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0071 - LuAnn Fountaine, Tong Ren Healing

Tong Ren Podcast
0071 - LuAnn Fountaine, Tong Ren Healing

Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, cancers, organ disorders, etc.  Welcome to the Tong Ren Podcast |

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:00:22 Hello? Happy Sunday, everyone. It's Luanne. Ready to guide you through the points for your healing journey this evening. So sit back, relax, enjoy the tea. I'm going to start with the general, um, some general points. Get over your belly, relax, build up the immune system, and then we'll go into your individual events. So let's get started. We're going to open up the neck. Well, actually, let's start at the top of the head where we receive the energy from the collective unconscious. And we do that with gratitude, a wonderful hearing community, our ability to access the collective the whole time Tim healing system will open up the neck, get that all nice and loose for good circulation to the brain.
Speaker 1 00:01:32 See two right here inside, and I'll bring that right to frontal cortex GB 13, 14, slow down those brainwaves, relax into the healing GV 22 flight. So we wanna do everything possible to put ourselves into a good mode for healing, minus the power, bring it into the insular cortex, integrating mind, body, and spirit healing, knowing that everything is working for our highest good. And sometimes we don't see it that way. Um, but when we look back and say, Oh, okay, there's a lesson. That's what I needed to know. That's what that was all about. So we can visualize ourselves the way we want to be as if we are right now, knowing they're in the quantum, where there is no time, no space, bring it into the sensory, just a started the vagus nerve and we'll bring it right into the Vegas parasympathetic system for a calm body, as well as the mind bringing that calming energy, bring it right down in ground liver.
Speaker 1 00:03:37 Three new one for everybody has turned viral. Two one, two, three, four, seven, stimulating the two selves and the B cells in the answer. Anything can also open up kidney 22 for 24. Can't see. I mean, system functioning will go up along the SCM into the variety land protect do saliva all nine for the medulla, controlling the heart, the lungs and the vessels sinuses feel one, two, three, six, 17, the phrenic nerve holding it through the diaphragm. A nice breathing into the lungs long one lung, two 76, David four, fill in the lower dantian storing energy and stomach 36 rebuilding all ground together at liver three B one.
Speaker 1 00:05:49 Okay. Everybody's getting all warmed up relaxed. We had some today. Okay. So I am ready to work on Dolly and hacked. So we have afterward is slipping up. See one, two, three, two, one, two, three. There's no severe, no, no marking on somebody else. It doesn't have to be your term. You can receive the chief. They made these points open up the brachial plexus. Next on the right of the chief flow down you five, six, seven, baby nurse. <inaudible> coming down the hall seeing one, and we want to open up the sensory cortex and the motor cortex could be some of the bio electricity down the spine.
Speaker 1 00:07:05 We can bring it into lower part of the body to seven until the water back into the gallbladder Meridian on the left, going down the Lake into the bladder Meridian and the screen already in this well, greasing the circulation and bringing it all the way down the blood pressure, along the FCMS into the medulla, which regulates the heart, heart pericardium. And then they'll send it down to liver. Three kidney, one, Suzanne, going to work on you next. Well, DeLeon purchased so high for the dry eyes and Mel Alrighty. So here we go. T one, two, three, four, seven for the auto immune. So when we work, these points, anything on hypothesis and the inflammation, these points will benefit you. Four
Speaker 2 00:08:57 Dose for the skin types should be 27 through 24. Building a strong immune system. Actually it's probably needs to be balanced out because their immune system is overreacting. Protect us, open up the facial artery size 16 and 17. And we'll bring that right up to the main Parada gland, bringing that saliva into the mouth area. One, two, three, six for the endocrine system. You can also use the ADH hormone balance. We'll send that she right on down three kidney one. Okay. So there'll be a lot more auto-immune coming your way in the next hour. Hashimoto's two one two three, four seven. So as we speak going for your auto immune points again, that's the root of the thyroid and the parathyroid thyroid stomach stomach ten one bring the energy to dispensary cortex and the motor cortex TB 20 TP 20 will come down. Spinal artery liver three.
Speaker 2 00:12:11 Hello. So working with <inaudible> symptoms, digestion and scan sinus and tinnitus for your husband. Okay. So open up the sky window, we'll do all the things in the head first, a good circulation and putting it up the batteries and the birds. You see one, two, three, 18, 19 via line. The good balance it's into that basal ganglia area, sensory cortex and the motor cortex. So from the enemy, we can work on sinuses, tinnitus, cranial nerve number eight, seven, eight, nine, Gale one, two, three for the sinuses, TB 24 six, open up all the songs, passages that the biggest scenario for digestion, kidney 20, to bring him into stomach 21 stomach, pull it back up through the Vegas, into the Medula, claiming that they are electrical circuit. Two one, two, three, four seven, for any inflammation feet from the Tonita's sinus congestion. T-ball for the skin.
Speaker 2 00:15:01 Feel 11 left Elsa digestion. Well four, five, and I'm granting that liver three Q3 that's feeling nice and toasty and Tinguely. This Lanny going to work your oral abscess TMJ and the right breast inflammation on the right shoulder injury on the right. So it never ceases to amaze me how things are a lot of the times when you have multiple things are on the same side and that's because of blockages or are on the same side. Sometimes we favor or we tighten, or the way we like hold on next. When we're working on the computer or whatever gets tends to get tight, like the way we evolve it just on one side. So let's see what we can do. C three C for the facial artery size 16, 17, let's go along the SCN, bringing it into the mouth.
Speaker 2 00:16:52 Abscess, cranial nerve, supplying the PDCs and the SM GB 12 GB 20. So working this all in the right opening up in their blockages, 24 top the shoulder 22 subclavian Hydrea S C five six, seven, thoracic nerve 12. Again, 17 kidney 24 T one, two, three, four seven for inflammation also help will help abscess T4 for the breast. We have lockers in the full active cancer and chemo side effects. So that's about it. And ground look at three kidney one. Okay. Excuse me. That's skin dry. Heat's on page. Hello? Angel points. I love them too. Okay. So, um, anybody in working the emotions, we're going to do them all together right now, or like trauma you've said stress. So starting with the neck and opening up the sky window points, circulation, see to TV 13, 14 skin, nice and relaxed. Once again, letting go of all the worries of the day and then cranial nerve number seven, the angel points all third eye area. It's actually the olfactory nerve, which is one of our primary senses. Me 22, 23 can be all six, the brain chemicals, six psychic, also the mirror neurons. So it's a good place to visualize yourself the way you want to be as if you are right now, the insular cortex CVA and take it to the hippocampus, the amygdala.
Speaker 2 00:21:35 So when we have trauma, it's like, we don't think at first we sense it senses. So what we want to do is not, will it make the Hijacker logic parasympathetic system, 21 stomach 25 releasing our body's natural serotonin coming down and grounding. Okay. Right at the end, Dean osteoarthritis, um, hip flexor, and low back. Okay. So see one, two, three, two, one, two, three, right? It's working the inflammation opening up so that wonderful viral expressivity go where it needs to go in between GB 12 and 20 PCs and also sensory cortex and motor cortex relaxing. The whole slime that she just cascades down seven to seven, right?
Speaker 2 00:23:54 During the circulation to the lower back five, two. And why to the hip opening, the hip flexor 31 to 34 54 behind the knees helps of the lower back all the way down and ground that live at three 21. Okay, good. So good. Winnie. Hello. I haven't seen you on for a long time. So sciatica, SCOP, Mia, and bladder. And we have Casey in the collective with you. Okay. So here we go. Open up C 60 71. So we want to balance the calcium bones with nine stomach, 10 16, 17. Bring it up to typically 20 to 2223 meals, six to seven left into the bladder at second, one second to the Vegas telling the conception vessels to be 60 before the bladder kidney 11 three could be one.
Speaker 2 00:26:47 Okay. Let that work for you. As we go into Tahoe for abdominal hernia, um, erectile dysfunction and rheumatoid arthritis. So here we go. Opening up the metabolism. That's worked the metabolism of the Jaime air to be 17, 1816, 17 CV 22 it's two 2223 AMB L six, come down, opening up biggest nerve at ally 18 conception vessel into the abdominal area for the hernia CV, six CP for topping up the whole pelvic bowl into the reproductive organs, three to five and bring it into six, six or one, one, two, three, four, seven points. And then we'll bring the chair down and ground.
Speaker 2 00:29:09 Okay, Matt. So tapping along, you always say the more the merrier. So we're going to work your tendonitis in both Bo Taylor cups, dry eyes. I have to, okay, here we go. So two one, two, three, four, seven. So usually this is autoimmune as well. So pretend the Knights and the dry hives at the same time. <inaudible> subclavian artery more work all around that. Rotator cuff C3, 16, 17 opening up the facial artery, doing that to the eyes, feel one, two, three. Okay. The endocrine system and the eyes. And also we can open up sending the CIDA and graphic. Okay.
Speaker 2 00:31:21 So relax for a bit, then pick up again when you're ready, ready for water. And then going on to Chino cap. Okay. Prostate up and the hearing and Oh, elbows needs help with the limp lining of the lung and stomach. Oh, sorry to hear that. Alright, here we go. Um, I skipped, I skipped miscellany no, I got miscellany. I skipped John somehow. All right. Telling me what will be next. Um, I just realized, I remember putting you in earlier. It was like, you sort of come up by now. So sometimes my eyes just skip. Okay, here we go.
Speaker 2 00:32:32 So we're going to work. The triple warmer is 1617 work in the prostate. So anyone who will receive any of the reproductive organs, male or female come this run TV 22, 23 and V L six. And the kinds of system works. Follow the water organs right then to help three for the prostate. And then the pudendal nerve. Second to the Vegas nerve. Ally, 18 to kidney 22. Oh as well, kidney chain for the prostate. Six, four. Okay. Here's we buddy and Gino say three 16, 17. Bring it to the main cranial nerve. Number eight on the air. Cranial nerve seven, eight, nine opening the nerves, auditory nerves. Six, eight, seven two one. Okay. Let's hit the lymphatics, T3 the Bo 17 oxygen. Go back to the medulla for the lungs. 17 to see 17.
Speaker 1 00:35:38 And we'll set that to the stomach lining 21 stomach spleen nine, 10, six, and four. Let's we bring the circulation down and ground once again, liver three kidney, one worry, John. We're going to work kidneys. Yeah, we just did prostates lower triglycerides. Okay. Let me have Tina father, John Alexander and Sandy and the collector. Okay. So let's do all the metabolism. Triple warmer, 16, 17. We'll bring that to TB. 22, 23 and bill six to seven. We'll bring that to the liver. One hell to this little three for the prostate, go back to them and doula blood vessels heartfelt.
Speaker 1 00:38:03 It's also the start of the Vegas nerve going into the Vegas at 18 to kidney. 22 can be 14, 15 for the kidneys. And once again, we'll go down. Stay in Meridian. Good circulation. The toes nine, 10, six, or around that? A little bit three. Okay. Sorry about that, John. I have cubies next. So detox and cry pain in the left. Um, coming out of the joint and cognitive dysfunction. Okay. So it probably goes with the detox. Um, yeah, we know all detox is the same to us, whatever it is. So anybody else can I do semen from side effects of medication, environmental things. We use the same points. Some coming up RCMS going into C1 trouble. One is 16, 17 cleaning out the garbage into the sensory cortex and the motor cortex.
Speaker 1 00:40:19 We want to build up the immune system T one, two, three, four, seven, clean up the liver T nine, right kidneys to open up the phrenic nerve Elyse 17. And we'll do what we call a kidney, flush to the toes, bouncing out the body. Hey, Donald joint on the left. Let's go to the right of the sensory cortex and the motor cortex. You gonna work the opposite side and then we'll come down, see five, six, seven opening at the classics. So we have the nerve pathways going down and letting that electricity flow to area cognitive dysfunction. We want to open the neck across the tibial artery. See too, let's try cranial nerve one temporal parietal function, time TV, 13 left-hand side inside, down to live at three and keep grounding.
Speaker 1 00:42:53 Okay. Let that flow and going to see her, um, has joined us C, C Casey. K S w how are you actually on, I don't say on per se. Laughter. Thanks. So let's put you on the collective and we'll check back in. Suzanne feels good. That's good. All right. Pippin and space chili bean looks like are coming up. Let's give me a second to put two guys in here. Um, let's see. So that makes sure I didn't miss anything and anybody like I did John. I don't think I did. Okay. So I'm going to work on that then.
Speaker 1 00:44:37 So, so psoriasis and left eyelid. I think that's new and base of skull will be a bit something that doesn't well, they do as much as I would other things okay. Helping her digestion. Samuel prostate. Yeah. We turned down twice in the past couple of like 10 minutes. So we must have gotten that she inguinal hernia and half of heart as well already. So psoriasis is metabolism. So let's go to be 17 for the metabolism is quince. We'll be good to that as well. Some points triple warmer is 16 and 17 to be 20 to 23. And be else that takes you one, two, three, four, seven, working the psoriasis and skin could be 24 point on the left eyelid and the base of the skull.
Speaker 1 00:46:30 Okay. Let's work a hot Samuel propping up the sky window, the window to the sky, to the heavens opening the inner carotid arteries, all supplying the doula TV 17, bill nine for the heart, the blood vessels, the lungs T 45 heart, the pericardium and allies 17 into the heart CB 17 in the 23. And then we'll go into Neil hernia. So again, we want to grow up one metabolism, 17, 1822, open the Vegas. Now bring it down to the conception. <inaudible> 72 down and ground. Okay. Spicy jelly beans to be questing tapping for yourself and only, and don't know what you want to work on.
Speaker 1 00:48:56 So I hope I'm sure we reach, we do the other systems, um, through the course of the evening. So everybody gets what they need. Even if you're listening to not signed in, just, just bring what you need into your mind. You don't even really need to do that. Your body that you're slight, your buddy is smart. Knows how to be, save what you need. It's an awesome thing. All right. So last time. Yes. Okay. We're good. All right. So everybody who wants to join us, I always end with what we call the sleep. Brian, um, sparing, relaxing run, and they say goodnight now and wish you all the best a great week. Um, I think we all like Memphis. That's good. This one is good for stress to the emotions is get you into a nice calm mood. Got us all set for the week. The week ahead. So crazy. Right? We had our second learn this week. The answer change our clocks back here in new England. Um, what else have we had? We had snow and now we have an election coming up. It's just like stressful. All right. So let's all relax together. Once again, we do the sleep brand, relax our minds with gratitude. We can do this together. Simple, easy, some opening up the neck. <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:51:13 C two 13 <inaudible> side. So you can count the taps instead of sheep, TB 16. That's where we go deeper into relaxation, cranial nerve the line also around the peanut pineal gland. So it can release that applies natural knowledge for sleep to be 22, 23 and DL six bounce up to water in their body and to be going to the sleep bladder, waking us up too often and the ADA timer for what perfect. What about for those of us who change that works? Let's go into that activating system actually is good for everybody, whether you did that at night, but we need a reset. That was about one hour. You <inaudible> let's get those back and balance perfect week cycle sleep, wake cycle. So we sleep the night, we wake up refreshed, nice steady heartbeat. Bring that right into the parasympathetic system, into our heart space breaths until the heart space. And then if you can visualize this, visualize a cord going from your heart into the earth, keeping me grounded. Shit is natural. So we go into segment two 54 behind the knees, relaxing the whole splatter and call them cheap. Can I scare them in grounding, grounding all the life force energy of building a strong, strong validation close. Okay. So have a great week. We'll be here next week options throughout the week. Sweet teams.

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