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0067 - Kathy Wilson, Requests. What ails you?

Tong Ren Podcast
0067 - Kathy Wilson, Requests. What ails you?

Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, cancers, organ disorders, etc.  Welcome to the Tong Ren Podcast |

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 30 10 tomorrow is 31st with is Halloween. So it's going to be interesting to see how we celebrate it. I'm copying and pasting here to make sure I don't lose anybody. I'm not getting any feedback. Okay. So how's everyone doing today? All right. So the plan is to work our way through and I just get their list of everybody up on the chat line. And I noticed some of your little getting sneaky, Hey, type in at 8:00 AM in the morning. And it's now five o'clock. So here we go. So we all start off, uh, with Dolly who's here, but not here. And we're looking at arthritis. Let's just open up the energy field. First. I want you to breathe very gently, try and fill your lungs as much as you can three though, just pay attention to your breath. Those areas where you feel pain, breathe in and imagine the air is coming in that area. So whether it's a tumor sore spot, something you misaligned a wound. Doesn't matter. Just imagine breathing in there. They're falling in the spine.
Speaker 1 00:02:48 Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:02:53 There's some attention to the nerves coming down in the left leg. Just check for any blockages coming down, cramping down, I'll be three kidney one just to bring the energy down. And your job is to relax. Let the energy flow and whatever changes happen. You want to make sure that you let them stay. Sometimes we get benefits from being ill and no judgment again, but we're just human living, a human experience. Sometimes we have patterns that are there. Sometimes our family patterns, we are a family, maybe prone to heart stuff, breast cancer, and we kind of fall into that hole. You know, just take a deep breath, feel your body.
Speaker 0 00:04:24 Okay. So Dolly, there you go. So Pat looking at blood pressure in the right arm, blood pressure first. Okay. Coming out the right arm, all that tension. Let's move down to the fingers, tapping for sugar. So if you can try and cut back on your sugar, it's it's always a good idea. Um, maybe if you're with your coffee, sir, try to, instead of having a big spoonful, maybe try and cut it back a little bit at a time. Start reading the labels, limit cans. See what what's in them. Okay. There we go. Balancing Pat and also balancing no Dolly. Hey, so we're onto Regina now. Um, Hey there, uh, so we're looking at diabetes too. This time I'm going to haul up the points. I feel better. We've had a little bit of a discussion on the practitioner site and, and what I find is, uh, my brain just starts floating anyway. Apparently that sets, uh, not unusual. So other people have been identified in the same issue. Someone was saying that she, she forgets the points when she kept. So case were osteoporosis. First of all, for you, Regina.
Speaker 1 00:06:37 Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:06:41 They blocked it key one. So we'll just give it a little bit more of a shimmy and a shake. And so I feel, I feel better misery and company or company and misery and yeah, I'm glad I'm not the only one that's floating out there. So someone says she has trouble speaking. So Your brain around and just allow
Speaker 1 00:07:08 Us.
Speaker 0 00:07:12 So we're doing diabetes,
Speaker 1 00:07:24 Which is the triple warmer.
Speaker 0 00:07:54 Okay. We did blood pressure already, but let's just do it again. Just wondered it opened up everything.
Speaker 1 00:08:07 Good.
Speaker 0 00:08:07 Tap the points you can open up that. Got that one. Right?
Speaker 1 00:08:20 Blood pressure. I have to look this one up, sorry. Sorry about that. We'll work in the arteries now supporting the muscles in the vessels out there. Thyroid auto-immune dry eyes and mouth. What is she doing? Okay. You look, you feel good Suzanne today. So we're looking at to start off with very soft light energy today. It's lovely and floating to the auto-immune points, the dry eyes and the dry mouth. Just tap your eyes in your ground and just bring it in cervical dystonia. Think I'm sorry, Karen. I'm just going to go back to Suzanne here. We'll do this for everybody. Who's willing to do some promotional points flipping around their Suzanne sourced. See if we can just relax. We'll come right back to you, Karen, for everybody working those emotional points. She focusing on the pineal gland in the middle of the head. Okay. All right. Let's see. Note yet again and on to Karen. So back for cervical dystonia, Karen, big breaths, deep breaths, and also names. When you try to fill your lungs, it hurts, but try and get them
Speaker 2 00:14:52 Get more air in them. Cause you're going to find you feel so much better. You get more oxygen to the cell And you can count your breasts or I can get one of those little apps on your phone,
Speaker 1 00:15:13 Cervical dystonia
Speaker 2 00:15:15 Onto the scoliosis here.
Speaker 1 00:15:48 So hopefully this is helping Karen
Speaker 2 00:15:56 And on dot, sorry, constipation
Speaker 1 00:16:04 On the lower back stomach stolen stomach ready and higher up higher. Higher.
Speaker 2 00:16:54 Thanks ladies. Ready? And you count up some meat. Yeah,
Speaker 1 00:17:04 It's very confusing. Okay. There we go.
Speaker 2 00:17:10 Okay. Balancing you out onto your mom. The disc L four L five. Okay. We're going to put Kathy in on this too, because these are her back points is what else have we got?
Speaker 1 00:17:39 Let's
Speaker 2 00:17:39 Just roll all the way down the spine again
Speaker 1 00:17:44 Is to get some cheese. Yeah. Bring her down.
Speaker 0 00:17:53 Go five, four, five, four, five. Okay. I think we got them both can a rash under the belly button. So let's just tap skin and I'll do that. I'll point with the ashy point. Talking about belly buttons. Very interesting. When I had my bunch, I have my, one of my sisters had an Audi Audi belly button and I thought that was so gross. So every single one of my kids I used to, I took a very fine cotton piece of cotton and I wrapped her little belly buttons, you know, just so they would all be in ease. So anyway, somebody told me the other day that I was pointless. So funny, the stuff that you do, but I was just determined. I wasn't going to have any Audis. Goodness. I'm sure there's nothing wrong with Audis, but just notice for me, I just couldn't couldn't do it. So when you, I heard it's not, somebody told me they read an article the other day. That didn't really matter what you did.
Speaker 0 00:19:20 Okay. Did he go that your mom now accept, we're looking at sleep. So getting back to this as is, we need to kind of, you know, get our shit together. If you know what I mean, you know, get our ducks in a row because you know, this COVID is going to last a little bit longer. It's still going to be a lot of crisis that we're going to read in the news where we're feeling, we're feeling other people's angers, especially if you're intuitive. And most of you are, I would say probably there was no one who isn't that is on this call. And as an intuitive, you pick up other people's energies and their emotions, whether you realize it or not. Okay. So they go for your mom, please. I wanted to page, hi, Paige. She's wants the angel points here. So again, let me just get the top here. So the word and that word on the street is where people are feeling dreams with these
Speaker 1 00:20:48 Points. I'm actually going to go around the one on the top and do the four around it as well. Why not? Closer to the ear. Let's roll the other side. So what we're doing is we're affecting the pineal gland. Get around it as well. Roll around the head. You've got a little headband on, you know, when you go jogging, you wear headbands here, the sweat doesn't get in your eyes besides looks pretty cool. Let's go head band around the head as well. And what's more on the points. Oops. Okay. There you go. Page two. We've got Theresa next. Um, Hey Teresa in her arms, torso and back a little stress rashy. Okay, here we go. Stress rash.
Speaker 1 00:22:31 It's still annoying. Okay, here we go. The stress. So often we say we can't control what's around us. It's another story, but, um, but we can control how we react to it. So this is where you've got to get yourself a little bit organized and try not to fly off the handle about what's going on. Let's just tap the areas in her arms, feel itchy, itchy, just get some energy on that area. See if that helps tremor Parkinson's symptoms. Parkinson's digestion, skin condition. And tonight is from my husband. Let's just start off with the tremors. She just had a little haircut. She smells very nice. So we're doing tremors here. I'm going to put Andrea and then on this as well. Got it. Digestion. Okay, here we go. Digestion as well as congestion. And as we do this word, sort of in our minds, we see
Speaker 0 00:29:42 That those little hairs in your ears. We see any crap, any dirt, any mucus, any ear wax. We see all of that. Just kind of releasing itself. Kind of leaving me, tapping yourself. Okay. So balancing a moat. Okay. And I'll bring it up so you can see your little haircut. Got a little hair cut up this girl. So say hi to everybody. You're a bit sleepy. Aren't you? Hey, do you want to say hi? Say hi to me. I'm going to give me a kiss. Nope. We don't want to do anything. We're just tired. We're just tired. Tired. Are you tired? You're tired. Okay. We'll say goodbye and then put you back down. Okay, here we go. Let's see one more by now. She's she's really tired. Okay. There you go.
Speaker 0 00:31:00 There you go. You have a nice sleep there. Nicola down. Why down? You can lie down. Lie down, lie down, lie down, lie down, lie down, lie down Delmonico. And there's a treat food. I'll do anything for puppies. Okay. So we're on to Esther. Now. I asked her puppy smell. She smells great. The groomer I have to ask what shampoo she uses should wait for another one here. Okay. One more treatment. That's all I got. All right. So parathyroid still sitting there waiting for more amount of biscuit, slow doggy biscuits. That's a kid. I'm to be more
Speaker 1 00:32:45 Parathyroid. Let's do your thyroid as well. Since we're in the neighborhood. Parathyroid. Okay. Down to the bladder bladder. Well, hello there. She's just sitting there looking dopey. We were at the vet yesterday day before yesterday. And I think I said this already. You said you have to watch out for, because apparently he's lost some clients Emma's size. I said to him, well, I have to tell you, I saw a Wolf in our backyard, so we're watching. Okay. So here we are down to the bladder, still coming at it from the front. We're looking at the left side. So the energy down that leg, just ground down. It should be three on the ankle. Then we'll go down to the bottom
Speaker 2 00:35:41 Shooting the juice right up. Right. A few lakes. Okay. So we've got, uh, Elaine. Now he, there are hopping around the countries. Okay. So we're looking at, uh, bowel function, pallets hormones. What do the hormones as well?
Speaker 1 00:36:36 Sorry to be here screen.
Speaker 2 00:36:53 Okay. So here we go. Are you ready? Okay. A bowel function to start off with Balancing hormones. Okay. And Andrea is not with us, but will Henry, is it on this as well?
Speaker 1 00:37:44 Excuse me.
Speaker 2 00:38:04 Back on the pineal clan, optimize the melatonin. That's another thing, those of you who are having trouble sleeping, just kind of stand at the door of your bedroom and sort of think, okay, what am I doing here? When am I going to bed? If you're going to bed at midnight or one, o'clock no wonder you're not sleeping. So, um, yeah. Are, have you got your TV in your
Speaker 0 00:38:36 Well, well, well wonder you're not sleeping too. Well. Do you sleep with your, um, your, um, your phone or, or one of your pads with you? You know, your or your tablets? Is that, is that beside you? In your bed? So, and what about the curtains when you close it? Misery enough to get rid of all the light. They're just kind of stand at the door and pretend you're somebody else and do a little investigation. Why you're not sleeping. Can you still do hormones here? Does your bed too hard? Is it too high up? Are the covers? Are you too hot at night? Are you too cold at night?
Speaker 0 00:39:37 Kind of figure it out. So you can probably do some tweaking and, uh, and make your sleep a lot easier, but you do meet more sleep, sleep. And so Elaine, your body's telling you that you need, it's sort of running on lack of sleep right now. It's telling me it. Doesn't always, it isn't always like that. Just to hear you seem to need a bit more rest. Okay. There we go. Down to the kidneys and the sex organs. Okay. There's the hormones, bowel function. We've done Ks or brain circulation risk to bring the energy into the brain.
Speaker 0 00:40:34 Now, if you're reading your tablet, when you go to bed, you know, or reading the news and maybe not a good idea, I was younger. I could sleep this this bad. Actually I had to, we just take Shakespeare. Why they would give you Shakespeare? I don't know. Maybe somebody else has got a clue, but not me. Every year in high school, you would get Shakespeare and you would have to read it. And then you would have to read it out loud. And then you would get a record where you would listen to some actor reading Shakespeare. And then, I mean, does Nan, it just kept going on and on and on. And then you'd have to act it out. You have to act Shakespeare out. So this was, this took weeks, weeks. And then, uh, and then the last bit is of course, you'd go to Stratford festival or you'd see a Shakespeare play. But by that time you were Shakespeare. So I don't know how real sell about it. So anyway, to go to sleep, I would, I would search on Julius Caesar and usually by the second page I was out. So, so fighting tricks to get you to, to go to sleep. And that Julie Caesar will put me to sleep within the second page. So okay. There we go. Um, we're on two right shoulder for Isaac.
Speaker 0 00:42:22 Okay. Right shoulder again. I'm going to go deep here tapping the top muscles, but we're also going down. Cool. Hold your breath. Okay. So we're onto your mum now, mobile chew all at once for macular degeneration was like working on your mom degeneration, the highs habits, because we're heading into the back of the eyes. Let's tap the front just to ground the energy in them. Okay. And balancing out to your dad for the lungs, having the spine point. That sounds like I'm reading the phone book, tapping the spine and let's do the lungs themselves. So we're still going with this COVID so one of the things you're finding your people are having trouble with. They're not talking to anybody. So, um, so if you have some friends, maybe you can give them a call, write cheat notes down. If you haven't done any to say no. When you were first phoning somebody, either a guy or a girl, when you're in your younger days, you'd write down little notes of things you were going to say to see you didn't sound stale. So yeah. Give him a call and just be surprised how grateful they will be for that.
Speaker 0 00:44:51 Okay. There we go. Here's your dad all done balancing all of you out. Okay. So we're on to osteoarthritis now for G G D nine 42 of these pits here. Sorry. Okay. So coming down here for all arthritis filling. Okay. And when we do calcium balancing, we haven't done that yet. So we're going to roll the calcium. So this again, it's takes any of the free range, calcium that you got too much of what's it? Back in the bones and the teeth also, I would think also. So think about any areas where you think you've got too much calcium, whether it's around an organ in your veins, just kind of imagine that leaving got plaque in your arteries or veins, just kind of see the plaque. That's all thing. Moving out and back into the bones, go still balancing calcium, tapping the thyroid, the parents I wrote for their part in it.
Speaker 0 00:46:51 And then down to the kidneys gave me these dogs. Didn't they go somewhere else. The larger one is, keeps walking around the desk and coming under, pushing my legs. And then he then walks around again and comes back when she's doing the other ones. It's exhausting going to the groomers, having a bath, getting your hair, cut your fur, cut. Getting your nails trimmed. It's exhausting. Okay. So there we go. Balancing the calcium and the low back pain. We try to cover that with someone today, with low back pain, we tried a couple of acupressure points on it, the same thing here, some of them we use acupressure points if they help the back pain and the right hip flexor coming down.
Speaker 0 00:48:38 Okay. There you go. Okay. We've got Joe next. Hey Joe. Okay. So we've got, um, Joe's not on, but we'll keep going anyway. Okay. This is breast for metastasizing to the spine and the ball. She put this on Oh, four 36. Just remember what you come in and replay. It's just as effective. So you find anybody's session mine or anybody. Else's this really kind of knocks your socks off. And uh, you know, you go back and listen to it and replay again, plugging what clay has done. And it's also on podcasts. So I know some of us aren't used to using podcasts, but some of us are. And so you'll just, you won't get the video part, but you'll get the, you'll get the tapping and you'll get the, the verbiage. So again, you can go on podcast and it's on many, many formats. So can pull it off the site, which is Tong, Ren But I think you have to put the HTTPS ahead of it or just Google Tomlin podcasts. And it comes up particularly if you have, if you're in a lot of pain, if got cancer, if you've got somebody like ms or lupus, um, good idea to keep anything really just go on and listen. It's very helpful. Okay. There we go. There you go, Joe.
Speaker 0 00:50:51 Okay. So we've got X 12, got sad. Sciatica. Oh, good osteopenia on the left side. Remember loss solution. Okay. So here we go. Let's say Attica again. And you know where the same, we've all got the same bodies, you know, but we're, but we're different in ways we are different. So, so your pain, maybe in the same place as someone else's, but it's your pain. So some of us have a very low pain tolerance is some of us have high pain tolerance is okay. So on the, on the side here again, don't, we'll probably be going more than an hour here. Oh, five, five, five. That's perfect.
Speaker 0 00:51:57 Okay. So if you have to go just mentally stay connected is kind of, because you're still getting the benefit. It's funny. This has been a day of, of same numbers. I've had four I've gone in and tried to go to do something. And I'm thinking about whether this work or not. There's 11, 11, and there's five, five, five, 10 right now. So I always think that's like add a boy, a Pat on the back when I'm trying to solve a problem that I look up and there's all the same numbers for, at a grass. Okay. Here we go.
Speaker 0 00:52:48 So on the static essay, Attica, okay. Osteopenia, osteopenia, left side. That's going to bring the energy out from your spine. Feels like that's the thing to do. Okay. And we're just going to tap your head a bit and feel a little bit, a little bit. We be kind of like a Baikal knock, knock, knock at your door. I'd be standing there. And where are you? AP in particular bit of time to get to the front door. So let's get this waviness out. Okay. There we go. Okay. Casey memory loss, confusion, Stu memory, memory, memory, memory.
Speaker 0 00:54:13 So one of the things did happen a away here. Like a lot of times, as we get older, we had even more and more younger. It happens. So one of the things is you can build new pathways in your brain. So for example, if you're, if you're having trouble remembering things, and for example, you can start writing stuff down, like if you're, you know, shopping lists or whatever, and then, uh, and then do it again, like sort of process it again. So if you're another example, if you're, you're trying to appear introduced to somebody, you know, think that they introduced you and you've got their name and, and it's just gonna disappear. Trust me. So then you kind of think, think their name again, and then, and then maybe two or three minutes later after you've walked away, think their name again. And in the same time, trying to make some sort of rhyme with it or, or match their clothing with their name or, or make some sort of connection that you can kind of remember their name. And that really seems to help the short-term memory.
Speaker 0 00:55:37 So it might be looking at the we'd go we're working memory problems. For example, for shopping less, you could be looking at the grocery flyers and green pepper. So write green tappers down and then look at the, in the flyer. And, uh, and that sort of solidifies the pathways a little bit. So it takes a little bit of extra time, but it's worth it in the long run. He used the word, let's just do the confusion, hallucinations. No worries. It wasn't the worst. It was very stressful. I was doing a workshop and that was, um, about four people that were, were a little further on in their years. Let's put it this way. And so it was lunchtime and they were, they were talking about movies or something. I don't know how to, what the topic was, something like that. And they were trying to remember an actress name and they went on and on and on, and nobody had the actor's name.
Speaker 0 00:56:55 It was four of them for heaven sakes, and they're going on. And, uh, and the conversation kept going, you know, well maybe you, you know, was he in this movie? And it just went on. It was painful listening to it. So finally, after about 50 minutes, they decided that nobody knew this person. And, uh, and it was okay, but listening to the live, I like, you've gotta be kidding me. I mean, I would have dropped the conversation after two minutes, but they were going on an audit anyway. It was a little bit on the funny side, but they, at the end, they, they just sort of acknowledged nobody and nor could they get it out of the recesses of their, their brain.
Speaker 0 00:57:43 So you can rewire those. What I'm saying is you can put a little bit of practice and you find you're forgetting things. There's try and rewire yourself, takes a little bit of effort. Doesn't come without some energy thrown at it, which means effort. So there we go. And what else have we got for him? We've got the cataract still cataracts and the diabetes Kathy, behind the eyes here. I don't know why. It just feels like that's where to go. And then the cataracts diabetes. Okay. So balancing Casey out. So hopefully that helped. We've got Gwen next, take one. All right, Danny.
Speaker 0 00:59:24 Okay. So the numbers, Elaine it's, um, you can sort of take what you want out of it, but for me that when I get numbers like that, it's like, uh, it's it's giving me the AOK so often I'll be thinking something and, uh, and then the numbers will come up and I'm like, yeah, that's I should do it or whatever. Okay. So Gwen, we're on to you now. We're on. Yeah, here we go. <inaudible> at same time. And I'm hearing, I don't know why the right side here. Okay. Down, down the right leg and just a little hit balance here and say hi again, Emma, just work fooling around. Okay. Balancing out there. Okay. So we're onto now, Marie also you're up in Ottawa area, word, cataract gum and teeth issues. Neurological disorder. Cognitive function. Okay. So the laser devices are a little difficult, so they're really wonderful because you can just shine it right on. So laser devices, so what do we use for Tom Ryan? You can pretty well use anything. You have to make sure you don't shine in your eyes or anything. Um, but the D
Speaker 2 01:02:20 The laser goes on the doll and what it does is it stimulates or opens blockages or adds energy. So you're not looking at cutting it and taking stuff out. You're just adding energy. Uh, the best laser to get is a Bushnell one, a Bushnell laser. Uh, if you want to tag me all, I'll send you the information. They don't sell them anymore, but you certainly can get them on, um, eBay. Uh, so that's another place. Um, it used to be the, um, what is the other one you can get? So you want one, you can kind of tip up so I can kind of have a little look for you. So that's email me and I'll, I'll send you a little bit of, of where you get them. Lasers are really expensive. Some of them, so we, these ones seem to go for 30, 30, $5 or less. Sometimes you can get to use Bushnell for 12 bucks on eBay, and then it costs a lot to ship it, but then you've got it. So, okay. So we're onto the cataracts and the gum and teeth. Let's just open up to the neck here. These lasers are good for adding energy in the dog and area. They're good for, um, sort of sending energy to tumors, giving them, which allows them to shrink areas of pain for opening blockages. So you just take the doll and you shine the laser on the spot.
Speaker 2 01:03:54 There was a company I'm kind of giving away all my secrets. There was a company that sold, uh, you know, like I buy promotional items and they were dumping lasers at one point. So they were little yellow ones and they were great. I sold hundreds and hundreds of those, but, uh, there's one that, uh, somebody seems to be selling lot of tripod. So every once in a while I look around, see if I can find any, but it's not easy, but they're really nice for the Tong Ren, because they were passively of working on yourself. So, yeah, just grabbed my email, tag me on the email there, Maria. And I'll send you a couple of links of suggestions. So actual ones that are out there for sale, the ones you want, or are the picture lasers, ones, that level pitchers. They're the best ones, not the ones you paste on the wall. Okay. How are we doing here? So we're looking at, um, cognitive function,
Speaker 0 01:05:33 Cognitive function. Let's just innovate the Vegas nerve and we'll follow it through touches. All the organs will innovate the phrenic nerve as well, using a laser it's very easy. You'll have like a quick pain throw the laser autumn. So there you go. We're also going to look at neurogenesis here, just regenerating nerves. So just give you a bit of support there or are we now? Okay. All right. So Dolly, we got y'all ready. Here we go. Hernia on the Naval issues. Here we go. Let's start off with your head here. And then we'll move down our area, but lasers, I've spent so much time trying to find a decent supplier. And, uh, so far I have not been successful. So if you're just looking for one or two, you certainly can get the money Bay here and get them to the home hardware store, but they don't always have them. So where the hardware stores. Yeah. They don't always seem to sell them.
Speaker 0 01:09:14 So there you go. Hernia, Pam's going to tap the ACCI point here. So ideas to bring in the energy. Okay. There we go. Bouncing out. Okay. So hopefully that helped. So we're on, I'm going to hop over to Facebook. See what's going on over there. Let me just find it, take a second to load this crazy Facebook. Okay. So I, Kathy Dave, is this the first way? See, let me see if I can roll it up all the way out till it opens up. Oh, it does. Okay. That's the way to do it. All right. So we're starting with Kelly. Um, who's in the field here, and then we're looking at Kathy friend, Shawn, who is recovering from COVID. He also has diabetes and has been having boats with pneumonia. He's 110 days plus in the hospital. Okay. So let's do the COVID points here. Um, scrap them up. And again, these are good for those that have it, those that to stop having it, stop having it, and those that are recovering from it. So here we go, rolling into the COVID points.
Speaker 1 01:11:14 Okay. So, and you can get these, um,
Speaker 2 01:11:19 On tongue written, on the front page.
Speaker 1 01:11:25 Okay. Starting off with the immune system, lungs and airway points.
Speaker 2 01:11:33 One is blocked on Sean. So let's get that.
Speaker 1 01:11:36 Yeah.
Speaker 2 01:11:46 So this'll get, uh, the immune system pneumonia as well.
Speaker 1 01:11:54 Diabetes will cover again.
Speaker 2 01:11:57 Anti-inflammation
Speaker 1 01:12:03 Lungs and airways tapping the exosomes,
Speaker 2 01:12:23 Backed up for eyes, ears, nose, and throat
Speaker 1 01:12:39 Is yours, nose and throat
Speaker 2 01:12:52 Definitely being salivation in the mouth name chips.
Speaker 1 01:12:56 Oh,
Speaker 2 01:13:03 Okay. This is also good for anybody that has viral issue,
Speaker 1 01:13:11 Long issues. So I'll do the bone marrow, have an immune cells. The lungs now tapping the lungs. Some cells clearing out anything that's and seeing the
Speaker 2 01:13:44 Lungs is being very healthy.
Speaker 1 01:13:52 Seeing the lung
Speaker 2 01:13:53 Tissue is healing itself.
Speaker 1 01:14:01 Okay. Onto the heart cardiovascular system,
Speaker 0 01:14:16 Cardiovascular system, cardiovascular system was still going on it, looking at the phrenic nerve down to the diaphragm, promoting oxygen, mourning oxygen, and just relax. Let your body just receive the, the shifts. Try and get out of your head. The tappings too loud for you to just turn it down a bit. Okay. You got the diaphragm for the breathings will just come across the diaphragm to support it while we're at it. I'm just going to run up and support the head here and just bring some energy into the brain area. Again, more oxygen. Okay. We're now onto the emotions here. Calming anxiety, fear.
Speaker 0 01:15:55 I think I need to go back to the lungs and give them some more support supporting the lungs. Okay. Again, back to the oxygen optimizing, innervating the phrenic nerve. What are we doing? Okay. Back to the emotions. Calming anxiety and fear. Calming stress. Okay. What's the Bill's angel points. So it's really trying to let go of fear and worry and tightness. Um, upper John for spiritual strength, which is again, coming into the pineal gland and filling the lower John tin with lots of juice. Lots of energy. Stay on that till we got everybody topped up. Somebody you were actually totally empty. Some of you are just down a court. Here we go. You're filling up fast though.
Speaker 0 01:17:35 We're filling you to optimum for yourself. Okay. And last but not least point to rebuild this things are going to be the same, but different. Okay. There we go. So there's a cast that's for your friend, Sean. Okay. So we're looking at, um, Paul now, which is drew or doing pancreas in a UTI. Why this crazy. Oh, okay. I think we got it. So, all right. So this is for drew for pancreas. Tell winter's combinate. Look, it's getting dark outside. Halloween, scary, scary lawns on our street. They've got ghosts and are just sort of sneak. People are getting very creative. They have ghosts kind of hanging out the doors and there's one place. It's got this little figure of a girl just kind of leaning forward. And she looks pretty, pretty scary. I don't know why people like that. I have trouble watching horror movies. I am not a horror movie person. Okay. Here we go. It was a drew where I was still on your pancreas and your UTI eyes. Let's just get your immune system bumped up. Okay. I'm getting, you need to kind of bring some more water through your system.
Speaker 0 01:19:26 Okay. Not tap water. I'm getting filtered water, but you check with yourself whether that's what you need. Okay. Working the immune system and down to the UTI. Okay. So there you go through just going to balance you out now and let me just see, there's a couple of other blockage points on you. I'm just going to on them and I'm open. One of them is in your little head and the others are your neck. Okay. There you go. Okay. So Janice is asking, will it be still be effective if I'm busy with something else, but am listening to a live session podcast or replay? So the answer is yes. So you get just as much benefit listening to a replay and you just follow the same protocol is just, just relax, connect to the call. You can turn it down a bit. If you want, you can be doing the dishes.
Speaker 0 01:20:56 I mean, it's always better, supposedly if you're more connected, but you're still getting the benefit of it. So you can have it on when you're working. But again, you need to mentally connect to it, connect to the, to what's going on. And then once you've kind of turned the dial or, or mentally connected, you're there, you're there. So you don't have to. Yeah. It's just as effective in replay. And you may find some, you like better, like these, these a two-hour ones with me are kind of long to listen to, but you might find part of it. Like, can you just keep replaying it? So, so yeah, it's all about you. It's all about what do you need? What do you want for yourself? And I, you know, no one can tell you, but you, you know, no one can, you know, you're the boss of yourself and that's where you need to start. Okay. How do I know where I left off? Cause it's what I, um, I get kind of sneaky here when I come on, it says welcome to Tong rain station. So that's, that's what I flip over to Facebook. Cause I cause a good marker for me to come back. Okay. Patricia picking a little trip to California. Okay. Uh, tight neck and trapeze. Here we go, please. It is coming down to the neck.
Speaker 0 01:22:29 Okay. And the trapeze, can you bring it out from the spine here to the heart? So pull that up. I'm starting to float out to space, Nan, and then in a cue card here. Okay. Here we go. So we're off the way we hop around. Okay. So we're looking at, um, still going sore on the trapeze here. Okay. We've done the digestion, but I'm going to roll it again down the spine. It's Tom is not complicated. So, and I'm not negating how, you know, the people that are doing it, particularly myself, but uh, you know, you just, all you need is the doll and the hammer and the lazy bum book. And you know, if you want to help other people, you know, just get those three things, you get more books. If you want, you can read what's on the internet, but just find somebody who doesn't feel well, you know, and uh, you know, find out what their condition is. Have a little Jack with them in case we're onto the heart with you now, starting off with doing the muscle.
Speaker 0 01:24:29 Yeah. So you have a little talk with them on the phone, or I'll just be on the phone now and find out what's going on with them and then write down what they say and then go to the lazy bum book and look up the points and write them down and you can phone the person back and you got your treatment. So always good idea to start off with the emotion points, but you know, pretty much you'll get success right away. So, so, you know, if you want to help someone, that's the way to do it. It's not that complicated. You'll learn as you go along, which you'll be making a difference right. From the start. If you're wanting to, if you've been laid off and you want to earn extra money here, I'm plugged in Tong, Renee. Um, okay. So going on the heart here, uh, you know, if you want earn extra money, I mean, you could just, what do you need decide to fall?
Speaker 0 01:25:23 You know, do all hammer, lazy, bum book, note, pad, pencil, or pen, and a phone. And you're pretty well in business. So if you want to get a little business going, you know, where you're home with the kids, actually, most people are home. Um, and or you can do it in the hours when they're sleeping, you can kind of adjust your schedule to work on people when you're, you know, when you're available. So it's, uh, that's a pretty, it's a good, it's a good modality. If it's to start, if you want to start an energy practice, there's no doctor of Tongan medicine, enthusiastic participants.
Speaker 0 01:26:16 I hope they're making a difference. Okay. So that's your heart. I'm just going to come in from the front there. Okay. Balancing you out. Okay. And then we've got Samuel, um, let's boost the energy. I'm just gonna hit a couple of the Oregon's kidneys, the adrenals to the prostate as well, just because I can prostate. And let's just look at his little brain brain's doing. Let's just give them some emotional release here. Some common points just to kind of help things roll a little better. And there we go. Balancing them mode. Okay. So we're how are we doing here?
Speaker 0 01:27:37 Okay. So we're on to bow. So for the lasers, Evelyn saying, answer may have them soon check. Hey, Joe has them as well. Um, but the links I give you will be not Tom Ren people selling the most. Put it that way. Get everybody done here. Better hurry up here. Okay. So we've got a Geno here. So we're tapped for bowl cancer in the lymph lining of the left lung. Okay. So we're starting, I should've done you first when we were doing the bowl here. So we're looking at, um, lymph here, cancer in the long area. I'm gonna have to switch dolls. This one's okay. So we're looking at the organ itself, but we're also looking at all the mining around and also the stomach, the emotional points. Okay. So knowing we've got you in the collective as well, doing the chemo side effects, chemo side effects. So we're on to, um, do you know here and prostate health, PSA levels coming down, you also Samuel, we're paying attention to you and John as well. Okay. So there we go. Okay. Balancing you out. Okay. There you go. Um, tight neck lungs.
Speaker 1 01:32:03 Okay. Here we go. Tight neck, shoulders.
Speaker 2 01:32:29 We're going to get jazz 10 in on this lung thing.
Speaker 1 01:32:37 Let me get everyone done for the shoulder here
Speaker 2 01:32:59 On the lungs. Again, Happy, no lung point on the spine. And then let's go into the lungs and
Speaker 1 01:33:11 Shake, shake them up here, baby. Some activity, some energy in there.
Speaker 2 01:33:20 Your body has the programming to heal itself.
Speaker 1 01:33:29 You
Speaker 2 01:33:29 Just need to step out of the way and let
Speaker 1 01:33:32 It do what
Speaker 2 01:33:35 You could kind of look at what you're doing to see why the heck
Speaker 1 01:33:38 You got this way.
Speaker 2 01:33:42 Judgment. It is what it is. You're just being human.
Speaker 1 01:33:51 Okay.
Speaker 2 01:33:57 Um, that great shoulder lungs. Okay. On to your mum for the vertigo,
Speaker 1 01:34:04 Osteoporosis and fatigue, vertical here.
Speaker 2 01:34:23 It's real putting faster on people, I guess. Cause we've been going for a bit.
Speaker 1 01:34:28 Okay. Coming
Speaker 2 01:34:29 Down the osteoporosis, let's just look at the bones here. Are we bringing in the calcium balancing sort of and plating that side. Okay. So for Tega we're gonna start off just for your mom on the mental point.
Speaker 1 01:35:10 Cause this is
Speaker 2 01:35:10 Kind of making us tired, you know, all
Speaker 1 01:35:12 The uncertainty around us.
Speaker 2 01:35:23 So that's where you got to kind of figure out things and get some certainty around you.
Speaker 1 01:35:27 Yeah.
Speaker 2 01:35:40 There we go. Um, for your dad, muscular strength circulation. Okay. Let's get the emotional first of all and including your mom again on that,
Speaker 1 01:35:52 You too Emotional strength.
Speaker 2 01:36:03 Okay. It's circulation. So let's just support the heart start. I'm sending energy all out to the arteries And then feeling it, come back through the vein.
Speaker 1 01:36:29 Okay.
Speaker 2 01:36:29 Having the whole vein system and artery system in the body.
Speaker 1 01:36:40 Okay. There you go. Do the doors for a minute
Speaker 2 01:37:15 And he would go balancing out for all of you.
Speaker 1 01:37:22 Okay?
Speaker 2 01:37:23 Okay. So we've got lefty back liver and speed spleen. Now. Hey there, this is for mama.
Speaker 1 01:37:31 So let's do the come and do the back first,
Speaker 2 01:37:37 Just rolling down the spine, stopping and bringing energy into the leg area to the Lord, God,
Speaker 1 01:37:48 Down to the left knee emotion in these,
Speaker 0 01:37:56 This area. So, okay.
Speaker 2 01:38:04 So I'm just going to go back to her emotional heart getting I can't get it out. So let's go back and see if we can kind of relate.
Speaker 0 01:38:18 Yeah. We store emotion in ourselves. There's specific. Yeah.
Speaker 2 01:38:22 Areas. But those people are, tend to tricky, tricky where they put it.
Speaker 0 01:38:29 We'll see it in areas like the liver, the stomach, the knees. And I'll be seeing the heart kind of softening that hard area. Just give her permission to let it go crap, roll to her. And let's
Speaker 2 01:38:57 Do the anxiety and depression Moving on to quell desire. Ha sounds like Harry Potter, well desire and do accept and let in.
Speaker 0 01:39:26 Okay. On your brain connection with the universe,
Speaker 2 01:39:42 There's a little bit like labor in a good for people that haven't been through it. But you know, at the end, you know, there's a baby in sight, right. But the contractions are like right on top of each other. And the thought is I can't do this. I can't do this, but you're already there. You're kind of already there. So it feels like that with you a little bit. It's like, you're already on the, it's like you're at the first step for what you're looking for
Speaker 0 01:40:12 And you've come a long way to get here, but you're doubting yourself here.
Speaker 2 01:40:19 We're going to clear your senders in your receivers,
Speaker 0 01:40:22 Your little, your
Speaker 2 01:40:24 Radio equipment. Clear that.
Speaker 0 01:40:47 Okay.
Speaker 2 01:40:48 It's like somebody telling you something and you're like, no, it's not.
Speaker 0 01:40:55 Their voice is calm and logical and you're going, no, it's not. Anyway. So we just kind of opened that pineal gland. So it helps. Okay. There we are. So you're saying the words, but do you believe that the question you're saying the right words, you're processing the right information, but do you believe it? Okay, so we're wanted to Kim bees now, um, mold. Okay. So let's do that. And also jazz is asking for detoxing as well. So let's do that. Let's do it for both of you. Excuse me. That that's on my throat again today. I'm do big detox detox. And this is so we're going to go right into the cells for this down deep.
Speaker 0 01:42:02 Here we go. I don't know why I'm bothering looking them up. I just sort of floating here. So okay. Starting off with the liver here. So we're detoxing and this again is for everyone and getting that liver go on at the same time, we're going to see if they'll release some anger out of it. Just some of that emotional stuff, sit down there for the elimination of getting it out of the body task somewhere in our minds. We're just seeing all of this. Any chemicals, anything that's causing problems, viruses Tyria mold. So when our mind we're just seeing transform transmute kind of just move out of the body will bumpy immune system.
Speaker 0 01:44:05 Okay. So you're kind of tied up the top here a little bit on the stubborn side with played this point along and you're still tight. What is going on? So let's just bring the energy out. Okay. There we go. And we're going to bring in the bioelectricity or just bump it up, bring it cheese. Yes. We've done a long under the fatigue. Now we've done the brain. Cause that's partly where it's coming from. Also do the daunting and again, pretty full let's. Just look at the adrenals and some of the organs and glands. Okay. Onto the emotional points.
Speaker 0 01:45:28 Okay. There we go. Done and dusted. Okay. So jazz, we did the lungs for you and the detox thing. So, um, so we'll look at you too. You're also asking for release of pain in the back and the shoulders. Okay. Here we go. Thanks. Going to open up the neck, right. And left side coming down the back spine. Okay. We're rolling out the neck, rolling up the shoulders from the spine. It's bringing the energy down the arm sides. Just get in touch that acupressure point, get that loose. And so this may shift things right away for people, or it could take a little while, or it could just be a minor shift. So just go with what you get in your body. It'll take what it needs out of all of this.
Speaker 0 01:46:50 Okay. Just going to balance right. And left hemisphere and balancing you out. Okay. So we've got insomnia now with an high-end. Okay. What kind of insomnia thinks we're doing? Insomnia. Okay. Let me talk about that. What kind of look at your sleeping situation? You know, it's your room clutter, do you know? Have you got your office desk in there? So when you go to bed, you're still thinking, or is your computer in your room or you're still working, you know, you're still thinking about working and also kind of figure out what's, what's detracting you from actually getting to sleep. And somebody told me once, I don't know if it's true or not, but I wasn't that interested to really check it out. But they told me that he said to me, while he's got a vanilla candle, because he said vanilla really makes men relax. So you might be right. So maybe the smell of vanilla, maybe one of the smells will make you kind of just calm down a little bit.
Speaker 0 01:49:04 Something that maybe your mom used or smell of lavender makes me think of my grandmother's chest. That she used to keep lavender in it, in her drawer there for her undies and other things. When I smell lavender, I think of her. So I think what these are smell there. You can bring in. Maybe it will help relax. You. Okay. There we go. Um, you are for insomnia. Um, <inaudible> for you. We're good down. We go. I think the next one is cocoa. So we're hopping over to Alberta. I hear you guys got snow over there. Ooh. Apparently Boston has snow as well. Peterborough does. Yeah. You do have snow. Okay. Brain tumor behind the right ear. Let's just start with that and do include the headaches in that as well. And the, uh, so, uh, someone's talking about slice jelly beans, all of these, these names you come up with, um, and get the name and get a name brand room darkening, drapes for not much at all or at big lots or family dollars. So yeah, it's important if you're you need the melatonin and it's no good if you've got nightlights on or if you've got the computer on or you've got your, you know, your, your tablet on or your phone on, because it's in all those lights, like in, you know, your, your clock have a look at that. What's going on with your clock. Cause you don't want that flashing clock on either. You want, you want to be in darkness if you can.
Speaker 0 01:51:19 Okay. There we go. He's going to tap that right here, here and just thread the tumor itself. I don't know. I could be wrong. Feels a little smaller, but only the doctor will know when they look at it. Energetically feels like it shifted what happened at the tumor here. And I'm just bringing more energy up into that area. Okay. So they go Coco. Okay. So we're onto Christine now do over time. Okay. So talking again about the darkening. Drapes is not that it's not that they only help people sleep better, but they also help with heating and cooling efficiency, lowering the heating bill. Good idea. Idea.
Speaker 0 01:52:36 Okay. So we're going to go back. Where were we? Okay, go, go. We did you Dolly. We've got you at the beginning. Um, you don't think it makes a difference, but yes it does. Okay. So we want breast health, bone health, healthy blood pain in my left calf. Okay. So let's just do the start off with the breast health here. Okay. Then we'll go to this. We've done breaths before, but I bring the energy out, tapping the breasts themselves. That's funny how these works. They wipe it away at a plastic doll. What happened away? How does that work? How does that actually make a difference?
Speaker 0 01:53:47 That's what I talk. Right? And you don't over. Explain it to people. Forget about explaining it. Just go on the call and feed how you feel. You can talk to your blue in the face and people will get it. So it would go, okay. Breast health. Let's get the bones now starting off with the bone marrow and we did the calcium balancing. So that'll help. So I'm just going to mentally bring that back for you and my mind kind of a whole template of it. Just kind of holograph it on your body. So you get the benefit of it again.
Speaker 0 01:54:45 Bone health, breast. Okay. Looking at the blood. Now it's going to tap your head just to see if we can help balance your system out. Okay. I'm getting resistance. I don't know what that is. Tap the points and set the intention. They open. You might feel something tomorrow as opposed to right this minute. I don't know. Sometimes it is funny. You know, sometimes it moves right at the right time when you do what other times it's a lag factor. And other times it goes before you actually do it. So anybody be going to work on someone and all of a sudden it's all better and all your wait a minute, what happened? And then I think I better, I better do the session even though they're better. Because if I don't, then it's like, it moves forward in time. So am I crazy? Maybe she moves. It's not linear. Okay. There we go. So it's going to balance you out. It's kind of done a little bit of tapping in your head to get your control system kind of balanced out on to John now. So Hey, we usually miss you on Friday. Don't we? Um, Solando John. So I think you're our last one. Okay. So let's do the kidneys, prostate the bladder. Okay. So we're down in that lower area.
Speaker 0 01:56:39 Okay. And again, we'll bring in all those people that will concerned about prostate, the kidneys, bring them back, come on back. Okay. Under the kidneys, John triglycerides do the diabetes as well. I go on to Tina bumping the immune system for her immune system, bumping the immune system. Okay. Lungs. And we did the bowel, some balancing the calcium. So again, I'm going to template that forward now for her. It it's kind of like you've taught the lesson then you're just going to plunk it in front of them or blanketed at them. That should work. Okay. There's Tina. Okay. Father John spinal stenosis, spinal stenosis coming down. Okay. Strengthening the leg muscles
Speaker 1 01:58:48 Neuropathy.
Speaker 2 01:58:55 I'm look up for the neuropathy, implement to the key points and then we'll just kind of roll through all the nerves and just tap all the nerves.
Speaker 1 01:59:05 Deep,
Speaker 2 01:59:06 Shallow ones
Speaker 1 01:59:11 Kind of go through the whole body.
Speaker 2 01:59:15 Yeah. But any blockages that are impacting any of the nerves,
Speaker 1 01:59:31 Right?
Speaker 2 01:59:31 Have a drive by lick here am. I just came by, it
Speaker 1 01:59:36 Just licked me and then she's gone drive by liquor. Okay. Here we go.
Speaker 2 01:59:58 Okay. And on to Anna here. Um, do you have plasma? Sure. What that is? Let's do the lazy eyes and then we'll just do the blood.
Speaker 1 02:00:11 Look that one up.
Speaker 2 02:00:18 So again, pretty energy into the eyes,
Speaker 1 02:00:37 The eyes
Speaker 2 02:00:53 Balancing notes. Let's just look at the plasma. I do the blood Vascular cardiac, I mean the whole vascular system and just balancing the programming,
Speaker 1 02:01:17 That one up John, but this feels right. Okay. Balancing note. All of you. I think we're done.
Speaker 2 02:01:29 Okay. So let's just look at everyone. We're just gonna clean everybody up here. Um, just feel any, uh, holes or any, uh, for Texas or any, anything that looks like it needs to be filled. We don't want to leave any holes in your work field
Speaker 0 02:01:47 Or in your energy fields.
Speaker 2 02:01:49 Just going to fill out all, anything. It looks like it's
Speaker 0 02:01:53 Been tapped and left as a void.
Speaker 2 02:01:58 Looking at your body's here. Just going to roll energy from the top of your head all the way down to your feet, Grounded down into your eighth chakra, down to the center of the earth. Checking your vibration.
Speaker 0 02:02:14 Yeah.
Speaker 2 02:02:17 In terms of the earth energies Connecting you
Speaker 0 02:02:31 To
Speaker 2 02:02:35 Your ninth, 10th, 11th, and 12th chakra
Speaker 2 02:02:42 Last but not least two things. We're going to just pull up, give you a lovely little blanket, nice healing blanket. We're just going to put over your body, tuck you in as suddenly of you like to be wrapped. Some of you don't feel like to move around, but we're just going to put this blanket over and it'll keep the energy moving for you and keep the healing going last. But not least. We're just going to check everybody for these protection bubbles. And there's I, I dunno. I find they really work well. So, um, we'll just keep them going if you don't want it. Just say thanks. But no, thanks calf. And just make sure everybody's got a nice one around them. Checking the vibration of them. Checking the programming where nothing comes in that isn't invited. A couple of people got funny looking ones, but let's just straightened him out. Cause it doesn't matter if they're funny looking does it? Okay. There we are. All right. I think we're done. All right. Well, thanks again, everyone for being with me on this Friday. I think Tom's back tomorrow at 11 Eastern time. So you might as well check the list and you can go on his call or listen to the replays. So to take care of yourself and here's, here's good health for everyone. I bye.

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