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0064 - Sarah Niebank, Chakra Healing w/ Tong Ren - 2020-10-29

Tong Ren Podcast
0064 - Sarah Niebank, Chakra Healing w/ Tong Ren - 2020-10-29

Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, cancers, organ disorders, etc.  Welcome to the Tong Ren Podcast |

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Sarah Niebank

My background includes 35 plus years in Western Health Care to include Radiology/CT, and Psychiatric Health . I personally experienced the power of Tong Ren when recovering from what was becoming a debilitating back/spinal condition. The options given to me at the time were either surgery or a wheelchair. Today I do yoga, and walk 3 miles daily pain free. Tong Ren led me to find the inner healing ability that we all possess and now I am humbled to share this experience.

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Sarah Niebank, MS Counseling, BS Psychology, CT ( R ) Radiology


Speaker 1 00:00:10 Okay, happy chakra healing Thursday. Wait till somebody sees me.
Speaker 0 00:00:22 Thanks, Suzanne.
Speaker 1 00:00:41 Very small group. That's okay. Let me use the Lanny asks, what is shock or healing? Well, I don't know if you're familiar with shark crows. They're actually, um,
Speaker 1 00:01:01 The Hindu system of energy to the body. I'm also part of the yoga tradition, where we were in the Chinese system of meridians as energy lines in the Shakur system. There's also energy lines called noughties and then various little energy points throughout the body. So the main seven shakras go from the root to the crown in our body and energy comes into, um, their physical expressions. These energy wheels Shakur means wheel. And so we have the root shock, excuse me. Paraniem uh, badmouth pelvis. That's the first sharp ground also known as Muladhara. Um, and it, uh, infuses, uh, energy into the car. OxyGo plexus of nerves, inferior mesenteric, plexus of nerves. And it's also related to the endocrine gland, the sexual glands, the second chakra second energy center just below the navel is called studies. Um, meaning one zone place. And, uh, there's the sacral plexus of nerves that this chakra or wheel of energy, uh, energizes.
Speaker 1 00:02:42 And I say wheel, but it's actually like a vortex. It pulls energy into the body and, um, infuses the nerves with energy. And, um, uh, then the third chakra is just above the navel and that is the pure, shakra also the third energy center. Um, there, uh, energy is brought into the body and to the celiac plexus of nerves and the adrenals are the endocrine clan expression in that third chakra or just the adrenals. The fourth chakra we'll have energy vortex of energy, where energy comes into the body as the heart plexus, uh, in there, uh, the endocrine gland is the thymus gland and the cardiac plexus of nerves. Then we have the fifth chakra, fifth Vortus, um, energy that comes into the throat area. Uh, endocrine gland. There is the thyroid and the thyroid plexus of nerves. And then the six shakra is the third eye or the pineal gland, which is kind of in the, actually in the middle, towards the back of the head below the brain and the brainstem third eye.
Speaker 1 00:04:09 Um, the, uh, Adrina Shakara is number six. And then the crown shakra, which is just a little bit forward of the, uh, six shock or the seven chakra is the pituitary gland in each of these areas, um, fuel our body with Adam G. So we have the energy body that fuels the physical expression of ourselves. So that's, there was a lot more to it than that, but, um, so instead of doing Meridian points for what you're asking, I will tap on the shakras related to those issues. So nice question miscellany and glad that you're here. Okay. So what you're asking as we settle in here, through that explanation yourself into the moment to becoming aware of the breath, this is actually how we can connect our mind to the body. It does connect the mind to the body becoming aware of your breath flow, nice, easy inhales, and exhales. We come into the present moment, not worrying about the past, which is not worrying about the future because it doesn't exist right now. We tune into the present moment. Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:05:57 And I like to start out tapping on the crown chakra or connecting with its master gland, the pituitary gland for full body homeostasis, top of the head. So again, Shakur means wheel wheel of energy, and these wheels have motion and they pull energy into the subsequent levels of the body. They're related to crown chakra. It's associated with the pituitary gland, the master gland, and also energizes the entire cerebral cortex as well as the autonomic nervous system. So each chakra energizes areas of the body, just like the meridians, it's just solar a little bit different way to look at it and tapping on the pituitary gland, the crown shadow, again, all body systems for all issues.
Speaker 1 00:07:16 All right. So ms. Lanny is asking for healing for the oral abscess and TMJ right side oral abscess in the jaw, and the teeth are related to the fifth energy center, Fitz shark Grove, the shooter, right in the middle of the neck, the shoe, the shot, it's the shotgun of sound. And again, the endocrine gland here, we connect with this, the thyroid, but we treat anything in the throat, the mouth as well as shoulders as if you think about it from the throat chakra all the way out to the shoulders, that's the energy flow. So beginning ms. Lanny, whoops, that chat role jumped. So throat chakra, healing, all abscesses in the TMJ right side and the right shoulder. So being that you have issues, three issues actually relating into that one, chakra that chakra is either too open or too closed.
Speaker 1 00:08:48 And without a conversation with you, I can't tell which one, but the shocker knows what to do. And also our day to day life can guide us to balancing our own. Chuck was out thinking about it and it takes a little bit of inner listening. So we're tapping all around the T's and the TMJ, but primarily the throat chakra again for the right side, TMJ the world abscesses in the right shoulder. So that shotgun needs a little balancing. If they're too open, they're out of balance. If they're too close down, they're out of balance. It means not enough energy is coming into that chakra, which would it possibly would be what's happening. There is an excess. So it kind of depends for breasts. We go down to the heart chakra, which is in the middle of the chest heart shock or treats the breasts, the heart, the lungs. And this is also the area for the immunes and therefore clearing out inflammation and they energy.
Speaker 1 00:10:30 The chakras are alone. What's called the <inaudible>. It's a column of light, probably similar to the autonomic nervous system, but it's the energetic column of light that calls from top to bottom and our body from the bottom up, there's a current that goes up and down the body. And then we get up and down movement of energetic, current. It makes the chakras and the shakras are balanced there, get their proper size. And again, if there's an issue there either too closed or too open, that's your intention. We can intend for balance just like if we were temping.
Speaker 1 00:11:36 So the heart shock for breast inflammation and being that there is an issue with the breast, that type of issue would have an emotional component. And it's something you would explore for yourself. Sophie, your friend, Margaret, I'm going to keep on going. I'm going to go down to for side effects and metabolism. We go to the third shot then just above the navel or solar plexus chakra also known as Moni pure. And this is one area for metabolism for clearing side effects for the uterus and treating anything involving the uterus. We continue down to the second shakra below the navel, and this is also this shock. Intervates the superior mesenteric plexus of nerves, the sacral plexus of nerves, and also pancreatic enzymes.
Speaker 1 00:13:14 The second chakra is related to overall creativity, especially those organs, which allow us females to create human beings. So that's the second chakra there. You don't miss Lanny and Margaret J deans. Next we're going to go for the osteoarthritis tie, right? Yep. Getting better. So that is the road. Shaka Shaka for all of them only is the hip flexor while the hip flexors kind of a first and second chakra issue. But the arthritis, the osteoarthritis relating to bone is root. Shakra energizes all the hard processes above the body. Then therefore to strengthen the bone, we might've balanced out the root chakra.
Speaker 1 00:15:01 And while we are doing that way in our tapping on the right hip flexor, and it's getting better. So in sharper tapping, there's not as many points as doing Meridian tapping or the tongue read points, but it's the same intention. And just another way to get to the issue. I'm glad it's getting better. Jake Dean, there we go. Great. Here we go. So healthy thyroid throat chakra energy center. So when there is a malfunction in the shack, no function, meaning it's either too open or too close thyroid issues in ensue. Also possibly sore throat, stiff, neck, hearing problems, things in the mouth, the gland. So it's good for dry mouth, anything related to the thyroid and here, this is the, this is where the element of sound is innervated in the body, speak our own truth. We manifest ideas into sound and we speak them.
Speaker 1 00:17:07 This is also the shakra for enhancing the sympathetic nervous system. And it's also very important. Uh, the shock was very important for heart rate and cardiac output. And then for the meals, I'm going down to the heart of chakra, Suzanne, because of the shakra we connect with the thymus gland and the T-cells right in the middle of the chest, the throat and the chest. So fifth shock. Okay. So in the sharper system, of course we have, okay. So we have the route first, first center, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh through the middle of the body. There's an column of energy and, uh, energy from the universe streams in the top. Then it goes down and then energy from the earth comes into the bottom of the feet and comes up. And then the, then there's two, it's called EDA and Pingala that are connected at the root chakra and cool around each chakra on the way up.
Speaker 1 00:18:29 And this brings energy up into the body and down the body. Now the energy it's called Kundalini is stored in the root chakra. And as it travels tries to travel up the body, if there's a malfunction, I should say, or sharp is out of balance, that energy gets stuck. And that's why problems may manifest in particular areas, the energies trying to move through. So if you're having issues and shoulder issues, there's a, there's, there's a blockage of energy in that area that can't get through. So it's manifesting in the thyroid or the shoulders or the immunes, um, possibly could be to open or to shed. And that takes some, it takes like a counseling session because as the energy moves up the body and down the body, again, with the mobiles, it creates the, um, movement in the shockers, again that infuse our body with the energy needed to function. So there you go, Suzanne, and all that.
Speaker 0 00:19:43 Okay.
Speaker 1 00:19:49 Oh right. Nadia, Calvin. They had crown chakra, master gland, pituitary gland.
Speaker 1 00:20:10 It's interesting because of this there's seven chakras. The first shock ground this year, the second is the third is yang. The fourth ASEAN, the fifth is yang. The sixth is the seventies. So with the yin and yang, it's feminine or male energy. And it's interesting Nadia, because first, third and seven chakras are actually yang shock, full binding homeostasis, homeostasis Shakur seven, crown chakra, pituitary gland balances, all body systems. So we're going to go back down by request to the first chakra root chakra grounding. All the hard processes in the body also relates to, um, the large bowel that helps us pass the hard waste products out of the body.
Speaker 1 00:21:21 This is a shock or we can use for certain types of arthritis, any other bowel issues, some of these lower, lower, small bowel, degenerative issues, hips, knees, feet. This is our earth shock ground. So I'm moving up to the third shock Moni pure. Here we deal with all the muscles of the body. This is a, this chakra is the element of fire to create or will to move on or will to be here. We have the digestive processes, digestive organs, and also the gland here. There's discrepancy. The gland endocrine gland expression here is cortisol. This is also important to immune function so I could send them back to Suzanne cortisol will stimulate the moons to protect itself. It's overstimulated. We get inflammation. So this is good for miscellaneous well for the inflammation.
Speaker 1 00:22:50 And then we're going to go back up to the seventh chakra, the crown chakra chakra masterplan, pituitary gland. Again, this shagger connects with the entire cerebral cortex central nervous system. Now functioning in this shakra can be depression, feelings of alienation or confusion, boredom, apathy, inability to learn. And this is the center of consciousness. So Nadia, you asked for earth element, the fire element and also the element of consciousness. And they're all getting shockers, quite interesting blessings and cheers to you to 90 or sent me some great little mini videos of her birds. You're so cute. All right. Those of you that come to my regular town, ran a broadcast. This is just a whole different language. I've got to get used to tapping and speaking shock language versus speaking Tongren language. It's quite interesting. It's a nice exercise for my brain. Let's start at for insomnia stress and anxiety. We're going to go at the seventh energy center. The crown chakra has Schwab. It's a Sanskrit word, hard for me to pronounce obviously crown chakra. Yeah. And this is to balance out any kind of stress and anxiety. So this is good for wall tire too, but I'll still get to you
Speaker 1 00:25:10 When there's stress and undue amount of stress and anxiety. The shotgun is out of balance And not to worry because our day to day life does offer, Uh, circumstances necessary for the shock was too big to come into balance that again, there's an inner sensitivity and inner awareness needed to pick up those cues.
Speaker 0 00:25:42 So
Speaker 1 00:25:42 Again, stress and anxiety at the crown chakra and for sleep. We're going to go down to the sixth chakra chakra, and this is our center of light, but here too, we've balanced Sarah Tillman and melody. So if there's a chronic insomnia, then there's an issue or a lack of melatonin being produced.
Speaker 0 00:26:17 Okay.
Speaker 1 00:26:26 Then for environmental toxins, we'll go down to the third shark rod, just above the navel, the third energy center money, pure
Speaker 0 00:26:38 Metabolize
Speaker 1 00:26:38 Out any environmental toxins. And this is also good for balancing out stress and anxiety because it helps balance. The cortisol cortisol is related to our fight or flight instinct. And if we're, if we're too stressed out or fight or flight instinct is high gear. So we want to balance it out. Third shakra. There we go. Can be great. You betcha. Okay. And also I'm going to start from the bottom of this time to see if we can release the energy from the root chakra. And I'm going to also offer this to Cambiz well, because there's also an element of anxiety created by not feeling grounded to the earth and the root chakra is our groundedness to the earth. So Kimmy's, this is back to you too. So while tire root chakra, and this will help the worry as well.
Speaker 1 00:28:11 You can use a combination of, um, chakras to help balance out certain things. So for the anxiety root shakra for the grounded-ness also for anxiety as worked down from Kimmy's the third chakra cortisol balancing fight or flight, the root chakra is also part of fight and flight, the third chakras fight or flight, and then we'll go up to the crown. So we're stimulating the energy coiled up in the root shakra to move up freely through the top of the head, to the crown chakra. Then at the crown shakra to relieve the worry and actually in yoga there's yoga movements to stimulate each shakra. Although for the third eye chakra, the sixth and the crown chakra and the seventh, there aren't necessarily yoga movements, but the yoga suggested for healing. The issues with the crown chakra is meditation. So while tire, I think we had a really nice discussion and the meditation, I believe well over time and subtle, and you have to, you have to stick with it. It can be very helpful.
Speaker 1 00:30:15 And of course no is included. Thank you can be. So let's go back for everyone. We're going to finish up stimulating the Kundalini at the root chakra, balancing the root shakra, allowing the energy of this issue. Move up. The Kundalini moves up to the second chakra unimpeded and we continue the opening up soon. The third chakra balancing that fight or flight that third center and those lower three chakras are for the physical expression of us. And then when we get to the heart chakra, this is where body mind connection is said to me, or the physical expression meets the spiritual expression. This is the heart chakra is the bridge into the higher levels of consciousness.
Speaker 1 00:31:30 And we continue to bring the energy up to the element of sound energy continues up now into the third eye shock or the pineal gland. So we have an open flow of the upward current from the root chakra up, and then the crown at the top of the, bring it back down from the crown to the third. So this is similar to a kidney flush down through the throat, the, the surety open flow through the, down to the heart, to the stomach, the third shotgun, the second and back down to the root. So there's full shock recirculation because there's also just as in the Meridian system. There's, uh, she, uh, she loo same in the Shaka system, Pronto loop, the shocker system, the energy's referred to referred to as Prada Meridian's system. It's cheap. It's the same, it's the life force. That's what we have for tonight.
Speaker 1 00:33:12 I'm so glad that you all decided to come by for this unusual type of healing and my verbiage of it all. Well, smooth out as we move through this together. And it was great to have everybody here. I see tacos here. We covered the shocker for you. So you're, you're all set regardless. All right. So that's it. So I hope to see you next week and soon I'll be able to flow with the, um, my throat shall grow. We'll be able to verbalize the shock, right? Uh, talk or shock or speak like the tongue ran rapid tap as we call it. All right. Thanks. This lady. Dig Suzanne things. Won't tire. Thanks, Nadia. Okay. See you guys on Sunday or see whoever's here on Sunday and again, thank you to can BS. Okay. Thank you.

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