okay. Okay. So Bruce loans,
Speaker 2 01:05:40 I saw no wonder my foot's cold. I had this big hole in my sock. Okay. We're doing Bruce's lungs and we're doing Coco sprain. Okay. Triple warmer. 16, 17 GB, 22, 23, B L six. Back through motor sensory endorphins. We want to work the pain in the shoulder and the hips as well for bruits. We open up the respiratory center on the medulla, the L nine GV 17, also opening brain STEM cells for anybody working in cancer, opening up the brain. We can send this to Coco two, but we'll do that separately in a minute.
Speaker 0 01:06:20 Um,
Speaker 2 01:06:23 Point it would be good to know. Oh, behind right ear. Okay. There it is right there.
Speaker 0 01:06:28 Um, back through
Speaker 2 01:06:30 The occipital Ridge for Bruce into GB 12 into C5, six 76, T1 T2 T3, T3 focused.
Speaker 0 01:06:40 Give me 25 focus lungs, open limb,
Speaker 2 01:06:45 Open C5, six, seven into the right shoulder, open up the brachial plexus, open up the subclavians again. Right? Shoulder phrenic on the front ally, 17 CV 17 open the immune points, declare any inflammation. Also also does the lungs, airways lymph, again, as we open the sympathetic parasympathetic, bring it down into the hips left tip for Bruce. Um, <inaudible> two through five behind the knees, down to the ankles,
Speaker 0 01:07:18 Phrenic Vegas one-on-one loan to kidney 25 down. Bring it to the hips, bring it down the legs, take it to the feet and ground liver, three kidney, one Cola.
Speaker 2 01:07:45 So been 10 dong open circulation up to,
Speaker 0 01:07:48 To the brain, back to the brain STEM to the OCE point.
Speaker 2 01:08:05 We opened that circulation. It should help with the headaches let's do triple warmer, 1617 metabolism GV 2223 growth hormone. Telameri L six again, six, seven, eight GB 21, 2019 neocortex loop to all the facial nerves. Back through the brain STEM through the occipital Ridge into GB 12 C one to seven
Speaker 0 01:08:32 Subclavius hands up
Speaker 2 01:08:36 C5, six 76, ally 17, CB 17 T1 T2 T3, T4 T seven T nine lever L two kidneys helps to detox and clean out the chemo, phrenic Vegas down, strengthen the immunes, rebuild the blood to carry the oxygen, open the diaphragm again, open the liver, the kidneys on the front to detox. We pulled that shield, where did the feet and reground that liver three and the kidney one. And we are going to send she to everybody.
Speaker 0 01:09:16 So we're really gonna cover everything again. Um, as we do this with gratitude to Tom always, well, okay, relax. Really warm the tree, run from the head to the feet, opening any blockages in the nerve pathways you're behind on electrical nerve circulation. We like to ground. So we bring the energy to the feet and the ground work on any kind of trauma release, opening roll factory, grounding the energy at the feet, taking it out through the songs, strengthening balance and supporting each of us. So wishing everyone a peaceful day today. Hopefully we can all be kind, whether we win or lose, maybe I'll be kind and compassionate with one another. Today. People are very stressed. So thanks for being here, everybody, um, people can afford to donate. It's always appreciated. There's still, um, fortunately we can still have 25 people in the office for our groups, as things start to dial back in Massachusetts, they're dialing back in Maine. Um, so let's all stay safe, healthy again, because, and thanks so much for being here for being part of the collective, um, really grateful to our community. So anyways, everybody have a great day. Thanks so much. We'll see you tomorrow morning.

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