Tong Ren Podcast

0068 - Tom Tam (Founder), Healing For Cancer

Tong Ren Podcast
0068 - Tom Tam (Founder), Healing For Cancer

Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, cancers, organ disorders, etc.  Welcome to the Tong Ren Podcast |

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About Tom Tam

Tom Tam is a writer, poet, and healer. Born in Tai Shan, China, he came to the United States in 1975 as a political refugee. Since 1982, he has been practicing acupuncture, Tai Chi, and Chi Gong healing with great success.

Tom Tam is a licensed acupuncturist in Massachusetts and has practiced acupuncture in Chinatown, Boston for 25 years. In 1984 Tom trained his students in acupuncture and Tui Na in the Boston area. In the ninety’s, Tom formed his own healing system, and wrote the Tom Tam Healing System (1995). Also he wrote a Chinese healing book, An Zhen – The Palpation diagnose (2005). This book combined the west and east medical knowledge and formed a new theory for the understanding and healing the difficulty disease.

For the last 25 years, Tom has been one of the foremost students of Master Gin Soon Chu, the fifth generation master of traditional Yang family Tai Chi Chuan, who is the descendent of Grandmaster Yang Shou Chong. Tom has taught Tai Chi Chuan for more than 20 years in the greater Boston area. Many of his Tai Chi students are teaching Tai Chi Chuan in America.

In 1987, Tom founded the Boston Chi Gong Center and began training students. The following year, he founded the Oriental Culture Institute and organized the Boston Chi Gong Delegation to China.

In 1988, Tom formed the Boston Chi Gong Delegation and traveled with 23 Tai Chi and Chi Gong students to China.

In 1989 Tom developed his own system for Chi Gong healing, and has trained many Chi Gong healers. In 1994, Tom developed the Tong Ren healing system, and brought a group of students to visit mainland China and Taiwan in order to share his Tong Ren healing method. In Guang Zhou Tradition Chinese Medical College, he demonstrated Tong Ren healing for weight loss, followed by a trip to Taipei to demonstrate Tong Ren’s benefit on leukemia.

In 1992 Tom visited China again, and performed the Tai Chi fast knife in Tai Yuan.

In 1994 he performed the Yang Family Tai Chi fast form in Taipei and won the gold medal. Now Tom is planning to finish his Tai Chi book, Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.
In 2001, the first Guinea Pig class was formed for treating cancer in Quincy, Massachusetts. Now the Guinea Pig class for healing has spread to many countries around the world.

In July of 2007, Fox News broadcasting produced a news segment based on Tong Ren Healing and the Guinea Pig class. Soon after, PBS requested permission to create a segment based on Tong Ren Healing and is currently making a program with the Guinea Pig class.

Tom continues to practice, teach students, and travel the world to share his dreams.


Speaker 0 00:00:00 <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:04:50 Witness you getting, leave your place. Yeah. Um, you got this big house and she likes to sit in the front door. Like <inaudible>, we've got new cats in house. I told him I need to you come back here. Yeah. <inaudible> I know, I know. I was thinking about that. Yeah. All y'all boys. So she's back. Right. <inaudible> but I think it's the new clip because I didn't wake up Bri. Oh, okay. Yeah. So that didn't do clips. Awesome. Yeah. Aye. Uh, get my appointment. Okay. Oh yeah. Grass. You here only have one period. Ooh. Oh, okay. Yeah. <inaudible> right. We crossed those. Yeah. We did a big, nice, um, people to that. The girls did not have the set of problems in April. <inaudible> got her lunch and she's in the Facebook. You know? She's got it. Sometimes. She's she's <inaudible> yeah, yeah, yeah. That'd be fine. Oh, Tommy getting one or you want me to get one? No, I'll get it. <inaudible> I've been going. Um, Katie. Nice. Yeah. I haven't been here from here. Yeah, because I was coming in labs is not the case. There's another kid now Katie, Kate. And I thought he went,
Speaker 2 00:09:22 It was a cross appointment.
Speaker 1 00:09:29 I'll take it for you. Now that I'm holding the pen, your daughter is, <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:10:08 Not too bad. That's good. Hi. When you hear, um, yeah. You see, you see in Belfair. Aw. Healthiest guy. Yeah. <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:10:36 Allergic type of warning.
Speaker 2 00:10:37 You're going to see a new way. You're like, okay. All right.
Speaker 1 00:10:42 My hearing was laying two classes to teach
Speaker 2 00:10:53 Only on January one time, one time, because now know, screw up the whole thing hurt. And I took it nice. Yeah. 22, the old five Oh five. Yeah, because Amy start up and throw it in on Sunday six. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Wow. I'm flying. And we were young <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:11:26 So as it gets closer to 11 and a half.
Speaker 2 00:11:44 Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:11:45 <inaudible> yeah. That's what was wrong? <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:12:09 Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:12:13 Yeah. Oh yeah. You're right. <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:12:53 <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:13:13 <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:14:24 <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:14:32 Right? Yeah. I didn't know on
Speaker 2 00:15:28 Well <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:15:36 <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:15:45 <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:15:53 <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:16:09 Okay. And that's that?
Speaker 1 00:16:16 <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:16:19 Well <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:16:23 And then you taught me <inaudible> <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:16:37 What did I say?
Speaker 1 00:16:41 <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:16:46 Well, it's a long <inaudible>.
Speaker 1 00:17:13 Okay.
Speaker 2 00:17:14 <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:18:09 You just no peanuts over here. Can I have one of these clips to wear today?
Speaker 2 00:18:29 I don't know if they had a new clip and then the hair. Um,
Speaker 1 00:18:34 Well the ones with <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:20:08 India <inaudible> so two days it's a snow day. They look like it. I'm like <inaudible> no, no like what'd you say? How do we, you never see the, how do we never know to me cocktail? You go to lock the <inaudible>.
Speaker 1 00:20:41 He goes, what, what store
Speaker 2 00:20:44 Go to what store? To knock the was Thor knock on the door. Right? Because there's no thing. And tell you is stay home. Don't go now.
Speaker 3 00:21:02 Oh, wow.
Speaker 2 00:21:05 I remember I ran it by the time. The public. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Wow. It's hard to make flyer. All right. It's the computer ready? Okay. So let me just do word muse. How many people on the internet now
Speaker 3 00:22:24 Already
Speaker 2 00:22:27 A much larger bugle already, because I would assume, assume I know it's a hot tip. It's more than a hundred people a week. So if it's more and more people it's showing us and the more, more people on the internet for the hearing also, but we have a one. Yeah. On Monday we have one live from Eastern. So you don't watch nothing here because in Italy, in his thirties, this posed the myth appeal in all the alternative medical school, the choir to a hair that Tony rain calls Because of cost already approved high fan by the FDA. So we have a one click here for the MTA go and <inaudible> you can put these on
Speaker 3 00:23:36 Brian. Oh my goodness.
Speaker 2 00:23:41 What they call it? They call it the MTA. They call it what they call FDA property. So we have probably
Speaker 0 00:23:50 Over there, that shit that you see
Speaker 2 00:23:53 On the chair. So
Speaker 2 00:24:03 Yeah, but this is a real from the FDA. Not from moving lovely and not making. Oh yes, yes. True. Right. Jim, Jim is too broken for the FDA <inaudible> in the us. But now I'll tell, tell your boss that Tomlin called the proof all day use as that stent cost in Eastern. So all that, uh, I'll turn the medical school in <inaudible> school, whatever, all the choir you'll have the cost of the tome Laden. So the timing change. So on the last week we have the 10 years and university conference in Italy, more than 200 medical talk, Latin scientists in the meeting. So now they go to put it on the requirement for the school to have the Tony Lang class. So see why they have been so <inaudible> to the school. How far are you in America? Let's meet. If they're smart, they go the same plan, the choir in America. But that day we will come back. At least in Europe, they begin them move. So in Europe you can see how many people call us for the <inaudible>. So they just changed. All right.
Speaker 1 00:25:42 We have about a hundred people that they zoom out to. They've been doing zoom in San Francisco since March.
Speaker 2 00:25:51 Yeah. So you can see her in Hong Kong. They still have the group people in Eastern. They keep connected by all them is the cancer patients. They're not talking to elders. They cry the Kings of Beijing so far, but at least salsa, 100%. So as it is on the internet, they continue, they keep doing so
Speaker 0 00:26:22 Halloween. I thought this was
Speaker 1 00:26:25 A new, it's something new from you.
Speaker 0 00:26:28 <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:26:45 I'm having trouble with my bladder. I mean, it's not the cancer, it's just the function. I'd also like, my heart has been here
Speaker 2 00:26:55 Because on the heart now we are used by the main K here, but could be so also, so and all on new start then on the last Thursday. So on the last Thursday, we are two of the reps to the brain. So they have all the good the South company. So
Speaker 1 00:27:15 I've also been trying to get the blood pressure to come down cause I can feel it.
Speaker 2 00:27:20 Yes. So via door opened the heart. Then a lot of <inaudible> that the high, the high blood pressure low. How is her blood process now? The last chair prep class. Well, no seven floor is a D. So in the, in the New York time, they said the blood Preza is a 90, over 60. So, but the night they always say that is on the study. And then we can find out. I said, wow. So because they tried to avoid the calcification on the artery or the artery and uh <inaudible>. So I say, okay, let me clean out the calcium. Then your prep class are back to normal, not 90, over 60. So it is our new that very rarely succeed. Any people, his team there also any new ones. What I'm team Is David they're from Hong Kong. All right. Hollywood, because the hall was on Wednesday. Oh, Oh. Howard was Stony love on the Wednesday. The head that is called. So only two, the head is gone. That's your only use there by the main K and calcium. Yeah, he really, yes. So, all right. Muslim then via, because now the Carla C two is coming very soon. The colors too, for the trauma. So see what story on the trauma. All right. So let me
Speaker 1 00:29:24 <inaudible>. If there was like nurturing going on, you know, I could feel as something.
Speaker 2 00:29:37 Well, so now we sell in the supplement here. Right?
Speaker 0 00:29:48 I would see that <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:29:59 No, this is the vitamin K also because they say extra vitamin K and counseling.
Speaker 3 00:30:14 <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:30:22 Totally, I'll be them on the GBA for the psychic. So they'd be working on that. <inaudible> what we called the pin. So this is all old pin. No, no. I thought that everybody ties in for myself.
Speaker 0 00:30:54 Okay.
Speaker 3 00:30:58 I, now I know.
Speaker 2 00:31:00 So more than 10 years. Oh, that'd be broken the Plaza plastic go up in the project claim first.
Speaker 3 00:31:11 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:31:22 No, it's like you have an apothecary in the conference room with all of the pills.
Speaker 2 00:31:28 <inaudible> I'll be serious. Now. We used to image them for weight loss. So how can you, you see him in them? Because he is though.
Speaker 3 00:31:50 How long was that? 2004. I've never played. Wow.
Speaker 2 00:32:02 You don't mind tell you a story? My brother was
Speaker 3 00:32:08 Correct. He had had page full blown HIV. Three, three key cells left. I mean, he was at the end of the road. Came here. You guys help you see, he's got, he's got more T-cells on a normal person.
Speaker 2 00:32:29 No, you tell the vehicle. That's the H I V I said, Oh, come on. <inaudible> conquered. Yes. In conquer. He is seated on the second row right inside. And Amy saw that man is on the fourth row in the middle.
Speaker 0 00:32:49 I should remember.
Speaker 2 00:32:54 But nah, he's still good. After so many years he'll know more HIV.
Speaker 0 00:33:04 That's incredible. Wow. What did you ask yourself?
Speaker 2 00:33:07 <inaudible> are they all day or miss a miss time notes. You'll remember, only talk that is okay. Mr. Knows all coincidence. So, so many thoughts. I said he was someone, they say he's a mr. Louis. <inaudible> we call the founder lawyer. <inaudible> he's a male doctor. You're a male practice. You'll tell him notes. I have on take cards and psychological creme is a million dollars. It's so easy. It's so simple. The nice stuff about this job does it? One word, all Queens of the artist. Mr. Notes, come on. Easiest. A male preface, right? So you get beach truth. Jim, let's call them mr. Nose. So Tom, let the thoughts. I say this. I have so many peoples. There are at least I know.
Speaker 0 00:34:19 I like that. FDA hat with the clip. <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:34:35 I see your foot keeps getting better. The MTA right? Left the property, right? Uh, Neil saying, what be you? So this is one that's to be left. And you don't mind how you feel so open and lower pain. <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:35:11 I feel tension. Always. I, the trapezius I made up the joke.
Speaker 2 00:35:19 Yes, because you can put that hay set on the front.
Speaker 0 00:35:25 I'll try.
Speaker 2 00:35:30 Yes. So over in the procaine go nuts.
Speaker 3 00:35:47 What are you putting in here? So why do you love with <inaudible> face <inaudible> came with my son in the laser covered, uh, two leads there also. Yes. Oh God only freebie. So they'd be walking on the flat T one T seven <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> okay. But the heart doing good. So how you feel the hot now you got the hot ready needs to open the cows by case or not the artery. So since I'm sitting down, I can tell. Yes. We'll go in the hot. Awesome. So <inaudible> my mom called him and said, they're also. So how many deals are on the internet? Now?
Speaker 3 00:39:52 I said open the growth plus sell all the irony pill. So maybe the INPO hell with them all. I don't know. I just get the INPO somebody new here. So you're in the deal here. So it was half. Yes. So we have, nah, nah, we have one that's eight AESO in Hazel. Don't know how to talk, right? Yeah. So the model, I thought that what you're saying, Hey. Yeah, it looked like a four year old, tall. So comments to us and fuel mine now, global. I told him, I don't know, you can see significant global high and beginning to top us already. So everybody bought these fellow here. So yeah, we have, they cut their kit. So he, she bought none then? Yes. Anything else? Is that? Her only
Speaker 4 00:41:34 She's very anxious. She's she's been taking medication for 20 years for anxiety?
Speaker 2 00:41:41 No, not the mother of the kid. The kid is just crazy. Already. 20 years. Yeah. One by one, one by one. No,
Speaker 4 00:41:56 But she asked me though, see, she born like basically she moved on to like this normal <inaudible> normal, but she's not behind 11. So that told me everything that we buy and she fine. But then all of a sudden, one day see about three months old. He fell off the bed. And after that, she's still stopped at three months old. So she had slightly high fluid in the brain when she was born 11 instead of 10. But they said she should be fine. Then at three months she fell off the bed, hit her head and
Speaker 2 00:42:48 Stocked. Sounds your leg on the right side. Okay.
Speaker 4 00:42:55 That side. But when she, when they blend into the moon, my son stopped crying and then she stopped me with nothing.
Speaker 2 00:43:07 All right. No is what the to room right now. Now she goes to school, right?
Speaker 4 00:43:27 Yes. Up.
Speaker 2 00:43:42 Yeah, the girl. No, it's more than 10 years old. Don't know how to eat. Don't know how to top you saw here. Nah. See you play piano. <inaudible> you play the piano. Don't go out to the top. Don't know how to eat either. I'll play the piano. Now I then is 11 or 12 years old. Now he ain't. No, but we don't want to met. She played the piano because yes, the people complaining <inaudible> idea. Nice. So I hope we can make cheese. Who plays the violin. You don't mind Sometime. Then the kid taught me. You have more trap, right?
Speaker 0 00:44:53 <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:44:59 I have one girl behind you. She taught lousy. Argue with me sometimes. She's where she called. She's no talk either. Now. She's weird and argue with me. Sometimes wasn't here.
Speaker 0 00:45:17 <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:45:23 Track the best we can do. All right. Because we have a lot, they cry the case much, much more worse than her. So it is she's still getting walking job. So
Speaker 0 00:45:40 Yeah.
Speaker 2 00:45:41 Okay. <inaudible> all right. So they'd be an open. What? The older, no long. No nothing, man. Doing C one C two first. Oh my God. How can I pay you? I got $5.
Speaker 0 00:46:04 <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:46:13 <inaudible> late. Optimally go first. We go to <inaudible> safe. Seven a nah. Hey, I'd say number one, we have one is called the four face, the field, uh, or the pupil, right? We have the four. Paul does the pill. I don't know how, what exactly
Speaker 0 00:47:25 <inaudible> took my breath.
Speaker 2 00:47:38 So the first thing, how can there be an angle?
Speaker 0 00:47:44 <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:48:00 Uh, no go California, but they kick and take that power. The brain, the open the brain.
Speaker 0 00:48:21 Yes.
Speaker 2 00:48:23 So then maybe open it B L six, seven, eight, nine modal contest. <inaudible> <inaudible> quite a broad area.
Speaker 0 00:48:42 Both sides. Yes,
Speaker 2 00:48:46 Because they find the injury. Usually the injury. We need to check that number one is, uh, what is number one for or GP?
Speaker 0 00:49:00 <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:49:06 Oh man. Now fuck.
Speaker 0 00:49:15 Oh, wow.
Speaker 2 00:49:38 <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:49:57 Yes,
Speaker 2 00:50:20 But you're not doing a CA one 25 health anymore. December. All right. So we have waiting for more M and M commenting. So open the end. That crane system.
Speaker 3 00:50:54 Yeah.
Speaker 2 00:50:55 So opening up them nuts. So how was the class today?
Speaker 3 00:51:20 Really?
Speaker 2 00:51:22 How many people are now? 30 vivo. But now these times
Speaker 3 00:51:30 You saved someone yesterday from putting her daughter in Palestine. Save time.
Speaker 2 00:51:45 Wow. Yeah.
Speaker 3 00:51:51 So she was on today.
Speaker 2 00:52:03 So open CV for us. Yeah. <inaudible> also over in the parotic today, But in the morning he was from Carol Wall. The latest. And Neal's not today. Not yesterday. Yes. To the two of you from Germany, Both breast cancer can go all together.
Speaker 3 00:53:42 Yeah.
Speaker 2 00:54:01 All right. So let get over in the T
Speaker 3 00:54:04 Before the fall,
Speaker 2 00:54:15 He told you the two girls in the house,
Speaker 3 00:55:56 How you feel on the clip?
Speaker 2 00:56:00 It feels good because your whole face, you have any complaint later <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:56:27 Yeah. <inaudible> yeah. Just don't mind. Right?
Speaker 2 00:56:47 This is what we do on, uh, on the last Thursday, they put it out in the brain. So on the brain, then this is, uh, GBS 22, 23 area. So for all the homo. So a lots of time, Mosen is the homeowner can cause that we have, we call it the hip, your home.
Speaker 0 00:57:09 <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:57:20 Custom. Lots of Monday. We used the Oxycontin in here.
Speaker 0 00:57:23 Yeah. <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:57:28 Yeah. You caught me quickly there, but I go first <inaudible> so, but they used to call him. Then you can see everybody bonded. You're a mom. And I say, Whoa, my hope is to open my whole play. But I feel my legs is flying. And I said, no, no, stop it. Everybody bought it. <inaudible> Oh my God. I hate that. It's gone. So if I build into a button, say on the Monday, you said Oxycontin. Yeah. You can put anywhere.
Speaker 0 00:58:25 Yeah.
Speaker 2 00:58:28 So put the PG in here. Jim, you want to track the FTA proof product?
Speaker 0 00:58:42 Yeah. She said she's like <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:58:54 <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:59:01 Okay.
Speaker 2 00:59:02 All right. So see how you feel.
Speaker 0 00:59:09 You're putting me to sleep.
Speaker 2 00:59:14 Yes, sir. <inaudible> all the candy
Speaker 0 00:59:23 Shit.
Speaker 2 00:59:23 So I, because I don't know, I just the audit, but this can chill. I say you don't want to let the people sleep here, waking up and kick them out. So five <inaudible> melatonin for sleep. So
Speaker 0 00:59:41 Yes.
Speaker 2 00:59:43 So we have it. Awesome. We have a few more minutes on that and the window moves. Well, I'm the hall Jody's then the lead. So if there's a middle coma, but yes, that'd be the wrong one.
Speaker 0 01:00:01 Yeah, yeah.
Speaker 2 01:00:13 Yeah. How you doing nip? I'll call it.
Speaker 0 01:00:16 Yes,
Speaker 2 01:00:18 Because yesterday we had one of these cards and the fuck by alpha Boyle. Oh yes. Yes. They sent the whole week. Six days. He feels so good. Only the last day. And he feels some pain. Come back. I say, you'll come here twice. Then the whole week he, you repeat good. You have a calling. So you help the NEF.
Speaker 0 01:00:46 Yeah, because,
Speaker 2 01:00:49 Uh, Robin, so Robin lost, uh, and he puts it on the PR six. Why? The main K and Kelson, then the feeling come back, but more than one hour.
Speaker 0 01:01:12 Yes.
Speaker 2 01:01:15 So that is what we do on there, but the nub, but more than an hour's enough if he didn't come back, but he have a long time. Um, from the chemo side effects, he had liver cancer, but no more liver lung cancer, but the nerve damage. So, but he put it on himself. Boom open. So it's really very interesting. All right. Amy people call them and digestion Dave from Canada. So they'd be on the call in first Vegas, 11, 12
Speaker 0 01:02:16 Conference. What?
Speaker 2 01:02:22 And the other one, they put it in the Baptist model and they try, they blend all that idea. I love the surgery now when we put it on and all day here in.
Speaker 0 01:02:33 Oh, okay.
Speaker 2 01:02:48 How are you feeling
Speaker 0 01:02:54 So hot right now?
Speaker 2 01:02:58 Yes. How are you viewing that, Jim?
Speaker 0 01:03:02 Yes.
Speaker 2 01:03:05 I know. Don't jump out.
Speaker 0 01:03:11 Yeah.
Speaker 2 01:03:15 <inaudible> 25.
Speaker 0 01:03:38 Is the Bruce there also?
Speaker 2 01:03:44 Oh, so it's a long routes. A LA and new people.
Speaker 0 01:03:51 Yeah.
Speaker 2 01:03:58 Yes. So that'd be <inaudible> open doula fucks.
Speaker 0 01:04:05 Oh, you feel more relaxed? What are you feeling?
Speaker 2 01:04:31 <inaudible> 17. <inaudible> Patrik mop all GFP care. <inaudible> so they'd be open their Vegas. Small <inaudible> bio thought he seven. A nice pen. Ain't need from Dave Canada.
Speaker 3 01:05:20 Okay. Pain, gold plan. Say then a nice pain side. Okay. So that'd be over 21. Keep me the, to live a kidney. I am Jay. All right. How are you doing? <inaudible>
Speaker 4 01:06:57 Um, I went to see my, you said that way better Now?
Speaker 3 01:07:19 Yeah.
Speaker 4 01:07:22 900. What was <inaudible> in the normal back to
Speaker 3 01:07:38 <inaudible> call me here. So that'd be, we'll go and keep me a dream and process. That's the same area. White car. Come on. <inaudible>
Speaker 4 01:08:15 Meet next
Speaker 1 01:08:16 Friday. They're there. We'll find out for sure.
Speaker 2 01:08:20 Medical center long to be, you know, who was, who was to be your press day? Don is my base zoom. Oh, meaning antique. Meaning that it must be one of the older ones. The numbers. So they're on there. Wow. That's a collective <inaudible> in fact the BMC was I've been so using pizza. They thought the kind of breath that day healing the people on the PMC. Yeah. Yeah. <inaudible> she put in daddy's about 15 years ago already. I know. Was everybody laughing? Yeah. But there's a man that now all the nerds commit suicide. Right? So you're a name. I know who else is.
Speaker 1 01:09:38 Christine is bringing it to the council for a vote, but she thinks that we'll move forward and we'll do an intro seminar. And then we'll do a lung seminar to teach them. And maybe they want a class.
Speaker 2 01:09:52 <inaudible>
Speaker 1 01:10:07 Charlotte has another group of nurses from all of the Boston hospitals. And she says, well, let's do this one first, but then we can go there next. I said, okay, let's see
Speaker 2 01:10:19 Whatever the time they keep checks. All right. Who else is on the internet lymphoma, but gene doing good then lymphoma. <inaudible> T one, two, three.
Speaker 1 01:10:43 So they're going to vote next Thursday.
Speaker 2 01:10:46 I tell you the time we changed, I tell you what, it's another joke. The mass general and then 10 new father. Now turn the medicine. They say never ever let him in.
Speaker 0 01:11:24 Oh,
Speaker 2 01:11:29 It's okay. I know. I know who needed also, but Tom and him rarely ever so much Todd and pose with them. <inaudible> so who him more King's up. Right? You can see, we have the whole group. We already go to India. You go the whole Europe. You go, how many of you will be caused with Taiwan? So you can see, I said, <inaudible> occupied there said, Oh, I will. For a hospital. I go, I go for 10 year father. Hey, do you save any lives? The question there is when you're in love to save the life, then why are you walking there? Why aren't you there the name? So I said, I will be tired. I must go to anywhere.
Speaker 0 01:12:26 Yep.
Speaker 2 01:12:32 Um, because we have another girl in the same class. Now she in a hospital and we call in, Hey, Mariah, mountain FieldView, but they're already. Yeah. And they pull him and I,
Speaker 0 01:12:46 Yeah.
Speaker 2 01:12:55 Yes, no, no. The whole time. And neither one is a Tempe there for all set over. I put in my book on the past. So I said, Hey, how many people? And honestly, no one, the <inaudible> remember the first and the other one is I forget it. No, there was covered. He has
Speaker 0 01:13:29 A study where
Speaker 2 01:13:32 He puts it, the laser print on the water, let's say, wow, all the high-tech people waiting on a lie, the bike. I said, why? Didn't lucky people free my ID
Speaker 0 01:13:53 Like this all day.
Speaker 2 01:13:59 Beautiful grids. So she doing
Speaker 0 01:14:05 Okay.
Speaker 2 01:14:08 All of these 10 days. Yeah. Last night.
Speaker 0 01:14:15 <inaudible> just knocked up.
Speaker 2 01:14:24 All right. <inaudible> name is <inaudible> from North Carolina. <inaudible> so I will go the mail dams. That stuff was a challenge. <inaudible> so yes. All right. So let me work on the bread and she's doing good also. Well, I'll see. It's wow. It's a full it's mother. Number one only one minute season. Only one minute. Yeah. Even looked at one minute in the last either. So, okay. Let me open this temporary book from this. <inaudible> going up.
Speaker 0 01:15:25 I'll see if we throw them.
Speaker 2 01:15:37 Yeah. <inaudible> All right. One more time, Jim. You're the only one that PG. So how will you feel of it?
Speaker 0 01:15:53 That's great. All right. Toes it cotton. Cotton cotton, right?
Speaker 2 01:16:13 No, no, no, no, no, no
Speaker 0 01:16:16 Chemo. Chemo. <inaudible> um, yeah, the Sacklers. Okay. <inaudible> Now if you have lupus or <inaudible>,
Speaker 2 01:17:13 I said why all the time in case I said, you want me to the high school? They don't care. I, you know, I've been to make commission. So why is this so easy? You give them the oxygen to the pace, then let's try it. Now. Those ones. All right. So you are here now. We here you are stolen. Ma'am
Speaker 4 01:17:43 So it helping me, like, I can be able to sleep. I can eat, but basically I I'm also happy. I can't even eat at the, I know, feel hungry every time I need to eat, I can feel the air coming up to my dog is up there. So that means when I eat all, I can slow down. And I think I take taking medication for so long. And then, and then I stopped and then it come back.
Speaker 2 01:18:41 So now, you know, eat,
Speaker 4 01:18:43 Um, yes, basically it time for me to eat. I just want or whatever. Wow.
Speaker 2 01:18:56 So when the people know it,
Speaker 4 01:19:01 No,
Speaker 2 01:19:06 Hi is the formulas, no cardiac tools and cardiac and a hyper feminist. All right. So we've used the watch M and M you know, going to make them eat. So open high performance on low eat. It's a, high-performance not psychological eat. No heat is a copy up to open. Yeah. So when they pinch the cardio, then they never feel hungry. The cartel is sending that enemy, that the signal to the doula <inaudible> so <inaudible> is the top on the left side. So they did this on their car because they said, <inaudible> awesome. So let's see, I talked to them and they have like a half. Okay. Now I understand you got that note in nuts. And then I bought that. All right. Even though the only reason I told him that I got a psychiatrist made you eat. No gov, but I told him we miss anyone. But today, yes, I still have in the large prostate, they gave me another PSA test. Last one a month ago, it was normal. I'm like, uh, it's still like, you still have trouble urination. And you still want, if you haven't covered the stroke, my son, I don't know if you've covered that.
Speaker 0 01:21:11 Yes.
Speaker 2 01:21:28 Wow. So they'd be over in this, that <inaudible> the NP. Oh, it's six, seven, eight, nine, um, prostate planter again, How many people are names? And I told them now, Oh, he agrees. He gardens. Um, Jim and yeah.
Speaker 0 01:22:33 <inaudible> and she has been here for surgery. Yes. All right. So we'll open the whole rule and all of the people to get that <inaudible> uh, <inaudible> <inaudible> thank you, everyone for coming. Welcome to wonderful news. We're so happy for you. Welcome if it's your first time, and if you have any questions, please come up and we can answer your questions and meet your daughter. And I think I want to thank Sue for bringing us such sunshine on Halloween lemon lemon. At the third eye, we won't have to think about that. I really thought Tom had come up with something new. I was like, anyway, as always giving is receiving, we appreciate whatever you can donate online. And in our box here, we love having. So you're here on Saturdays and thanks everyone. Trick a treat, but only treat okay.

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