Tong Ren Podcast

0066 - Aimee Poirier, Tong Ren Healing

Tong Ren Podcast
0066 - Aimee Poirier, Tong Ren Healing

Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, cancers, organ disorders, etc.  Welcome to the Tong Ren Podcast |

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Aimee Poirier

Aimee W. Poirier is an Acupuncturist, Certified Radical Remissions Workshop Facilitator, International Speaker and Writer. For Almost 20 Years Aimee has practiced Tong Ren Therapy beside the founder, her mentor Tom Tam.

As co-owner of Collective Healing Center, where she practices Acupuncture in Metro Boston, Aimee has maintained a private practice in Acupuncture since 2004. Aimee obtained a B.A. from Mount Holyoke College, she has a Masters degree in Chinese and Japanese acupuncture from the New England School of Acupuncture, the country’s first and oldest acupuncture school. She is certified in Tong Ren Therapy from the Oriental Cultural Institute and has worked closely with Boston based acupuncturist Tom Tam since September 2001.


Speaker 0 00:00:00 It's going to pop up on Facebook also. So I'm asks off now I'm going to do some, some healing. I'm going to just check out the requests on tolerance station first. Okay. Aha. Under, uh, anybody who's new, um, hopefully you're, you may be seeing this on Facebook through Tongan station, but, um, we're also, uh, you're always able to access the broadcast on Tongan Tongan and put in your request here or on Facebook. I'll be looking at both of them and it's the 30th of October. So I'm coming to the top of the request. Um, the other thing to note is it's totally helpful to also just view the, um, class, like to just view, uh, any of the classes. And even if you don't put in a request or if you haven't made a login, that's great. That's fine. You can just ride right into like the joining the collective unconscious stream of healing.
Speaker 0 00:01:05 So tree branch says, good morning, please tap for balanced flow of spinal fluid, reduce pressure on the spinal fluid on the eyes and the brain. Aha. PTSD exhaustion. Thank you for these blessings. Of course. Yeah. The spine is a big focus for us. Um, every time we do tapping, so let's start with, um, uh, starting at the top. Let's bring in some energy looking to see all the Facebook as I start. Here we go. I'm bringing it in through the top of the head motor cortex, motor nerve. And just also thinking, considering our fight or flight and relaxation response from the hypothalamus pituitary, you guys hear me sometimes mentioned, um, HPA access, which is the access between, uh, sort of the hypothalamus pituitary and your adrenal glands. We were just talking about that this morning.
Speaker 0 00:02:06 So we have a cozy snowy day in new England, sending the cheap sort of opening up the brain to then consider opening along the spine. We have some requests that already came in. The Al include, um, people sometimes text me or request it the day before. So opening up C one C two C three, the neck, the back of the neck. And I did clean up the, um, uh, are, are, are sort of now where I had some, I think some of the interruptions last week was I had something, some malware on my computer. So it should be better flow today. If it's not let me know. Please let me know in the comment section, if, um, there's any choppiness of our video stream, okay. Going down the spine. So C1, C2, C3 going down the spine all the way down the spine spinal artery to help increase good blood flow down the back to nourish all those nerves coming out of the spine as processes and down to the sacrum. This, when we say beat the bum down to the sacrum, softening the musculature along the spine.
Speaker 0 00:03:33 So this is our intention, not only for tree branch, but for everybody. So as I started with sort of that HP access, that's, you know, the pituitary hypothalamus fear fight or flight is big, big, big with, uh, uh, PTSD experiences and requests. So you can also go to <inaudible> we'll add into angel points this morning. Yeah. B L six, both sides of the brain, both sides of the head, the bladder Meridian runs on the left and the right all the way down on the spine and the frontal lobe going to yin Tom, the third eye, the third eye, you can massage it or just know our tapping is opening there for the blessings for tree branch and everybody, including everyone online and also in our consciousness. And you know, sometimes if you can't get onto a class, just, you know, just relax, just kind of envision yourself in the class with us. And it very much works that way. It's from the power of the mind. So don't ever freak out if you can't sort of like get online, but you're somewhere and you know, there's a class happening or, you know, there's some tapping happening, just relax and send to yourself wherever you are and just notice, see what you notice about that, um, experience. Okay. Going to the eyes to see, to C3.
Speaker 0 00:04:59 Okay. Going down the back. So we see Kathy K or quest, pelvic floor dysfunction, IBS, perio, bone loss starting. So let's start, let's help bring this in at all. The tapping we're doing already is helping for Kathy Kay. And so we'll kind of go to the facial artery opening for the jaw, for the teeth, for the bone, and then C 71 for the bone manifesting more bone cell production, um, IBS. Uh, I also think about the, um, Vegas nerve digestion from the brain STEM from the brain center, along the left side of the neck stomach channel points down the left side of the neck. Okay. Relaxing the digestive organs. And this is what we call rest and digest, rest and digest is the parasympathetic nerve function. Okay. Sending the chief down to the pelvic area all the way down the front CV for CV six and dollies on. Yeah. So you may be getting warm, Kathy, you may feel warm there, uh, anywhere in the body. All of you may say You feel in your body jolly says, hi, Annie, please tap for arthritis in the low back spine to generation left foot and leg numbness and weight loss. And for Pat the right arm and blood pressure for all and Lud sugar. Yeah. Let's start with the blood pressure. The back of the head here, <inaudible> GV 17 adding this in feeling that she flow.
Speaker 1 00:07:01 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:07:04 For cleaning out the arthritis everywhere, anywhere in the body. So C one two three T one, two, three, four T and left side. Good. And for Pat's right arm. And can you go to the left side of the neck opening along the left side of the neck, up on to the head of left side of the brain, motor cortex, left side bladder Meridian left side and opening the right side of the body. All you have a good weekend to a great weekend Dolly for everybody. Yeah. It's like Halloween weekend during a pandemic wild times, but this isn't a time when you need this. We need this connection of the distance healing more and more than ever. I think. So it's really empowering for everyone to be able to be part of our collective unconscious group and that this is all based on positivity. So just no negative, only the positive what's better than that.
Speaker 0 00:08:07 This time of the year going down the arm, going down the spine. Good. And so spine regeneration very much like we were doing for Cathy is that C 71. So you can tap for yourself at home also on the CSUN NAPE, NAPE of the neck, the NAPE of the neck, we'll do a weight loss. We'll do altogether some of the weight loss, um, together Dolly. Okay. And KSW please stop for general immune support and back stiffness. All right. Well this, you could be riding the wave right now. This is what we've been doing. Please task for my mom, cocoa for her glioblastoma brain tumor. That's on the right side, just behind your ear. Yes. And I want to bring this in for your mom and for Isaac and for our friend in Canada. So as you, how you should be filling the back opening and let's see, um, Oh, there's some requests here and Linda claves on Facebook. Good morning, Linda. I hope you were feeling this blood pressure points we've already been doing. Um, and the bladder planes down to the safe ground. Yep.
Speaker 0 00:09:19 But as I was just saying, the glioblastoma we've been doing immune support off, right. As an immune support in the bath, we'll continue on that. Uh KSW but let's do that. We'll go storm up C one C two, both sides left and right. Cause this has been a help for, we have Isaac who has also on the left side of the brain affecting the right side of the body. So we want to open both sides and also for our friend in Canada on the opposite side. So, and for your mom, yeah. Freeing up the neck, that's the big thing. So if you have tapping for your mom, which is tap along the neck, loosening up, both sides of the neck is really important that the back of the neck, especially the back of the neck and especially also the front along the facial artery and the points on the front of the neck, all the way up onto the head and happy 2020s on, and these are good, but we're tapping also leads right into your request for, um, the Parkinson's and tremor type stuff.
Speaker 0 00:10:23 So that's actually up the back of the neck, loosening up to the back of the head, letting go of any tension, physical pressure, mental, emotional, just letting go. And Hey guys, you can share this with other friends. So if you're on Facebook and you want to share our video with a friend, that's also on Facebook, just type their name into the comment. If that's like on Facebook, um, tip their name into the comment, and then they'll be able to get a hit that this is going on and hopefully spread the good word to other people. So when you heal, you can include others in the healing process by just putting them in the note, putting them in the know and when they are ready, they'll be on board. Right. So I'm done for the skin digestion. Um, let's do digestive health here. Okay. Brain STEM area, Vegas nerve, and the front stomach channel down along the left side, that request L uh, stomach and stomach Meridian all the way down.
Speaker 0 00:11:30 Also, can you channel down for the immune system, kidney 22 Carolyn hormone, which is good for like balancing our work, like, uh, signals in our digestion about whether we're full or whether we're hungry and Rose as on Bella Rosa. Great to see you on also for your bladder. Yep. Contact dermatitis and highs, lymphedema, weight loss, PTSD exhaustion. Fine. Yeah. Well the good news is we've been already tapping for some of these and we're going to continue and then we're going to do some metabolism all at once. So hang in there for a while guys. Okay. So skin health, they've been tapping for digestion, also stomach 21, stomach, 25 and digestion and the back. Um, <inaudible> through T 12 and the skin health. We've really focused on the T one, two, three, four. Okay. Yeah. I'm curious. Um, happy 20, 20. How is the sinus congestion for your husband?
Speaker 0 00:12:33 I'm wondering since we've been, um, including him and, you know, um, we keep opening, keep opening the sinus area. Okay, good. For everybody. Irena says she has a infection in her eye and the left eye. I like your emoji Oriana. Facebook. Yeah. And the headache must be relating to the eye as well. Um, the headaches, so let's include you next. Okay. So C one C two getting some good blood flow to the left eye. So we want to open C1, C2 on both sides, the left and the right side, both sides. And this is, these are the points we use for headache. Also a lot of times depends on where the headache is, but we're going to also open up the facial artery and the front of the neck, front of the throat, L I 17 L 18, and this will help look good blood flow, promoting to the eyes to clear the infection. So when you have something a lot for the eye, you think about the circulation to the eye, as well as the nerve impulse to the eye visual cortex. But in this case, it's not visual cortex is the immune system to get rid of the infection. So C one, two, three, and T one, two, three, four T seven left side to get rid of the infection in the eye.
Speaker 0 00:14:01 And these points are also great for sinus and it all connects. Yeah, let's go all the way down to the bladder. Read a few bladder requests here. So let's go down to the Seagram, opening up the Seagram. Sorry, another device here. All right, John, K's on. Please talk for healthy kidneys, prostate bladder, and lower triglycerides. Tina immune system lungs and balanced calcium father John's spinal stenosis neuropathy in legs and feet and strengthen the left leg muscles, Alexandra emotions, osteoarthritis, and in the news and energy on it in Russia, Maisy eyes syndrome in both eyes. Ureaplasma emotional strength, Sandy cataracts in the right eye, ocular migraine on the right side and vertigo free to go. You're welcome. Okay. So a lot of this is beginning with the immune system for you, John, and for your buddies. Okay. So see, one, two, three, also for the eye stuff, T one, two, three, four, and T seven. Um, C7 for cleaning out this stenosis. Okay. For the neuropathy in the legs can be a lot of times caused by a narrowing in the spine, along the spine that calcium calcification narrowing, you know?
Speaker 0 00:15:29 Yeah. So when the clean it out and you may feel tingling, you may feel heat. You may feel nothing at all when we're, when you're experiencing Tongren and all of the above is normal. And okay. So it doesn't mean in other words, that doesn't does not mean how you're responding because the healing process is happening no matter what you're feeling, it's really just connecting the brain and the body going down to that low backs for the stenosis, L four L five S one opening. Yeah. Tina's immune system lungs, the calcium still opening for the spinal stenosis. And let's do some emotional balance. See to right side frontal lobe, sending this to Isaac's mom in Colorado. I hope you guys are watching. I hope so. And we keep, including you in our tapping, as Isaac is a boy brain tumor on the left side, left temporal lobe.
Speaker 0 00:16:33 You just keep tapping for him to open the blockage so that he can fully heal and fully recover. And as the blockage is open more and more, then the tumors can shrink. In other words, cancer cells are negatively charged cells, healthy cells are positively charged. So we want more nerve impulse activity going to the cells so it can tell the cells to be positively charged. And then we call it a cell role reversal and the cells become healthy. Again, this is what science tells us. Okay. So that's what our intention is when we're tapping, fill out a cheek. Okay. That's powerful stuff. It's waking up the nervous system. Um, okay. Karen's on, Oh, in the urea plasma, also infection where, uh, John, so whenever we're tapping for the immune, it's also declare that we go down to the site, a Seagram cause that has to do with, uh, reproductive organ health.
Speaker 0 00:17:30 Um, and throughout that, um, okay. For you guys with migraines, hopefully you're feeling these subside with the headaches. In other words, some of you that are on with the headaches, I'm hoping this feels better and lighter tapping to the feet is really helpful with that and massaging the feet. Even if you have a headache, have someone rub your feet, but like really press, press some of these sensitive points. Liver three on the top of the foot, between the webbing of the big toe and kidney want the bottom of the foot. Um, good morning, Maria, Anna and good morning, Pam or ice Morsi Mariana says, please tap for healthy platelets and a healthy neck. Yes. Freeing up the neck. I will tap too. All right. Well just now I'm going to talk for you. So just light, like your stuff down and just let it go, baby.
Speaker 0 00:18:19 All right. So you can just kind of just peace out. Sometimes it's great to tap all together. And then sometimes it's really nice to receive the tapping and not be in the doing mode as I like to say, because, well, we're, our sensory is more, in other words, when we're receiving it's different than when we're doing, but, um, then people ask about that when I'm tapping for myself, how come I don't always feel the cheese the same way when I'm being in tap for, but I think it's just about a functional experience of doing versus just only receiving. Yeah. So the platelets I'm already tapping for a C7 T1.
Speaker 0 00:19:04 Massachusetts is calling well, we'll call you back after the class. Okay. So, um, yeah, you can feel your neck freeing up. That's awesome. And Mariana you're so committed. You have been so dedicated on all these classes. It's just amazing. Oh, good. It's very relaxing. Irena says thank you. Oh, Oh system. Yeah. Lymph system for Vienna also. Really. Um, okay. Hopefully your headache is feeling better and that the I can, uh, will be healing as well. It's already healing to make this disappear. Inoperable. Rosa, Bella Rosa says inoperable is some symptomatic benign meningioma brain tumor growing in the main vein of the brain. Non-cancerous Oh, okay. Okay. All right. So we're going to tap for you now. So all of this opening, okay. All of this opening for the brain folks is going to be really helpful in a real sort of cumulative way. I see 24 people are logged in online here, and we've got, um, several weeks on, on Facebook. Um, okay. Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:20:38 Oh, let's do it. Let's help this out for Marie Mo Rosa Rosa also going up the back of the, so it sounds like we need to soften the blood circulating off the back of the next little soften, the musculature along the spine, the back of the neck, clean out any cell overgrowth of cells there and balance the cell. Oh, well Irena says she has a cyst on C6. So actually perfect timing gal. Cause this is for C6 and of the back of the neck. See seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Freeing it up. Yep. So hopefully you can feel the warmth and maybe see what you, you may feel a little lightheaded too, when we're, when we're working along the neck, you know, it's a kind of indication. There's more blood flow, oxygenated blood going into the brain Karen's on. And she says, I, Amy, pleased to have her cervical dystonia.
Speaker 0 00:21:47 That's what we're doing right now. So perfect. You can receive this Karen and these points we use for scoliosis. I had one in two days already for acupuncture with scoliosis. And it's just amazing. You can see the curvature structurally straightening out. You can see the changes, um, and by degrees in a very quick time. So even also with Baton run, even if it's not combined with acupuncture and we've seen this work in a very short, very quick amount of time. So, um, so scoliosis is not hopeless. It's not a hopeless case for us. See one, two, three T one, two, three, four. And for my mom, Clara herniated disc at L four L five rash under the belly button and sleep. Yeah. So I think we need to help her immune system fight the rash. So T one, two, three, four <inaudible> and then those lower back nerves going around to the front.
Speaker 0 00:22:51 Sometimes I feel like rashes pop pop-up in our weekers, wreak your area. So we have a weakness in a particular area that can be like turning up happy day, good morning and happy day to Kiki requesting spleen strength, brain and endocrine optimum functioning. Great decision-making skills. Ooh, I like that. Okay. Frontal lobe, first GB 13 left and right. Having sort of clarity of mind, we've been doing a lot of this, the blood flow circulation opening up to the frontal lobe. Let's do that temporal lobe for Isaac, as well as we're opening up the facial artery to the frontal lobe, GB 13 left and right. And this is good for mental focus, concentration, clarity of mind, brain endocrine. We'll go to the, as we've done already pituitary hypothalamus. So we do that GB left and right. Oh, the angel points again, you can go to the insular cortex as well as bladder six in Tom, I M side of the head, AKA insular cortex and the third.
Speaker 0 00:24:06 Yes. And then down to ally 20 beside the nose, this is good for emotional balance trauma, the spleen strength, uh, let's go down a T seven left side for happy day, Coco happy Friday from Alberta, Canada, tap for headaches, stopped brain tumor growth. Do you remember behind the right ear? Oh, okay. Well, we've been tapping for you already. So going for MRI results Tuesday, please tap for positive energy. Thanks. Yes. See positive energy. See yourself already healed. In other words, every day, picture yourself with complete clear brain or a complete clear, you know, wherever that is for any of you. Like you can really do that as a really along with the tongue run is a kind of, that's really what Tom's into right now too, is kind of seeing the image of clear tissue, healthy organs, putting that into your awareness on a regular basis.
Speaker 0 00:25:19 And it's not like trying to be fufu and like whatever, but it really is scientifically based information here. We're talking about manifesting buzz from the it's from science. The more you focus on this positive outcome and is already sort of coming into alignment with you, the more it can be the truth that you will see that happen. Um, so it's really good to just kind of take a deep breath, cause it's not easy all the time. Let's take a deep breath and just, you know, kind of like feel into that place of total health. Um, and you know, you can direct it to particular requests that you have about particular parts of your body. That's how I, I think about it, but just however it works for you. That's great. So going to behind the ear, because I'm opening up all along the sort of occipital Ridge area for you for the positive energy, and this is for all of the brain health Karen's on and Karen is manifesting total body healing.
Speaker 0 00:26:27 Yes. Her husband as well for Asia. Yeah. So let's focus on that lesson. Well, we were just perfect timing of total body healing. So bringing more in from the top of the head. Yup. B L six GB 16, um, for the aphid, let's kind of work on the heart stuff again. So like what parasympathetic nerves going to the pericardial lining along the neck from the front of the body, this is very important. This is such an overlooked area. You guys like right above the clavicle on both sides. It's just so overlooked and you can do some little self circular massage and this little triangular fossa. Um, and you know, this is really good stuff to add in. Okay. So I'm opening along here and I'm glad to also see that Baptist designed and have some other lung health requests for a gallon Vermont in hospital.
Speaker 0 00:27:35 Uh, quite advanced in her daughter has been calling. Um, when I met probably wow. It feels like 20 years ago that I met grace. And so she's a requesting healing for her mom. And, um, I do make appointments for people one-on-one generally, oftentimes in the evening or when I'm, uh, have some openings in the clinic. So if you yourself or someone, your loved one ever needs a private session of children, you know, just let me know. Um, so we're tapping for this total body healing for everybody. And now we're going to shift it into off focusing on the lung health and the immune system health opening, the chest opening while we've been doing a lot of neck opening. So hopefully you've been feeling this Nadia honestly, um, you know, thinking about you. Yeah. I just quite snowy here. It's just actually really wild to see how much snow is on the pushes outside of the window here.
Speaker 0 00:28:32 Yeah. More than I expected. Cause all that rain, I just didn't totally know it was going to stick, but it's really beautiful. So we're going to the kidney area as well as we do the lung area and going down to lumbar one, two, three, freeing up the neck and shoulders Von yang is orange. Good morning. Can you please tap for liver cancer cancer? Sure. Yeah. You're next. Let's do really focusing on the lungs with sending the lungs to, uh, our buddy Bruce as well and everyone else who comes in on it. Uh, Jen Moran and all the others. Okay. That requests through here,
Speaker 2 00:29:10 Um,
Speaker 0 00:29:15 Uh, nine, four, two, please stop for osteoarthritis. Low back pain. Right? Hip flexor. Yes. You got it. Suzanne has said lessons to you. Amy. Please talk the Sjogren's Hashimoto's and way. No it's yes. Well actually that goes very much in alignment with what we're doing for J D. And so let's include you guys together. Immune system goes first T one, two, three, I guess you might cheeks are pink. Cause I feel that she is working. My cheeks are getting pink. I love seeing that. It's so funny because when we run the classes and we have you guys in person, we can see everyone's face getting red. So it's like having the mirror in front of me of having the camera here. It's funny. Okay. So we're cleaning out the authorize, going to the right hip flexor, freeing it up and well, you know, Sjogren's is, uh, and Hashimoto's is all the thyroid being sort of in a dysfunctional place because of the immune system.
Speaker 0 00:30:13 So as we're working on balancing the immune, this is very good. So to, to, um, balance it for another Massachusetts call, okay. Balance this for the thyroid, going to the C6 along the throat area, the back of the neck and nodes is, um, going to the medulla B L nine G V 17, working on those circulation. Um, also very good for Rosa rosacea as well, these points, but we help a lot of Ray nodes let's come in for a yang for the liver. Let's focus on the liver. Okay. Um, so, uh, opening. Okay. This is where everybody's detox and liver function. Right side, going down the right side of the spine T seven, eight focus on T nine, right side liver.
Speaker 0 00:31:16 I hope you guys have a great weekend. It's a beautiful start. Um, that's Friday. Beautiful. Start to the weekend and I can draw, I can draw two is on and we're going to include both you and Pam for Genesis has been doing great with her ms. And the stiffness on the left side and deep sleep for, um, me Maddie who's eight and having headaches. Oh, okay. So it bring kids in on this because they can totally feel like they're very authentic, right? Kids will just tell it like it is so you can really sort of let them watch, you know, let them watch a class and just invite them to just, you know, be present and see what they feel. And it can be really playful and fun and really helpful because I think it's really empowering when adults, but also, especially, especially children can learn that something is up for them because of a blockage.
Speaker 0 00:32:20 They're not a bad kid. We're not bad adults. We just have some physical tension. Some not some, not somewhere that when we get rid of that, when we free it up, things can work better. And especially, uh, yeah, w some of these points we were doing for mental focus, concentration, ADHD, we help adults and children with that. And when they learn that it's about a physical resistance or blockage, they really, really can be empowered that they there's nothing wrong with them, but just getting ready, that physical tension. Okay. I love that from my heart. I feel like that is a big, important message. So you can bring that into this more and more. And if you feel comfortable, if you choose, but we're tapping for her for you cleaning out the ms. Growing healthy myelin sheath around the nerves growth hormone from the brain. And Casey says, please talk from my eyes, cataracts, floaters, and very dry eyes.
Speaker 0 00:33:18 Yes. And the wife's breast cancer, mr. Liver. So we've been opening up the liver for our pal, Yvonne online and freeing up along the neck for the cataracts loaders and the eyes you want to get that glandular opening for lubrication to the eyes relaxing. And then for the breast going down the back, TT for focusing T for sending this to Marie Marie, Marie Patrice, and to Christine you're there you are. I have heard total body homeostasis pain and the right hip and right leg left leg, um, breast health and blood health. Yeah. I got you sending this to Christine, just be in the flow, see what you feel the no time, no space. That's what we say. That's what quantum physics is about. No time, no space. So being in the flow is really being in the place of no time, no space.
Speaker 0 00:34:27 And, um, that means this is any time healing all the, all the time at any time healing. Um, you may feel some heat. You may feel some tingling or nothing at all Casey, many blessings to you and your wife for your healing, um, for pristine, for total body healing and homeostasis. Yeah. From the brain. So we do include this brainstem, uh, for whole whole body homeostasis, kind of working on the brainstem and yeah. Bruce, we've been tapping for you. I wonder what you're feeling. Um, and the right shoulder pain. Yeah. I think this weather, uh, is really kind of when people have like arthritic areas kind of pain also. So, and for sciatica, for Marcia to both legs. Yeah. Here we go. For both of you opening.
Speaker 0 00:35:23 That's fine. See what you notice, feel warm, may feel heat somewhere, tingling, a little bit sleepy even, or relaxed, or just a little floaty. Sometimes that's all very normal. Okay. Being in the flow, no time, no space. And, uh, we have a, quite a request here for separate Rhea dermatitis. So we'll do the skin and Kathleen's on for lung health, um, and indigestion. Okay. You got it. So let's free this up, the lung health along the spine. So T one, two, three, and T4 for the skin, lung and skin is very much one right after the other sort of back-to-back you're on the back. I'm feeling very floaty from the GLC. So I can have for you guys at work as well. And, um, it's good to know that when you tap for others, it's healed. It's very healing for yourself also.
Speaker 0 00:36:41 Yeah. Tahoe is on abdominal hernia, Naval, EDD, and RA. Yes. We've been tapping for a lot of RA so far on the immune system. Let's go to the abdomen to Vegas nerve digestion, ouch point area to the hernia, CV 13 CV 12. Yup. And to under the belly button, charge the battery. <inaudible> really hoping the spine of the low back sacrum for the ed openings. You really want any pinch nerves from the sacrum, from that area, like right above the sort of where the low back and the button meet. You know, you really want to work that out. So you could do some massage themselves massage, maybe with a tennis ball. Um, also just some tapping and putting this in your awareness to relax these nerves coming out, um, along the phone, down on the back. So then you use inside of the legs, explain channel down.
Speaker 0 00:37:55 No, he says, please include me for Hashimoto's tune-up immune clarity, charged the battery. You got it near the system too. You went to three T one, two, three, four T seven. Um, and the clarity, you know, sometimes it can come later. A lot of times too, the healing can come later after a class. So, you know, you just getting into the flow and then the process, the balls rolling. So that means the healing process is then also continuing to occur. So many people feel the results, even in the coming days, after doing a class it's to just know that important to know you're welcome. I hope you feel better and let this relax. See what you notice, what you feel.
Speaker 0 00:38:49 Um, all right. Stroke prevention, short-term memory, immune age syndrome. And for your crew immune charge, the battery UCS let's charge the batteries. I had my late laser beam on charging batteries a lot on Wednesday also and overnight. So for someone last night to charge up their battery, fresh kneeling, let's see stroke prevention loosening up the neck, both sides, ladder points at the back of the head ladder. Um, nine GV, 17 Medula opening, brainstem opening, and along the facial artery opening the facial artery in the front of the neck, along the throat frontal lobe. So that she, the blood flow is we don't want she going up. We want the blood flow going up, but then that she has always from the head down. Okay. Always tapping to move the energy from the head down to the feet.
Speaker 0 00:39:55 You well, can you please talk for migraine and Vegas? Thank you. Yeah, sure thing. So we're tapping from memory frontal lobe left and right. Jamie 13 GB, 13 left and right. Um, migraines. We've been doing a lot of migraine and headache stuff today. So see UNC to Vegas opening along the stomach channel on the left side. Um, the Vegas actually runs both sides, but the left side is more for, um, digestion on the right side for circulatory. Oh yes. Hi Walter. Please chat for me as always. I'm doing better. Oh, good. Okay. So this is all very helpful to you as well. Oh, Rosio. Great. You're on. Oh, I'm glad you made a login. We've been including you and Isaac a lot today. So I hope you're feeling it. Um, I hope you guys feel it even later. I hope he's feeling better and we'll keep tapping.
Speaker 0 00:40:54 Call me this weekend. I'm in the clinic tomorrow, tomorrow, Saturday. I'm in the clinic doing acupuncture and, um, energy healing. Uh, if anybody, I think there's still a few openings. If you need to get in, you can see my schedule online or give a call and I'll put you in last minute morning of whatever very Patrice is on hugs. You got it, uh, capping for you. And then also do Brighton. Um, Glen, please tap her right side sciatica bursitis in the right hip and my right leg being shorter than my left. Yeah. I have another person with that. So let's open up the spine. Good blood flow down the back and Dolly. I did see your request. I tapped for you from the beginning. So I don't know, maybe. Um, Oh, you said you were late. Yeah. Okay. So you put in your request, um, early.
Speaker 0 00:41:48 Um, so you weren't late. It's all in the, it's all in the collective, but yes, I did mention you much early on in the class. So you should just rest assured and just ride that she, she, okay. Ride the wave, please tap for gum disease for, for Elton going disease, scoliosis and neuropathy in the feet and knees. Yup. So freeing up the neck for you also, Gwen, see what you feel, see what you notice opening up that spinal artery down the back. And this is very good for Burrell's and clearing out any stenosis, C6 Thyra C7 T1 two, three T four, getting rid of a scoliosis down the backs of the knees, into the knees, the back bladder channel and inside liver channels, clean channel and the outside gallbladder stomach till the toes, um, gum disease. We want to clear this out. So we've been tapping a lot of immune system stuff today. That'll help fight any
Speaker 1 00:42:59 Instead of,
Speaker 0 00:43:02 But the main thing is this case is circulation facial artery opening to the mouth. One of my favorite songs is coming on right now, clinic music.
Speaker 0 00:43:25 No, I love the old music that reminds me of my days in his clinic doing observation and learning and assisting. So that's why I play the old music in here. Okay. Um, Dolly says, Oh, I got your request. Yeah. Okay. We're going to do the weight loss thing. So the reminder that we're gonna do the weight loss for everybody, um, pretty soon and, um, splice jelly beans besides Hashimoto's. What other collaborative conditions did you say was <inaudible>? Um, Oh, there was another, so one other requests. Um, well, thyroiditis inflammation, um, as immune system, um, um, what were some of the requests of above, uh, that were, um,
Speaker 0 00:44:13 Oh, besides Hashimoto's my mind is sort of drawing a blank, but you can always look that up, but the main thing is like, we can identify it because we're familiar, so we'll identify it. And then we'll just kind of, it helps us indicate on figure out what system we need to focus for, uh, for the healing. So Alison de Coco heart improving, please talk for shoulders to Paul groin, hips and lungs. Let me order absolved absorption and tummy left hip area. I'm opening up blockage, right side of the neck to armpit breast opening, blockage flow state. Yes. Flow state. Alison you're going into the collective on the quantum physics. Thanks again for your message. I really, I saved your V your voicemail. I really loved listening to your message. Thank you. And especially when, just share it with the kids. So opening up that right side of the neck, see one, two, three, and all the way down with the thorax opening. I can feel that opening along the chest from the back to the front, and actually sometimes freeing up the right side can help, um, the left hip for you. Uh, and then of course, we're for poco tapping for Coco.
Speaker 0 00:45:38 You're welcome, John Kerry and Walter says, thanks. And you forgot to say it was an, I know who you are. That's your old screen name I've been doing this long enough that I remember your name on screen. You're welcome. Baptist's going to call you and reschedule for tomorrow. Sure. No problem. I've had a few reschedulings because of the snowy weather got to stay state uveitis got, gotta stay safe, uh, water on the brain so far. No, no change for belief 15 for, well, okay. Keep opening the neck. If you can physically massage his neck, that would be really good. Okay. Keep opening the neck for the circulation in an, in an outage of the brain spice, gel that you said, you said one I'd never heard of before. Oh, I don't know. I forget. Thank you for tapping Jayden. Thank you. I have a great weekend.
Speaker 0 00:46:37 Okay. So even though we have about 27 people who are logged in, um, with their screen names, you know, plenty of other people may be watching and just like getting into the flow and receiving because that's also how this works. So you don't have to put in requests because you're just kind of connecting with our good intentions for healing. And that is, um, enough to pass it through in this way. So I'm including some of the people in our consciousness, in our, in our awareness that we connect with regularly for tapping down to the feet, liver three Kimmy. Let us do the metabolism now. The metabolism. Oh, Patricia Rose Wagner is on a, I didn't see this one. Sorry. So strain and pain in the right shoulder. Healthy heart. Healthy digestion for Samuel heart. Prostate energy. Tune-up yeah, let's do this one first. Okay. So right shoulder ouch point area cleaning up along the right side, wherever it hurts. That's ouch. Point coffee, heart ladder nine, GV 17 medulla T five left side, right side, both sides.
Speaker 0 00:47:59 I'm trying to think also what are some of the other, um, uh, direct conditions? My mind's drawing a blank. Okay. Samuel, this is for the heart. Also for him in prostate, going down to L one, two, three, focusing on three for the prostate. And this is also tapping for the adrenals, the kidney for energy too. Not for energy recharge. Yeah. For everybody. And then we can go to the front under the belly button, see the six and CV. So we're going to go ahead into a boost for our immune, uh, excuse me, our metabolism system. Let's go around the neck. And this is important for cell balancing for cancer cell metabolism. In other words, our cells growing out of control is a metabolic problem. And we have a hard time in Western medicine, or let's just say, unless we have a hard time in Western culture to get a good handle on our metabolism system and our immune system.
Speaker 0 00:49:10 So I've done a lot of immune systems today. Let's go into the metabolism, igniting, igniting the fire, burning out stored calories. We're tapping for Brown fat all around the upper chest, where babies are born with quite a bit of Brown fat to keep them warm for survival innately so they can survive. So we want to tap for activation of our Brown fat or upper chest upper back. And then that will signal where in the body to burn out right stored energy. We may find a boost in our energy when we tap for improvement. Our metabolism big, big thing is to soften the neck and get good blood flow to the brain. Why? Because the brain releases hormones and the hormone balancing hormones are messengers through our blood. So by freeing up the neck, we can get good circulation to nourish our brain and release a balanced amount of hormones. So, okay. The growth hormone, pituitary hypothalamus balancing. And I see what you're saying. Believe 15, unfortunately will, does not live near me, but I will concentrate on points, opening circulation to the brain. Awesome. So keep on tapping, um,
Speaker 0 00:50:30 Keep on tapping for him. And, you know, these hammers can also be great for metabolism and loosening up the neck. And for anybody with a, you can order these on, on Tara and shop online or get a doll and a hammer and then tap with us together on a class or independently, um, or by phone, whatever. And then, you know, this can be really helpful to loosen it up, um, for, for, for, as a therapy. Um, or you can send this to somebody who you think, you know, could benefit from using this as a massage tool, but there are people that specialize in like acupressure and that like you, they could focus on the neck, you know, you could put in that kind of a request that he has an appointment like that. If he has someone near him or just a friend or family member to massage the neck, but we're doing that energetically you're here, come on a little early that's okay, come on and see, I just finished the class. We're doing metabolism, cell growth. Let me silence. And then going to like liver pancreas, pancreas T a right side and T nine liver.
Speaker 1 00:51:43 Right?
Speaker 0 00:51:47 So you may feel, you know, um, like I said before, your energy, a little uptick now curbing the appetite. Also, we're going to go down the kidney channel to get a little hormone balance at kidney
Speaker 1 00:52:00 22.
Speaker 0 00:52:07 This has to do with the signal, excuse me, of whether we're hungry or whether we're full. So we want this free movement. It's almost like a kind of diaphragm for our, uh, for our stomach that moves the cardia center in this area to let us know what, what is the signal? In other words, we hungry or full, um, based on the stomach muscle, the how is, so we're going to send some cheesy to the stomach muscle. And this is when we go into the PICU recharge the battery Down. That's my mass spec. Okay. Hmm. So you might find that your stomach contrasts a little bit and that's just a muscle. So if it can contract and it can, um, Require less food to fill it up. And that's also pretty great to notice, uh, when going into using Pico in your lifestyle more and more, um, and that helps with curbing like appetite and helps appetite control. So I'll see you guys next week, have a wonderful weekend, a good snowy day and see you later have a great week.

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