Tong Ren Podcast

0062 - Tom Tam (Founder), Tong Ren Healing - 2020-10-29

Tong Ren Podcast
0062 - Tom Tam (Founder), Tong Ren Healing - 2020-10-29

Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, cancers, organ disorders, etc.  Welcome to the Tong Ren Podcast |

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About Tom Tam

Tom Tam is a writer, poet, and healer. Born in Tai Shan, China, he came to the United States in 1975 as a political refugee. Since 1982, he has been practicing acupuncture, Tai Chi, and Chi Gong healing with great success.

Tom Tam is a licensed acupuncturist in Massachusetts and has practiced acupuncture in Chinatown, Boston for 25 years. In 1984 Tom trained his students in acupuncture and Tui Na in the Boston area. In the ninety’s, Tom formed his own healing system, and wrote the Tom Tam Healing System (1995). Also he wrote a Chinese healing book, An Zhen – The Palpation diagnose (2005). This book combined the west and east medical knowledge and formed a new theory for the understanding and healing the difficulty disease.

For the last 25 years, Tom has been one of the foremost students of Master Gin Soon Chu, the fifth generation master of traditional Yang family Tai Chi Chuan, who is the descendent of Grandmaster Yang Shou Chong. Tom has taught Tai Chi Chuan for more than 20 years in the greater Boston area. Many of his Tai Chi students are teaching Tai Chi Chuan in America.

In 1987, Tom founded the Boston Chi Gong Center and began training students. The following year, he founded the Oriental Culture Institute and organized the Boston Chi Gong Delegation to China.

In 1988, Tom formed the Boston Chi Gong Delegation and traveled with 23 Tai Chi and Chi Gong students to China.

In 1989 Tom developed his own system for Chi Gong healing, and has trained many Chi Gong healers. In 1994, Tom developed the Tong Ren healing system, and brought a group of students to visit mainland China and Taiwan in order to share his Tong Ren healing method. In Guang Zhou Tradition Chinese Medical College, he demonstrated Tong Ren healing for weight loss, followed by a trip to Taipei to demonstrate Tong Ren’s benefit on leukemia.

In 1992 Tom visited China again, and performed the Tai Chi fast knife in Tai Yuan.

In 1994 he performed the Yang Family Tai Chi fast form in Taipei and won the gold medal. Now Tom is planning to finish his Tai Chi book, Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.
In 2001, the first Guinea Pig class was formed for treating cancer in Quincy, Massachusetts. Now the Guinea Pig class for healing has spread to many countries around the world.

In July of 2007, Fox News broadcasting produced a news segment based on Tong Ren Healing and the Guinea Pig class. Soon after, PBS requested permission to create a segment based on Tong Ren Healing and is currently making a program with the Guinea Pig class.

Tom continues to practice, teach students, and travel the world to share his dreams.


Speaker 0 00:00:00 <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:00:06 Great. Do you have the gaps? Yes. Nice. Yes. I tried to go online <inaudible> I didn't have a <inaudible>. I didn't have one in North Andover. So are you still watching? Because I was going to quit and everybody knew Quincy. Cause I was going to through not wanting to go on and out and it's stressful. It's stressful because it's so big. Even Quinsy. It's not funny. It's beautiful. We just moved down there. I'm not giving up the shops yet. I don't like <inaudible> I rushed my sister's on the clock. <inaudible> my hands are cold. <inaudible> I think you'd be better off with that. <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> because like, I go to sleep three times. You do all that <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:02:33 Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:02:35 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:02:44 Nah, one chief only one Indian chief ETA, whatever is, uh, computer ready? How many people were there? The Facebook yet? <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:03:20 It's easy to figure it out.
Speaker 0 00:03:28 <inaudible> the new stuff that is. So from the New York time and Memphis time, Memphis, they say you are a Plaza. What is a high blood pressure? It says <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:03:49 10. Yes. That's low.
Speaker 0 00:03:52 It's one twenties, a high blood presser. So now Pyne is 90. Over 60.
Speaker 2 00:04:03 You can have a stroke.
Speaker 0 00:04:04 I don't know, but that's the only, and so they can start there and they say, wow, so it'd be 90 or over safety. Okay. Like if you go to buy a car or you go to the free market, you can pump in the price. So they say, okay, now you're over 60. They <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:04:31 Pills
Speaker 0 00:04:31 Right on the New York time that the thought that research hospital and the college, they threw a 1400 people on this study and they sued 90 overseas.
Speaker 2 00:04:46 Mine was one 40 over 70
Speaker 0 00:04:48 <inaudible>.
Speaker 2 00:04:56 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:04:57 So Victoria is a 90, over 60. She cannot drive it until she goes to one 30. He said, wow. I drive into anyway.
Speaker 2 00:05:10 Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:05:11 If the police Nivea overseas bad drive, man.
Speaker 2 00:05:20 True.
Speaker 0 00:05:22 Think if you have seats one for if your police is 96. So how can you kick? Let's leave.
Speaker 0 00:05:35 Simple question. Come tell me. He said one 17. So these are higher before it's 90 plus eight. Now you're at 90 plus the age, even though you're one year. So is 91. So what is going on on the ethical way? When saw the ethical, I said, wow, amazing. I like it. So they, these they're the new development. So why they won the people to 90, over 60? No, they say when you are 90, over 60 is the safe, lower, less risk for the heart attack because you are, you're a <inaudible> you count your vacation. So they go to 103, then you have more books. It's 10. Then you can do worse on the close of vacation, two major audibly. So they threw a 1400 people keep lunch. So the plaque Cresa low value. They have a list except by the council vacation. So I said, Raul, why is the dog one too low in town? The product process for that? They killed some vacation baby, because then they're going to say to all their police and I a soldier, they never said y'all. So they try to use the prep presser low in town to a void that calcification. So I just say, can you read and read up? There comes a vacation to make you a prep, pleasant. Like I see. Not like the police.
Speaker 3 00:07:42 Yeah, I do was doing like one 31.
Speaker 0 00:07:46 So they do said we want your prep class to one 20, one 30, one 40, but not you a <inaudible>. How can you give me off the couch and my clinician for the heart? Because they said <inaudible> certification.
Speaker 3 00:08:12 <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:08:14 No vitamin K. So I said, wow, if we put them all by them in K so yes. Be a fake bottles. It's a fake one comment. I say, we increase the vitamin K and of course it should be input one calcium to make your character vacation athletics. So you are out of the two major obsolete, the Kelly vacation. You haven't read them. Then your heart is safe. But if you solve up that crawl now <inaudible> and the AOR, the obsolete. So what is a NACE hop to be? No sub Cleveland <inaudible> phase so often. So they people put this one, the say so often you open, then you'll get to see all of the <inaudible>, but the face <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:09:31 In my pocket,
Speaker 0 00:09:35 Plaintiff object, the over face of the, the open. So that's what yesterday, if he's doing, they stopped then and Tim, I don't know how many people watch. So we threw about 30 people. Yesterday is <inaudible>. So this meeting we have not only <inaudible>, it's the only number two thing. Number fleas. And what's the number for the practice. Male. He can stop, but in your opening, your next, see the doctor, then the male preference throughout the thumb. Dang. The hot problem. See if they say yes,
Speaker 2 00:10:18 The doctor made me hold my arm up like this to take my blood pressure to make it higher. Cause normally they take it like this and you're arrested down. They go, no, hold it up. So then it went up to him.
Speaker 0 00:10:30 Oh, yesterday the internet you saw the people. I go know how you feel in the clip. So we put that around the hot area. So over there where this crime oddly and ate all the objects. All you feel a lot
Speaker 3 00:10:53 <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:11:01 So you would try it. I don't know how you feel in there.
Speaker 3 00:11:09 Up here.
Speaker 0 00:11:20 Yes. I love the beautiful fields to survivor and the tear, the moisture off the ice. Come back. Yes. Let's see yesterday on the case. I don't know how you feel it.
Speaker 3 00:11:38 Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:11:39 You'll feel it. So I'll you feeling them good? I was just trying to think of my mentors. Know when everything changed? Nothing before you walk in, right?
Speaker 2 00:11:56 Yeah. I need one <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:12:13 Because every party you feel on the face often open often your open <inaudible>. So the rainbow is just go away and the TIAA come back. That's the riser. So there's a rifle that is the light flaws. They come. I don't know how you feel. Also
Speaker 2 00:12:41 Definitely need one.
Speaker 0 00:12:46 No, no, I didn't. What happened is
Speaker 2 00:12:49 <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:12:55 Safety. Is that because the face of awkward either for the whole face <inaudible> you're not only opened the nerve. We need the <inaudible> awesome. So we put the things in and vitamin K we increase the vitamin K <inaudible>. So we were in a box. We are not putting on the mouth. So I don't know how you feel. You are the first one. She Nia.
Speaker 2 00:13:25 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:13:28 So you feel because the face of <inaudible> awesome.
Speaker 2 00:13:36 <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:13:40 So interests and your guys' skill. I tried to make more, but no time, but last night I admitted. Okay. There's the group is still not derived because you buy the wrong glue
Speaker 2 00:13:54 <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:13:58 Glue again. So I hope everybody <inaudible>.
Speaker 2 00:14:05 I felt, but it can feel like the moisture in my truck. My folks always cry <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:14:13 Yes. So, but this is just the beginning of our study.
Speaker 2 00:14:17 Is there a difference between vitamin K and potassium
Speaker 0 00:14:23 With the Tennessee? Oh yes. Yes. So by the main K then is really, really interesting because there's a camera there for the senior CDC in wherever you can pick up something for it. They have a hundred of the calcium supplement on there. Go pick it up. But only this is vitamin K. So I wonder why in America, the doctor vitamin D, but we follow the vitamin K, then carry them. Calcium can not go to the podium. Right? You take the vitamin D only if the stomach, the blood, the calcium, but from the plant to the bone, you need to take vitamin K. So that's why we increase the vitamin K <inaudible> right. So Yes, but <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:15:31 Okay. So the whole club's 300 <inaudible>.
Speaker 0 00:15:36 So how is it to come do that
Speaker 2 00:15:41 Online?
Speaker 0 00:15:46 Yes. All right. So maybe woken up on meals again, I'll say meals one, two, three, and four seven. So I really want to see a hall if people that have process changed because of calcification and caused that hyping up pleasant. So when we open it, then the blood process will be throughout the time. So it's <inaudible> arthritis. So how are you
Speaker 2 00:16:39 Doing? Pretty good. Really? My only complaint is my bad one. Right side.
Speaker 0 00:16:46 If you will go on the arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis To the arm, to the leg, it's a niche challenge for me. <inaudible> so we have one that Gary V I believe Lou Gehrig's disease is that in my thinking is their brainstem calcification. So we can open the brain on the calcifies. See what? So we have one case they wanted to do with the try. So I pulled this, like the main K on the headset and put that on the clip, see what's happening. So that calcification
Speaker 3 00:18:06 Goes away. Then your auto immune system or
Speaker 0 00:18:09 All the nerves, as long as it again <inaudible> so tomorrow we can mail, uh, he said, Oh, you feel you're burning?
Speaker 3 00:19:01 Yeah. I know that much.
Speaker 0 00:19:11 How you feel now? Your voice completely changed already.
Speaker 3 00:19:19 Yeah. So
Speaker 0 00:19:22 No song has changed already. So we are opening for keeping me totally false. It's a scrub toner, just <inaudible> and open the same certainly contest. She be nice. <inaudible>
Speaker 3 00:19:56 No,
Speaker 0 00:20:18 Yeah. <inaudible>
Speaker 3 00:20:22 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:20:54 So know it's, uh, Juliet's area or
Speaker 3 00:21:09 Stomach issues.
Speaker 0 00:21:18 All right. So we are open. There's a long for Ross and nerves, right side that I knew <inaudible> for the rice soda. <inaudible> it goes to the shoulder and long for Russ and love. So if you're open to, to the piece here, <inaudible> lounge. He wasn't to round one round two.
Speaker 3 00:22:06 Oh, thank you.
Speaker 0 00:22:07 Oh my God. <inaudible>
Speaker 3 00:22:12 You want to try?
Speaker 0 00:22:37 All right. How you feel now? You feel that's a rifle come back.
Speaker 3 00:22:45 Yes. But when I'm here, I still have the problem with <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:22:53 <inaudible> condo. Yeah.
Speaker 3 00:23:04 Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:23:04 <inaudible>
Speaker 3 00:23:14 <inaudible> Yeah, of course.
Speaker 0 00:23:48 So you don't feel good because <inaudible>
Speaker 3 00:23:53 Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:24:09 Right. So how you feel on the clip lock
Speaker 3 00:24:17 <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:24:34 Because this is stuff on your face or Auburn.
Speaker 3 00:24:39 <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:24:47 On the car because the car, I mean, here is what is the credit? <inaudible> the taper off. So they be over there tool. Arthur <inaudible> all right. So they'd be the homeowner GV <inaudible> Oh, four, seven, um, on <inaudible>. Yes. And laws, I said is all saying, so what? These,
Speaker 3 00:26:18 Yes. It's a bone. Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:26:20 Open <inaudible> Scott
Speaker 3 00:26:23 To the calcium on the school, because she has a system where at least the calcium Jack
Speaker 0 00:26:40 <inaudible> right. The minor,
Speaker 1 00:26:49 Minor,
Speaker 0 00:26:52 Minor, like taking the mile,
Speaker 1 00:26:56 The coal Mines, opening up the darkness. Yes. Opening up the darkness. <inaudible> absorbing the calcium,
Speaker 0 00:27:26 The calcium score app
Speaker 1 00:27:30 Fibrates.
Speaker 0 00:27:31 Yes. You'll feel it.
Speaker 1 00:27:38 Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:27:38 We had an Islam. Some people know friends and <inaudible>,
Speaker 1 00:27:51 It was good. But after you put it on, I feel like, uh,
Speaker 0 00:27:58 Because that's the plus of it.
Speaker 1 00:28:01 Now it's come right over the problem area. You feel a little heat here?
Speaker 0 00:28:07 Yes. Because I lot that people feel put on the flip side, they go to the right side. We've got the <inaudible> both sides and a <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:28:21 Carotid artery. Yes.
Speaker 0 00:28:23 <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:28:25 <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:28:30 Oh, no. 81 on the internet.
Speaker 1 00:28:35 Yes. We're up to 26 online and on Facebook.
Speaker 0 00:28:40 Wow. So they're more than 70 people alive that leave the crave there. <inaudible> all the flat. All right. <inaudible> so you're doing good. So you came from Hong Kong, so yes. All right. Yeah. That'd be great. He said, PSA said the old <inaudible> old too. So you're doing good. How are you feeling? The new clue.
Speaker 1 00:29:34 Wow, great. I love that.
Speaker 0 00:29:38 And one more thing is really interesting. And Monday we use the Oxicon. Okay. You saw Austin call now a lot of people say, look, I don't know. <inaudible> they filled the plane opened. Awesome. So I, cause I I'm the first one trial and the Oxycontin lit it's like, Oh, I don't want to fly to the moon. <inaudible> they put it on. They say my hip is gone. So yes. But then we have another one. This one that's in my head. That is called. I said why? Because you open the face so often. Yeah. So <inaudible> squad. So save a few people. Hopefully in life. Also caught in the home to try and hold it out. No, I tried. I tried to seal in the high school, but all close anymore.
Speaker 3 00:30:54 That's the pain, um, pain, uh, hormones, you know,
Speaker 0 00:30:58 I don't know. They're fairly <inaudible> myself. I feel that you're not that <inaudible>
Speaker 3 00:31:13 Cause the building is in the light, right?
Speaker 0 00:31:16 No, no, no, no. <inaudible> wall. What is going on here at the high school? <inaudible> Ah, yeah. Right on the inside. <inaudible> yeah.
Speaker 3 00:31:55 Okay. I'm trying to get here on time and doing my very best.
Speaker 0 00:32:01 Oh, you want cheese right
Speaker 3 00:32:09 In the back.
Speaker 0 00:32:11 <inaudible> because this is that calcium kills him after they eat inside the CLP after all I miss it. Yeah.
Speaker 3 00:32:35 It tells me
Speaker 0 00:32:38 Yes, because you have a punt there. So there's a method that Kelsey kills him after side. I hope. Yes <inaudible>
Speaker 3 00:33:43 Okay,
Speaker 0 00:33:48 Joe, you wouldn't try it. You're a school kid. Y'all you would feel all right.
Speaker 3 00:33:56 <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:34:15 Because I just <inaudible>.
Speaker 3 00:34:27 You want to try it?
Speaker 0 00:34:35 <inaudible> Oh, no. So how you feel on that? Oh, I'm just a writer, right? So if you opened the long-term <inaudible>
Speaker 3 00:35:29 Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:35:39 So, and if <inaudible> and miss <inaudible> open the brain STEM, they're going to face so games,
Speaker 3 00:35:54 The major artery in the middle of the brain, the vertebral artery
Speaker 0 00:35:58 <inaudible> Hopkinson and the man there tonight. So before you come in for a few months, he knows healing. Until we use this one day, he can feel the energy now. So <inaudible> open the face or object. How you feel on this
Speaker 3 00:36:25 One?
Speaker 0 00:36:29 This one is the Baker side. So that will be charging more money. <inaudible> <inaudible> working the talker doing nothing. They charge you a fortune. <inaudible> for the calcification. I just don't know how to up there because my case. So this y'all, your blood process will be 90, over 60 lower risk for that stroke. Isaac, come on, soft up. Then you can have energy plus. Okay. All right. All right. How would you feel now?
Speaker 3 00:37:28 Yes. Very well.
Speaker 0 00:37:30 So you don't feel on the right side or what?
Speaker 3 00:37:33 Yeah, the fact he's here now. It's good.
Speaker 0 00:37:40 All right. Any complainant today?
Speaker 3 00:37:45 Um, it's good now, but uh, I'm stretching this along and it got better as it creates tightness. <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:38:00 Yeah. So <inaudible> a nice pad. Anyone on the internet? So we open the <inaudible> so <inaudible>, <inaudible> a knife pain anytime.
Speaker 3 00:38:30 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:38:38 Nah, out the mucus self-op you'll know it.
Speaker 3 00:38:43 I haven't been, I haven't had in my garage right now. Um, yeah, my voice is better.
Speaker 0 00:38:56 <inaudible>
Speaker 3 00:39:00 I'm going to need that.
Speaker 0 00:39:02 The lumber say.
Speaker 3 00:39:18 Yeah, yeah, yeah. When I got to get rid of it, go ahead.
Speaker 0 00:39:26 How will you feel on the pin?
Speaker 3 00:39:40 You were here last week?
Speaker 0 00:39:42 Yes. All right. Be an open <inaudible> y'all be in the trauma. G the kid,
Speaker 3 00:39:58 My left hand side and right. Or emotion. What about the GPA?
Speaker 0 00:40:04 Yes. <inaudible> canvas.
Speaker 3 00:40:11 Yes. So Tom, the olfactory nerve with the hippocampus will take away their trauma
Speaker 0 00:40:31 That's trauma because it is, uh Mamelodi but that the old faculty love is Tricia. That canvas from the smell. So that's me there. But the, I also, I love it. The thing goes the hippocampus, but the mainland. So the East one is the first, first all a Quintin gov is the old fat
Speaker 3 00:41:08 Cranio.
Speaker 0 00:41:11 The number one.
Speaker 3 00:41:18 So getting rid of past trauma?
Speaker 0 00:41:20 Yes. How you feel <inaudible>
Speaker 3 00:41:27 Yes. That's great. We need
Speaker 0 00:41:34 To be on the opposite convenance. <inaudible> love <inaudible> off the Oxycontin.
Speaker 1 00:41:57 Yes.
Speaker 0 00:42:00 Yeah. How
Speaker 1 00:42:04 Do you feel on the <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:42:07 Thing? You got to build the toolkit. It's a brain tumor. So I will go through it and then put the under the phrase and see what happened because this is called, that comes sick. So only the failure to put these on, they put them in more by the main K and feed. So if they had one, they caught the eight P K <inaudible> awesome. So we got all the, I know the on the vitamin K is in that because all the calcium there put the vitamin E already.
Speaker 1 00:42:45 So vitamin K is without the vitamin D for calcium.
Speaker 0 00:42:49 Yes. To gather
Speaker 1 00:42:55 The brain area.
Speaker 0 00:43:02 So <inaudible> on the internet. Now we talked on launched their <inaudible> fibroid.
Speaker 1 00:43:33 What is the disease? What is the disease start to watch? Uh, I showed up twice this week. When I showed all my time. All of the <inaudible> on the brain, he wrote the bread is called,
Speaker 0 00:44:03 Uh, counselor.
Speaker 1 00:44:07 Yeah. But you can feel it <inaudible> so we can stimulate called Kelsey. <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:44:28 The bread. <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:44:33 Stopped a little bit down here a minute. I was like, Ooh, I feel,
Speaker 0 00:44:43 Yes. All right, Joe, how are you feeling today? <inaudible> how are you doing? You didn't try it yet. Don't worry. It is here, but you can try it and see what they're paying because it's over the whole thing for the vacation. So see what?
Speaker 2 00:45:26 Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:45:29 <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible>
Speaker 2 00:45:54 Yeah. Repeal six, two, actually.
Speaker 0 00:45:59 <inaudible> so I told them they couldn't get, Otherwise you have a back problem. How do you feel in the clip? You have any feeling?
Speaker 2 00:46:26 The one on his feet. The big desk.
Speaker 0 00:46:31 Hey, so you have a problem. You have injury Or number five, four, and five lower back pain. Okay. <inaudible> lumbers sacred. So how you feel now? They can go with the prostate. Awesome. Yes. That's perfect. Yes. Yes.
Speaker 2 00:47:20 The salivate thing yesterday. I didn't see too. Everybody had looked carotid poems.
Speaker 0 00:47:25 <inaudible> also and always <inaudible> uh, I'll this?
Speaker 1 00:47:35 Yeah,
Speaker 3 00:47:43 Go ahead. Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:47:44 Yes. So if there was stuff going on,
Speaker 3 00:48:09 He just came in for breast cancer. Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:48:12 It's uh, they're from Germany.
Speaker 3 00:48:20 All right.
Speaker 0 00:48:24 Nah, you don't know what you're doing. So there's no set. Years in power. <inaudible>
Speaker 3 00:48:41 Cancer.
Speaker 0 00:48:42 How are you feeling?
Speaker 3 00:48:49 Colon cancer request to <inaudible>.
Speaker 0 00:48:53 Okay.
Speaker 1 00:49:00 Pelvic, did you just always just ask him? He would just ask him <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:49:08 <inaudible> follow up. See how you feel.
Speaker 3 00:49:19 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:49:19 <inaudible> time <inaudible> would be 90, over 60,
Speaker 1 00:49:30 No way. <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:49:55 But they helped me. They helped me. <inaudible> you didn't try yet.
Speaker 3 00:50:10 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:50:13 Because, Um, So the first one, so we try,
Speaker 3 00:50:43 I'm glad to see it there. I thought about it last night and then I Call him
Speaker 0 00:50:57 Open there, Vegas, Vegas.
Speaker 3 00:51:02 Okay. And it's been having a lot of stuff with her chest. And Suzanne had ovarian that came all the time. You know, Suzanne from Drake, from drinking. She used to come all the time here.
Speaker 0 00:51:23 Yeah.
Speaker 3 00:51:26 Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:51:28 We've been trying <inaudible>
Speaker 3 00:51:36 Or blockages
Speaker 0 00:51:39 <inaudible>
Speaker 3 00:51:44 It's grounded me. I can feel it moving down through my body.
Speaker 0 00:51:50 Yes. Awesome.
Speaker 3 00:51:57 Yeah, definitely. It's definitely got a strong flow down last night.
Speaker 0 00:52:09 Yeah.
Speaker 3 00:52:12 That was a great clip.
Speaker 0 00:52:15 Yeah.
Speaker 3 00:52:24 <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:52:29 <inaudible> the old job.
Speaker 3 00:52:40 Anything we didn't get to yet?
Speaker 0 00:52:47 Hi. Yes. Hi. All right. You can scribe.
Speaker 3 00:53:07 Yes. <inaudible> my hands at school.
Speaker 0 00:53:23 <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:53:27 11, 12. <inaudible> All right. How you feel in the clip? Well, whenever I know a lot of people feel, Hey <inaudible> Hey, they ain't going to delay. Yes. And he completely <inaudible>. Oh, so they still, you know, pass.
Speaker 1 00:55:29 Now this guy he's even calm. <inaudible> Dan and his wife. Yes, the bread. But he keeps you in. And uh, your guys who do fuse come in. Wow. For a while. First time, nipple your bread at 18 hope. <inaudible> yeah, that's great. <inaudible> we'll do the bone meal and not the half a million <inaudible> on him already. Right? Not enough. On Monday they said right. Play golf twice. And then he went to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls. One day, I keep saying <inaudible> but not the house really from the uncles, whatever. They all, one more thing. I forget to tell everybody, body is a Monday. Now I have my truck <inaudible> I don't want to tell the story. So,
Speaker 2 00:57:23 Um,
Speaker 1 00:57:24 So of the <inaudible> microphone,
Speaker 2 00:57:33 Um, professional, but again, a lot of people were medical doctors. So what they're going to do now is they're going to actually create a Tong Ren program that is going to be taught. So it's going to be an elective in all of the, um, universities.
Speaker 1 00:57:54 <inaudible> I'll only play like <inaudible>, but <inaudible> they say, eat this, all this school lead choir cost.
Speaker 2 00:58:27 Nice. So required course that they take time, right? Yes. Nice. Sound one. Very nice.
Speaker 1 00:58:33 Yeah. I think it's great time. <inaudible> and the scientists, but I felt them Homeland is only a pot all the time. Tim <inaudible> book is sky. Then where is the frog solely with busy, quiet. Think that'd be dealing. How about the major Bush school? Because my major
Speaker 0 00:59:22 Idea is the nerve system. <inaudible> you don't know the nerve, right? So then the whole West Matheson Bayview. <inaudible> quiet in this school. Right? Fabulous. So an hour, the price I tell you a guy and uh, the neither one is the Boston medical school. They have a whole group, the nurse. Um,
Speaker 1 01:00:01 There've actually been a couple of the practitioners that have been, um, talking with the nurses at Boston medical center, all those folks. So talking about doing some kind of program in education, whether it be like a weekly seminar for a certain number of weeks to train them, but they're really, she's taking it to the board or whoever to present it and see if they
Speaker 0 01:00:24 Set up some sort of, um, teaching curriculum for the nurses, for the nervous system. <inaudible> yeah. They're gonna use the term. Well, they're gonna use <inaudible> <inaudible> I seen my Hamlet and the doll 30 years. I think <inaudible> medicine. They are causing major equipment in the army is a few hundred dollars to him. It should be 600. Yeah. They want to make it boom. You play you by the alcohol. I'll call them ball in the CVS in stop and shop. Stop not good. Uh, and that company about 10 times the price, because they call, they make it right. No matter what the whole thing is, the body is programmed to heal itself and the nervous system. <inaudible> the nurse, Boston and medical, Boston, medical, and love the school. Like they belong to be you. Wow. Boston medical is associated with, so I say over you study Europe, ladies, quiet in here, loud. They want to have their own class. So I went the whole beginning. That's why it's called the moon.
Speaker 1 01:02:26 Yeah. It's many, many people have healed already in the world through Tom Ryan. And <inaudible>
Speaker 0 01:02:38 All the medical school medical doctor. And plus the science.
Speaker 1 01:02:43 Yes. He was a scientist.
Speaker 0 01:02:46 <inaudible> more than 200
Speaker 1 01:02:51 Doctor. Take it
Speaker 0 01:02:52 As, Hey, we have to begin right now, whatever another size. Wow.
Speaker 1 01:03:02 Afraid of Columbus and hope you feel on the, on the clip. <inaudible> hold on one more guy. Now, do you feel on the clinics
Speaker 0 01:03:23 And then Lisa area and the pain glee. You feel pain over there? Oh, Sylvia. The, okay, so we can open the liver pain for the area. So the whole world, it's a mess. That's how you feel on the brain because you are the only one on the brain area. New step.
Speaker 1 01:04:20 My head goes a lot more open and I still keep some sensation.
Speaker 0 01:04:28 Yeah. So I really can hear you guys. This is Scott. So then it's all hyper farmers. Yes. So one more time. How will you feel?
Speaker 1 01:04:46 Okay.
Speaker 0 01:04:55 <inaudible> how you feeling? All right. So you are laid off
Speaker 1 01:05:14 <inaudible> when I just put this on it, like
Speaker 3 01:05:21 Yeah.
Speaker 1 01:05:27 Fly to the moon. See what happened. All right. So I'll let you go. Good. All right.
Speaker 3 01:07:29 Nah, just that tight sheet. Thursday evenings on the phone for six to eight. If anybody's interested in class up there from five to six. So if anybody's interested, can be some other classes. <inaudible>
Speaker 1 01:07:56 <inaudible> <inaudible>.

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